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House of Commons
Session 2005 - 06
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Name of PetitionBy whom deposited
1. Anthony B. Chambers PDFAnthony B. Chambers
2. Industrial Development Partnership II (Nominee Company) Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
3. BOC Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
4. Domaine Developments Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
5. Mintel International Group Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
6. Seymour Development Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
7. Governors of the Peabody Trust PDFJ. H. Ruff
8. Jacqueline Mary Stanford PDFJacqueline Mary Stanford
9. Heathrow Motors PDFPaul Richards
10. H.G. Timber Ltd PDFPaul Richards
11. KGM Transport PDFPaul Richards
12. Thames Reach Residents Association PDFPatricia Fairbairn
13. DB Investments Ltd PDFDavid Sanders
14. Ingrid Meldal-Johnsen, Alison Human and Antoine Lurot PDFIngrid Meldal-Johnsen
15. Coal Pension Properties Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
16. Bilton PLC PDFChristopher Stanwell
17. Slough Trading Estate Ltd PDFChristopher Stanwell
18. Slough Heat & Power Ltd PDFChristopher Stanwell
19. Gary Malcolm PDFGary Malcolm
20. Prologis (Hayes) Ltd PDFMorag E Thomson
21. Leo F Walters PDFLeo F Walters
22. TAG Investment and Property Co Ltd PDFJohn Ronald Stewart-Smith
23. South East England Regional Assembly PDFMartin Tugwell
24. London Fish Merchants Association PDFKevin Everett
25. Stafford Partnership and Mercury Theatres Ltd PDFMark Stafford
26. Corporation of London PDFCity Remembrancer
27. James Middleton PDFJames Middleton
28. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds PDFJulie M Sutton
29. Nicholas Skelton and others PDFAnna Tucker
30. Castlemore Securities Ltd PDFGerry Sheedy
31. F Coy (Royal Green Jackets), Territorial Army PDFColonel Sir Geoffrey Pattie
32. Mark Joseph McIntyre PDFMarc Willers
33. Christopher Brown PDFChristopher Brown
34. LA21 Traffic & Transport Group (Bexley) PDFIan Lindon
35. Association of Councils of the Thames Valley Region PDFBarry Deller
36. London Borough of Greenwich PDFSusan Ann White
37. Crossrail Action Group PDFAnthony Wood
38. Kevin Higgins PDFKevin Higgins
39. Union Bank of Switzerland AG PDFMichael John Gill
40. Iron Mountain (UK) Ltd PDFSimon Ricketts
41. Polar Motor Company Ltd PDFSimon Ricketts
42. Liberty Asset Management Ltd PDFSimon Ricketts
43. Minnie Cockell PDFChristopher Ray Jardine
44. The Barbican Association PDFRichard John Dawson Morrison
45. Agrexco Agricultural Export Co Ltd PDFJohn Gordon Baird
46. Fiona Atkins and others PDFRupert Wheeler
47. Roy Adams and Pascale Adams PDFRupert Wheeler
48. Melanie Symons and Nicholas Symons PDFRupert Wheeler
49. ATOC Ltd - Association of Train Operating Companies PDFBircham Dyson Bell
50. Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
51. Derwent Valley Central Ltd, Derwent Valley London Ltd, Derwent Valley Property Developments Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
52. Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd and Pioneer Willment Concrete Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
53. BAA plc, Heathrow Airport Ltd and Heathrow Express Operating Co Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
54. Mark Stephen Lancaster and Suzanne Mary Lancaster PDFMark Stephen Lancaster
55. David Waterman PDFDavid Russell Waterman
56. I Waterman (Box Makers) Ltd PDFDavid Russell Waterman
57. AA Waterman Trust PDFDavid Russell Waterman
58. Alberon Ltd Securities PDFDavid Russell Waterman
59. Executors of AA Waterman PDFDavid Russell Waterman
60. Trustees of I Waterman Pension Fund PDFDavid Russell Waterman
61. Allport Packaging Ltd PDFJohn Holmes Popham
62. Surrey County Council PDFGeorge Burnett
63. Governors of St Edward Church of England Comprehensive School, Romford PDFAlan George Neville
64. UK Competitive Telecommunications Ltd - UKCTA PDFMalcolm Dowden
