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Terrorism Bill

Terrorism Bill
Schedule 3 — Repeals



Interpretation of Schedule


In this Schedule—

“article” has the same meaning as in Part 1 of this Act;

“the court” is to be construed in accordance with paragraph 7.

Schedule 3


Section 36




Short title and chapter

Extent of repeal


Terrorism Act 2000 (c. 11)

In section 5(4), the words “by or in respect of an




In section 9(4), the word “and” at the end of




paragraph (b).


In section 63A(1)(b), the words “section 54 or”.


Section 126.


In Schedule 5, in each of paragraphs 1(5) and


28(4), the “and” at the end of paragraph (b).




Justice (Northern Ireland) Act

In Schedule 7, paragraph 35.


2002 (c. 26)


Criminal Justice Act 2003 (c. 44)

Section 45(8).


Section 306(2) and (3).



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