Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence


Memorandum from Professor Edwin Taylor

  The problems of the treatment of NIMR have now reached the pages of Nature (December 9). This is the second time in the past few years that there has been a move to emasculate one of England's finest research institutions. Among scientists who are familiar with the work that has been done by the researchers at NIMR,the policies adopted by MRC are difficult to understand and one can only conclude that the motives are political rather than scientific. A move to Guys Hospital, where there is little space, would essentially be the first step in destroying this laboratory. Recently, first rate appointments of younger scientists, like Malloy and Weigle, did much to insure the future of a leading laboratory in the field of motility and compensate for the retirement of distinguished older scientists. Disruption of the laboratory and the clear indication that there is no future for NIMR will lead to the loss of these people, who would have been the new leaders of this field in England.

  As a former member of the MRC lab at Kings College and a contributor to the field of motility I wish to express my disappointment with the policy of the MRC and the way in which it is being carried out.

Prof Edwin W Taylor(FRS)

December 2004

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Prepared 8 February 2005