Select Committee on Science and Technology Seventh Report


Mr Stephen Rimmer, Director of Policing Policy, Mr Tim Wilson, Head, Science Policy Unit, and Mr Mike Silverman, Forensic Pathology, Science Policy Unit, Home Office
Dr Dave Werrett, Chief Executive, and Mr Bill Griffiths, Non-Executive Chairman, Forensic Science Service

Wednesday 12 January 2005
Mr Alan Kershaw, Chief Executive, and Professor Evelyn Ebsworth, Chairman, Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners, Professor Jim Fraser, President, and Dr Ann Priston, Vice-President, Forensic Science Society
Dr Angela Gallop, Chief Executive, and Mr Tom Palmer, Managing Director, Forensic Alliance, Dr Nigel Law, Director of Group Operations, and Mr Richard Treble, Forensic Quality Manager, LGC
Mr Mike Sparham, Negotiations Officer, and Ms Helen Kenny, Prospect FSS Branch Secretary, Prospect; Mr Jeremy Gautrey, Negotiations Officer, and Mr Alan Organ, PCS FSS Branch Secretary, PCS

Wednesday 26 January 2005
Mr David Coleman, Chief Constable, Derbyshire Constabulary, Mr Clive Wolfendale, Deputy Chief Constable, North Wales Police, Mr Barry Taylor, Deputy Chief Constable, Dyfed Powys Police and Mr Gary Pugh, Directorate of Forensic Services, Metropolitan Police Service
Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, Department of Genetics, University of Leicester, Professor Stephen Haswell, Analytical Science Group, University of Hull, Professor Tony Sammes, Centre for Forensic Computing, the Royal Military College of Science, Cranfield University and Professor Sue Black, Department of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology, University of Dundee

Monday 31 January 2005
Ms Karen Squibb-Williams, and Mr Nimesh Jani, Lawyers and Policy Advisers, Crown Prosecution Service, Mr Graham Cooke, Barrister, Bar Council, and Judge Anthony Thorpe, Resident Judge, Chichester Crown Court

Wednesday 9 February 2005

Caroline Flint, a Member of the House, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Reducing Organised and International Crime, Anti-Drugs Co-ordination and International and European Unit, Dr Lyn Fereday, DNA Expansion Programme Manager, and Mr Tim Wilson, Head, Science Policy Unit, Home Office

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© Parliamentary copyright 2005
Prepared 29 March 2005