65. Martin Salter MP and the Reading Evening Post PDFMalcolm Dowden
66. B & Q plc PDFMark Howard
67. Confederation of British Industry PDFMark Howard
68. Alastair Mac Ennals and Susan Jane Ennals PDFSusan Jane Ennals
69. Covent Garden Community Association PDFJean-Paul Floru
70. Kempton Court Residents' Committee and others PDFPatricia Mary Singleton
71. Hall Aggregates Ltd PDFStephen Bottle
72. London Transport Users Committee and Rail Passengers Council PDFRufus Barnes
73. Really Useful Theatres Ltd PDFRobert Kenneth Reilly
74. Harbottle and Lewis LLP PDFRobert Kenneth Reilly
75. London Eastern Railway Ltd (trading as One Railway), c2c Rail Ltd, and Silverlink Train Services Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
76. National Grid Electricity Transmissions plc PDFBircham Dyson Bell
77. Transco plc PDFBircham Dyson Bell
78. Aggregate Industries (UK) Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
79. Plasmor Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
80. National Provident Life Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
81. M. Laurier and Sons PDFBircham Dyson Bell
82. David James Saunderson and David James Saunderson and Kathryn Jean Baxter PDFBircham Dyson Bell
83. St Mary's NHS Trust PDFBircham Dyson Bell
84. BNP Paribas Jersey Unit Trust Corporation Ltd and Anley Trustees Ltd as Trustees of Henderson Central London Office Fund PDFBircham Dyson Bell
85. Grosvenor (Mayfair) Estate and Grosvenor Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
86. J. Ferguson Estate Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
87. Darren Richard Williams PDFBircham Dyson Bell
88. Heath Lionel Sean McArdle PDFBircham Dyson Bell
89. EMI Music Publishing Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
90. London Concrete Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
91. Open Spaces Society and the Ramblers' Association PDFBernard Selwyn
92. Whitefox Properties Ltd, Bronzegate Ltd, Globewalk Ltd and Roseport Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
93. Grand Central Sound Studios Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
94. Canary Wharf Group plc PDFSharpe Pritchard
95. Landor (Dundee Wharf) Ltd, Landor Residential Ltd and Ballymore Ontario Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
96. Riverside Resource Recovery Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
97. Ballymore Properties Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
98. Clearstorm Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
99. Wood Wharf (General Partner) Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
100. Rodney Cyril Alban FitzGerald PDFRodney Cyril Alban FitzGerald
101. Emma Jeffery PDFGraham G Jeffery
102. Jonathan King and Angela King PDFJonathan King
103. Stockley Park Consortium Ltd PDFShelagh McKibbin
104. Jessica Da Silva and others PDFRoy Adams
105. Hanwell Village Green Conservation Area Residents Association PDFGerald W Ingram
106. Belal Uddin and others PDFFazal Miah
107. Robin Tutty and others PDFZoe Hudson
108. British Telecommunications plc PDFAlan George Scott
109. Great Western Allotment Association PDFSimon Brewster
110. East of England Regional Assembly PDFGraham Nelson
111. Mark Gregory Smith and Emma Moir-Smith PDFMark Gregory Smith
112. Legal and General Assurance Society Ltd PDFBerwin Leighton Paisner
113. Port of London Authority PDFBerwin Leighton Paisner
114. Tesco Stores Ltd and Tesco Property Holdings Ltd PDFBerwin Leighton Paisner
115. Belvedere Investments Ltd and Belvedere Investments 2 Ltd PDFHoward Bassford
116. The Haven Gateway Partnership PDFHoward Bassford
117. Hutchison Ports (UK) Ltd, the Felixstowe Dock and Railway Co, Harwich International Port Ltd and Maritime Transport Services Ltd PDFHoward Bassford
118. Honda Motor Europe Ltd PDFNicola Johns
119. Spitalfields Festival Ltd PDFJudith Serota
120. Paddington Residents' Active Concern on Transport - PRACT PDFJohn W S Walton
