Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence


Memorandum from the University of Edinburgh

  The University of Edinburgh:

    1.  supports strongly an increased emphasis on translating NIMR science into improved prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ill health;

    2.  advises that the surest prospect for adding translational value to NIMR's excellent basic research is to co-locate with a university/university hospital (we have recently raised over £90 million to co-locate over 800 biomedical bench scientists with the new Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh);

    3.  believes that the status quo is not acceptable, since MRC is already foregoing added value from its very considerable annual investment in NIMR at the isolated Mill Hill site;

    4.  remains concerned that the case for productive synergy between some of the main groupings in NIMR (eg between Infection/Immunity and Neurosciences) has yet to be made, since this is the key argument against relocation to more than one site;

    5.  does not share the Task Force's view that relocation to central London is less likely to risk loss of outstanding staff than relocation elsewhere; and

    6.  concludes that MRC should not limit relocation options to central London, seeking instead "added added value" from co-location with (a) university hospital site(s) where MRC already has major investment.

22 November 2004

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Prepared 8 February 2005