Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill

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Clause 148

Orders and regulations

Amendment made: No. 49, in clause 148, page 113, line 17, after 'section', insert '1(3),'.—[Caroline Flint.]

Clause 148, as amended, ordered to stand part of the Bill.

Clauses 149 and 150 ordered to stand part of the Bill.

Schedule 16 agreed to.

Clauses 151 to 153 ordered to stand part of the Bill.

Clause 154


Amendments made: No. 50, in clause 154, page 116, line 11, at end insert—

    '( ) So far as they relate—

    (a) to sections 113 and 115 of the Police Act 1997 as those sections apply to Scotland;

Column Number: 455

    (b) to section 125 of that Act, to the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001, to the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003 and to the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003,

    section 150 and Schedule 16 come into force on such day as the Scottish Ministers may by order appoint.'.

No. 261, in clause 154, page 116, line 11, at end insert—

    '( ) So far as they have effect for the purpose of conferring functions on the Scottish Ministers, sections (Corresponding Scottish offence) and (Designated Scottish sites: access) come into force on such day as the Scottish Ministers may by order appoint.

    ( ) So far as it has effect in relation to any site designated under section (Corresponding Scottish offence) by the Scottish Ministers, section 121(3) comes into force on such day as the Scottish Ministers may by order appoint.'.—[Caroline Flint.]

Clause 155

Short title and extent

Amendments made: No. 262, in clause 155, page 117, line 4, leave out 'to' and insert

    ', 121 (except subsection (3)),'.

No. 263, in clause 155, page 117, line 9, after '70,' insert—

    '( ) sections (Corresponding Scottish offence), 121(3) and (Designated Scottish sites: access),'.

No. 51, in clause 155, page 117, line 22, leave out

    'and repeals made by Schedules 14 and'

    and insert 'made by Schedule'. —[Caroline Flint.]

Clause 155, as amended, ordered to stand part of the Bill.


Amendment made: No. 286, in title, line 8, after 'warrants', insert

    'and about parental compensation orders'.—[Caroline Flint.]

Question proposed, That the Chairman do report the Bill, as amended, to the House.

Mr. Mitchell: This has been, for the most part, a congenial and serious Committee, and I extend the thanks of the Opposition to the hon. Member for Somerton and Frome, who has, by and large, had the same instincts as we have on most parts of the Bill.

I thank the Ministers for their courtesy, both in providing paperwork for us before the Bill and during the Committee's discussions. I thank the usual
Column Number: 456
channels who, if I am correct, managed to judge the timing for our proceedings to within a minute of the end time specified.

We have examined all parts of the Bill. Promises of concessions have been made, and there has even been the offer of tea and discussions with the Home Office on a couple of issues. We will, of course, return to many of the issues on Report, and I should like to say to the usual channels that I hope that we may have two days on Report on the Floor of the House. No doubt they will deal with that in the normal way.

Finally, I thank the Hansard reporters, and all those who have been involved in organising the eight sittings of the Committee. I also thank you, Dame Marion, and your co-Chairman, Mr. O'Brien, for the way in which you have efficaciously managed our affairs.

Caroline Flint: I thank you, Dame Marion, and Mr. O'Brien, for your excellent chairing of the proceedings. I also thank the Committee Clerks and all the officials who have supported me and my right hon. Friend during the proceedings. We have had good debates over the past fortnight; we have explored a number of areas and found consensus on some of those areas.

I thank my hon. Friends and the Opposition Front-Bench spokespeople and their colleagues for their contributions to the debates. I also thank the Whips—especially our own Whip who has done an excellent job in keeping us in order and to time. I wish everyone an enjoyable weekend.

Mr. Heath: I concur with everything that has been said, and in addition should like to thank my hon. Friend the Member for Oxford, West and Abingdon. It has been a good Committee in many ways. The Bill is largely a good Bill; it contains some things that we wish to improve further and some things that the Government have proposed on which we can build and on which there are grounds for consensus. There are a few areas of the Bill, however, on which we still think that the Government are absolutely bonkers, but we can deal with that later in its consideration.

I thank you, Dame Marion, and your co-Chairman for your chairmanship.

Question put and agreed to.

Bill, as amended, to be reported.

        Committee rose at five minutes to Seven o'clock.

Column Number: 457

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