121. John Shepherd, Maria Shepherd and Fiorenza Shepherd  PDFJohn Shepherd
122. Maidenhead Civic Society and others PDFJohn McIntosh
123. Harold John Critchley and Sandra Florence Critchley PDFHarold John Critchley and Sandra Florence Critchley
124. Western Model Railway Society PDFBrian Boreham
125. Alan George Clarke PDFAlan George Clarke
126. The British Broadcasting Corporation PDFEmma Bennett
127. Thornfield Properties (London) Ltd PDFEmma Bennett
128. Friends of Mile End Park PDFNeil Sinden
129. Tower Hamlets Environment Trust PDFDr Michael Dempsey
130. British Airways plc PDFNiamh McCarthy
131. Eleanor Street Travellers All Residents Group PDFMarian Mahoney
132. Gregory D Hodgkiss and Claire M J M Hodgkiss PDFGregory D Hodgkiss
133. Ann-Marie Cousins PDFAnn-Marie Cousins
134. Muirgold Ltd PDFDuncan Field
135. City Aviation Properties Ltd PDFDuncan Field
136. Marketspur Ltd PDFDuncan Field
137. London City Airport Ltd PDFDuncan Field
138. R B Drummond Investments Ltd PDFDuncan Field
139. Glenart Ltd PDFDuncan Field
140. Sun Life Assurance Society plc PDFDuncan Field
141. Axa Sun Life plc PDFDuncan Field
142. National Joint Utilities Group Ltd - NJUG PDFMalcolm Bowden
143. Blaxmill Ltd PDFStephen Webb
144. Council of the London Borough of Newham PDFSharpe Pritchard
145. Bethnal Green and Victoria Park Housing Association PDFSharpe Pritchard
146. Council of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead PDFSharpe Pritchard
147. Council of the London Borough of Havering PDFSharpe Pritchard
148. British Board of Film Classification PDFSharpe Pritchard
149. Brentwood Borough Council PDFSharpe Pritchard
150. Norwich Property Trust Ltd, Norwich Union Life and Pensions Ltd, Commercial Union Life Assurance Co Ltd and CGNU Life Assurance Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
151. Buckinghamshire County Council PDFSharpe Pritchard
152. South Bucks District Council PDFSharpe Pritchard
153. Norddeutscher Rundfunk PDFMark Austin
154. Spitalfields Trust PDFGareth Harris
155. Robert McCracken PDFRobert McCracken
156. The Spitalfields Centre PDFSusie Symes
157. Mendip Rail Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
158. Paddington Business Improvement District Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
159. The Trustees of the R. Smith Life Interest Trust and the S. Edwards Life Interest Trust PDFBircham Dyson Bell
160. The University of the Arts PDFBircham Dyson Bell
161. The Environment Agency PDFBircham Dyson Bell
162. Lafarge Aggregates Ltd and Blue Circle Industries plc trading as Lafarge Cement UK PDFBircham Dyson Bell
163. Thames Water Utilities Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
164. National Car Parks Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
165. SecondSite Property Holdings Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
166. The City Parochial Foundation Trustee PDFBircham Dyson Bell
167. Consolidated Developments Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
168. Great Portland Estates Plc, Collin Estates Ltd, G.P.E. (61 St Mary Axe) Ltd, G.P.E. (80 Bishopsgate) Ltd, G.P.E. (88/104 Bishopsgate) Ltd, Hartstand Ltd, Ilex Ltd, J.L.P Investment Company Ltd, Pontsarn Investments Ltd, The Great Victoria Partnership (G.P) (No.2) Ltd and The Great Victoria Partnership (G.P) Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
169. Royal Mail Group plc and Post Office Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
170. The Moor House Limited Partnership PDFBircham Dyson Bell
171. Hammerson (Paddington) Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
172. Freightliner Group Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
173. London International Exhibition Centre plc PDFBircham Dyson Bell
174. The Pollen Estate Trustee Company Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
175. Souzel Properties Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
176. Spitalfields Developments Ltd and Hammerson Property Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
