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Electoral Administration Bill

Electoral Administration Bill
Schedule 2 — Repeals



Short title and chapter

Extent of repeal


Representation of the People

In Schedule 1, in the Appendix to the rules—


Act 1983 (c. 2)—cont.


in the Form of Front of Ballot Paper, the


words “Counterfoil No. The counterfoil


is to have a number to correspond with




that on the back of the ballot paper”



in the Form of Back of Ballot Paper, the


words “Note.— The number on the


ballot paper is to correspond with that


on the counterfoil”.




Representation of the People

In section 19(6)(b) the words “Maundy


Act 1985 (c. 50)



In Schedule 1, paragraph 7(2).


In Schedule 4, paragraph 86.


Representation of the People

In Schedule 4, in paragraph 1(1), the definition




Act 2000 (c. 2)

of “absent voters list”.


Political Parties, Elections and

Section 52(1)(a).


Referendums Act 2000 (c. 41)

In section 52(2)(b), the words “except for the


purposes of section 68,”.


Section 68.




In section 69, subsection (3) and in subsections


(4) and (5), the words “or (3)”.


In section 77(9)(a) the words “Maundy




In Schedule 7—





in paragraph 4(3)(b) the words “except


for the purposes of paragraph 14,”



Part 4



paragraph 15(3)(b).


In Schedule 18, paragraph 7(4).




In Schedule 20, the entries relating to section


68(5) and paragraph 14(5) of Schedule 7.


Electoral Fraud (Northern

Section 2(2).


Ireland) Act 2002 (c. 13)

Section 3(4)(a) and (b).


Civil Partnership Act 2004

In Schedule 27, paragraph 85(5).




(c. 33)



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