Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence

Statement from members of the Task Force for the MRC National Institute for Medical Research

  The work of the Task Force was properly conducted and the views of staff at NIMR and the proposals for the Mill Hill site were fully considered. We were united in recommending a possible move into partnership with a leading university and hospital in central London. We were unable to reach consensus on whether the Mill Hill site should itself be considered as an active option, but the rage of opinions was fully presented to the Council of the MRC.

  The Council has now decided to explore options at King's College and university College London and we urge our colleagues at NIMR to engage positively in these discussions, to try to develop a partnership agreement that will not compromise the institute's integrity but will enhance its capacity to pursue its mission, to the benefit of medical research in the UK.

27 November 2004

Professor Colin Blakemore FRS

Chief Executive, Medical Research Council

Professor Kay E Davies CBE FRS

Dr Lee's Professor of Anatomy and Honorary Director,

MRC Functional Genetics Unit,

University of Oxford

Professor Richard M Denton FRS

Department of Biochemistry, University of Bristol

Professor Stephen Tomlinson MD FRCP FMedSci

Provost, Wales College of Medicine, Biology,

Life & Health Sciences and Deputy Vice-Chancellor,

Cardiff University



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Prepared 8 February 2005