177. Hammerson UK Properties plc PDFBircham Dyson Bell
178. Hammerson (18 & 19 Hanover Square) Ltd (in respect of 18 Hanover Square and 1a Tenterden Street) PDFBircham Dyson Bell
179. Hammerson (18 & 19 Hanover Square) Ltd (in respect of 19 Hanover Square and Dering Yard) PDFBircham Dyson Bell
180. Council of the London Borough of Redbridge PDFBircham Dyson Bell
181. Imperial Chemical Industries plc (trading as ICI Paints) PDFBircham Dyson Bell
182. Aromwood Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
183. Alastair Ferguson and Eleanor Ferguson PDFBircham Dyson Bell
184. Gerald Glen Collins and Mona Joseph Hatoum PDFBircham Dyson Bell
185. Southern Gas Networks Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
186. Day Group Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
187. The French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust (acting via its Trustees) and the French Protestant Church of London (acting via its Consistory) PDFBircham Dyson Bell
188. The South West Regional Assembly PDFBircham Dyson Bell
189. Reed Personnel Services plc and Reed Employment plc PDFBircham Dyson Bell
190. Eleanor Ferguson PDFBircham Dyson Bell
191. Tilfen Land Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
192. Salisbury House Offices Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
193. SME (Hammersmith) Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
194. Caroline Hamilton PDFBircham Dyson Bell
195. Patricia Gaynor Jones PDFBircham Dyson Bell
196. English Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
197. Freight Transport Association Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
198. EDF Energy Networks Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
199. London & Continental Railways Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
200. The Quarry Products Association Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
201. GMV Three Ltd and GMV Ten Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
202. BOTAG - Fonds 78 KG K.u.K, Grunderverwaltungs - Gmbh & Co PDFBircham Dyson Bell
203. Trustees of the Bank of Scotland 1976 Pension Scheme PDFBircham Dyson Bell
204. Paddington Central I (GP) Ltd and Paddington Central II (GP) Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
205. The British Land Co plc PDFBircham Dyson Bell
206. Cardinal Group Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
207. Asticus (Soho Nominee 1) Ltd and Asticus (Soho Nominee 2) Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
208. Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Islington PDFBircham Dyson Bell
209. Monnaie Properties Ltd and Nargis Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
210. MacDonald's Restaurants Ltd and MacDonald's Real Estate LLP PDFBircham Dyson Bell
211. Hayes One Ltd and Seckloe 93 Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
212. GMS Estates Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
213. Rail Freight Group PDFBircham Dyson Bell
214. Prudential Assurance Co Ltd, Prudential Holborn Life Ltd, Fox Court 1 Ltd, Fox Court 2 Ltd, Keinwort Benson (Guernsey) Trustees Ltd and Borrowdale Nominees Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
215. The Maersk Co Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
216. Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
217. Alternative Mail and Parcels Ltd and Mr Daniel Albert Charlesworth PDFBircham Dyson Bell
218. Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets PDFBircham Dyson Bell
219. Thames Gateway London Partnership PDFBircham Dyson Bell
220. Huguenot Court Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
221. Parochial Church Council of Christ Church, Commercial Street, London E1 PDFThe Revd Andy Rider
222. British Waterways Board PDFBircham Dyson Bell
223. The Docks Management Advisory Group PDFBircham Dyson Bell
224. Foster Yeoman Ltd and Yeoman Aggregates Ltd Springdene Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
