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Thursday 1st December 2005


Report Stage Proceedings


Council Tax (New Valuation Lists for England) Bill


new clauseS


Local revaluation


Sir Paul Beresford


Mr David Curry


Not selected  nc1


To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State may, by order, require a local authority or group of


adjoining local authorities to undertake a local revaluation for council tax





A local authority, or group of adjoining local authorities, may request from the


Secretary of State an order for a local revaluation for council tax purposes under


subsection (1).



The cost of the revaluation ordered under subsection (2) shall be met by the local


authority, or group of adjoining local authorities, who may seek financial


assistance from the Secretary of State.



Any such order shall be subject to affirmative resolution in both Houses of





The date for any such revaluation undertaken in accordance with subsection (1)


shall be specified in the order.’.



Valuation of dwelling: powers of entry


Mr Robert Syms


Not selected  NC2


To move the following Clause:—



Section 26 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (c.14) is amended as





After subsection (3) insert:


Report Stage Proceedings: 1st December 2005              



Council Tax (New Valuation Lists for England) Bill, continued



The power of entry shall not be used to allow any person to conduct a


physical inspection inside living accommodation for the purposes of


compiling or maintaining a valuation list.”.’.



Sir Paul Beresford


Mr David Curry


Withdrawn  3


Page  1,  line  8  [Clause  1],  at end insert—



An order under subsection (1A) may be made in relation to an individual billing


authority, a group of adjoining billing authorities or all billing authorities.’.


David Howarth


Sarah Teather


Mark Hunter


Negatived on division  4


Page  1,  line  8  [Clause  1],  at end insert—



The Secretary of State shall decide at least once in each calendar year whether to


exercise the power granted by subsection (1A), and shall give reasons for his





The reasons referred to in subsection (1B) shall include, but shall not be restricted


to, the Secretary of State’s assessment of the degree of divergence in relevant


property values since the original valuations made under this Act or since any


subsequent revaluation.’.



Mr Robert Syms


Not selected  2


Page  2,  line  2  [Clause  2],  leave out ‘(New Valuation Lists for England)’ and insert





Mr Robert Syms


Not selected  1


Title,  line  2,  at end insert ‘; and prohibit the use of powers of entry in relation to the


compilation and maintenance of valuation lists’.


Bill read the third time, and passed.


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