Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence

Annex 4



High quality research—Significant opportunities for multi- and inter-disciplinary working
—Potential for synergies with major initiatives
—Significant opportunities to develop novel research at the international cutting edge in strategically important areas

—Opportunities to develop and nurture research in special areas of national policy or interest

—Strong academic links
—Appropriate clinical links
—Appropriate access to special research facilities (eg tissue banks, animal models, large equipment)

Partnerships—Possibilities of partnerships with other funders of research and inward investment

—Appropriate contact with bioindustry
—Appropriate links to complementary areas of science
People—training, career development —An environment that enables recruitment, development and retention of outstanding researchers and support staff

—A culture and infrastructure that will attract field leaders nationally and internationally

—First rate training
Knowledge transfer—Opportunities for translating research into the health service and into broader clinical development

Financial parameters—Good value for the MRC
—Scientific and financial flexibility for resource and capital budgets
—An outstanding setting for research over a timeframe of
20 plus years

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Prepared 8 February 2005