225. Springdene Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
226. Orbiton Investments Ltd (trading as Orbiton Estates), Carthago SA, Apple London Ltd, Cedarspan Ltd, Olivetree Properties Ltd, and Queensway Associates Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
227. John Akker PDFJohn Akker
228. Oliver Theis and others PDFJohn Akker
229. Ali Nehru and others PDFJohn Akker
230. The Spiralfields Practice, 20 Old Montague Street PDFJohn Akker
231. Panayotis Cleovoulou and others PDFPanayotis Cleovoulou
232. Ealing London Borough Council PDFJimmy Umrigar
233. A and O Services and Allen and Overy LLP PDFSimon Edwin Catterall
234. George Iacobescu and others PDFSimon Ricketts
235. Ford Motor Company Ltd PDFSimon Ricketts
236. Andreas Lyson PDFSimon Ricketts
237. Dr Nickolaus Hensel PDFSimon Ricketts
238. Derek James Hurst PDFEric Pickles MP
239. Elizabeth Jane Young PDFEric Pickles MP
240. Roy Archer Wise and Dorothy Monica Wise PDFEric Pickles MP
241. Jean Doris Austin and Frank Austin PDFEric Pickles MP
242. Stephen John Abbott and Glenda Margaret Abbott PDFEric Pickles MP
243. Grace Crook PDFEric Pickles MP
244. Michael Sabin PDFEric Pickles MP
245. Michael Peter Kingshott and Janet Ann Kingshott PDFEric Pickles MP
246. Madeline and Robert Wright PDFEric Pickles MP
247. Michael Wood and Natalie Victoria Wood PDFEric Pickles MP
248. Owen Southcott PDFEric Pickles MP
249. Robert Muir Bangert and Pamela Anne Bangert PDFEric Pickles MP
250. David William Dunsdon and Diane Lesley Dunsdon PDFEric Pickles MP
251. Philip Edward Davies and Karen Elizabeth Davies PDFEric Pickles MP
252. Mr and Mrs M E Gibbs PDFEric Pickles MP
253. Frederick White, Lilian White and Kenneth White PDFEric Pickles MP
254. Amanda Louise McShee PDFEric Pickles MP
255. Doreen Headon PDFEric Pickles MP
256. Peter and Queenie Cross PDFEric Pickles MP
257. William Alexander Logan Watt and Colina Watt PDFEric Pickles MP
258. Ian and Doreen Marshall PDFEric Pickles MP
259. Thomas and Mairead O'Driscoll PDFEric Pickles MP
260. John and Helen McNess PDFEric Pickles MP
261. Kenneth Charles James Cork and Marion Jill Cork PDFEric Pickles MP
262. Maxine Fanning, Thomas George Fanning and Ross Fanning PDFEric Pickles MP
263. Mr P Best and Mrs M Best PDFEric Pickles MP
264. Mrs A J Gibbons PDFEric Pickles MP
265. Beryl Joyce Clark PDFEric Pickles MP
266. Leonard William Ralph Webb and Gwendoline Webb PDFEric Pickles MP
267. A D Sutherland and R A Sutherland PDFEric Pickles MP
268. Kathleen Joan Curtis Tattersall PDFEric Pickles MP
269. Sun 365 Ltd PDFEric Pickles MP
270. Valerie Hibberd and Evelyn Watson PDFEric Pickles MP
271. Chris and Nicola Ashton PDFEric Pickles MP
272. Jan and Michael Pointer PDFEric Pickles MP
273. C J Corris and others PDFEric Pickles MP
274. Janet Weller for the Hutton Mount Association PDFEric Pickles MP
275. Mr and Mrs Joseph Dean Mason PDFEric Pickles MP
276. Michael Arthur Ross and Maureen Marcia Ross PDFEric Pickles MP
277. Brentwood Chamber of Commerce PDFEric Pickles MP
278. Stuart and Tamsin Owens PDFEric Pickles MP
279. Daniel and Gillian Heartshorne PDFEric Pickles MP
280. Smithfield Market Tenants' Association PDFJames Oury
281. Joann Bainton PDFJoann Bainton
282. Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd PDFDavid Cox
283. Bank of America, National Association PDFDavid Cox
284. Tarsem Singh and others PDFPeter McElligott
285. Spitafields Community Association PDFJil Cove
286. Villiers Park Properties Ltd PDFChristopher Stanwell
287. Boyne Valley Property Co Ltd PDFChristopher Stanwell
288. Mia Forbes Pirie PDFMia Forbes Pirie
289. Save Britain's Heritage PDFElzbieta Palmer
290. Frank Browne PDFStephen David Reed
291. Fairfield Conservation Area Residents Association PDFAndy Lyon
292. The Regent Street Association Ltd PDFAnnie Walker
293. Rangepost Ltd, Sidezone Ltd and Ltd (formerly Elfcrown Ltd)  PDFCaroline Terry
294. Jeremy Joseph PDFCaroline Terry
295. Scottish Widows plc PDFVizards Tweedie
296. UKPH No 1 Ltd PDFVizards Tweedie
297. Japan Airlines Co Ltd PDFVizards Tweedie
298. Wardens and Commonality of the Mystery of Goldsmiths of the City of London and Warburg-Henderson Kapitalanlagegesellschaft für Immobilien mbH PDFVizards Tweedie
299. Barratt Homes Ltd PDFVizards Tweedie
300. MPL Communications Ltd PDFVizards Tweedie
301. BRB (Residuary) Ltd PDFVizards Tweedie
302. Possfund Custodian Trustee Ltd PDFVizards Tweedie
303. Governing Body of Swanlea School in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets PDFSallyanne Faulkner
304. Clive David Diebelius PDFClive David Diebelius
305. Woodseer and Hanbury Residents Association PDFGuy Carpenter
306. Guy Boyd Carpenter PDFGuy Carpenter
307. Jemima Broadbridge PDFGuy Carpenter
308. Isaura Abbas Syed and others PDFIsaura Abbas Syed
309. The Revd Christopher Mark Burke PDFThe Revd Christopher Mark Burke
310. Thomas Sparks and Susan Goodbody PDFSusan Goodbody
311. Robert Wilson MP PDFRichard James Willis
312. Barbara Wheeler and Tony Wheeler PDFBarbara Wheeler
313. Blackmoor LP PDFSharpe Pritchard
314. Council of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea PDFSharpe Pritchard
315. Association of Professional Recording Services and UK Post Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
316. Bloomfold Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
317. Targetfellow (Centre Point) Ltd PDFSharpe Pritchard
318. Council of the London Borough of Hillingdon PDFSharpe Pritchard
319. Camden London Borough Council PDFSharpe Pritchard
320. Council of the London Borough of Bexley PDFSharpe Pritchard
321. Westminster City Council PDFSharpe Pritchard
322. John Darren Whitfield and Deborah Alayne Whitfield PDFJohn Darren Whitfield
323. Spitalfields Small Business Association Ltd PDFKay Jordan
324. Shahjalal Community Group PDFAuld Miah
325. Poplar Dock Boat Group PDFLucie Stephens
326. The Residents' Society of Mayfair and St. James' and The Grosvenor Mayfair Residents'Association PDFBircham Dyson Bell
327. Orange Personal Communications Services Limited PDFBircham Dyson Bell
328. The Spitalfields Society PDFBircham Dyson Bell
329. Knight Frank Property Company PDFBircham Dyson Bell
330. Tarmac Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
331. Ferrotec (UK) Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
332. Land Securities plc, Ravenseft Properties Ltd, LS Aldersgate Ltd and The City of London Real Property Co Ltd PDFBircham Dyson Bell
333. Paula Cresswell PDFPaula Cresswell
334. The East London Line Group PDFArchibald Galloway
335. Garden Properties Ltd and Farnham Properties Ltd PDFAndrew Jackson
336. GMV Three Ltd and GMV Ten Ltd PDFAndrew Jackson
337. DAS Europe Ltd and BMP DDB Ltd PDFAndrew Jackson
338. John Guest Ltd PDFAndrew Jackson
339. Trustees of the SS Robin Trust PDFDavid Kampfner
340. Loon Fung (London) Ltd PDFDominic Lee
341. Jean Lambert and others PDFAlan Francis
342. Great Western Studios Management Ltd PDFAdam Withington
343. Felix Frixou PDFFelix Frixou
344. Westbourne Park Villas Residents Association PDFLady Margot Bright
345. Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group PDFRachel Howell
346. Laing Homes Ltd PDFIan Simmons
347. Katie Black PDFKatie Black
348. Gareth Pearce PDFGareth Pearce
349. George Galloway MP PDFFrank Field MP
350. Theresa May MP PDFTheresa May MP
351. London Thames Gateway Forum PDFRichard Pout
352. Michael Harrison and others PDFGordon Selway
353. Antique Hypermarket Ltd PDFJohn Buckingham
354. Dystopia Ltd PDFJohn Buckingham
355. Ms Choi Lin Wan PDFMs Choi Lin Wan
356. Annetta Pedretti PDFAnnetta Pedretti
357. Spitalfields Housing Association PDFStephanie McDonald
358. Southend Arterial Road Action Group PDFDr Evan Harris MP
359. Mr J Payne PDFJohn Payne
360. Ayub Ahmed Goga PDFAyub Ahmed Goga
361. A Hamid PDFA Hamid
362. U Natta PDFU Natta
363. Yakub Natta PDFYakub Natta
364. Ishak Patel PDFIshak Patel
365. Mehmud Patel PDFMehmud Patel

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