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Charities Bill [HL]

Charities Bill [HL]
Schedule 10 — Transitional provisions and savings



Schedule 9: savings on repeal of provisions of Charities Act 1992


The repeal by this Act of section 49 of, and Schedule 5 to, the 1992 Act

(amendments relating to redundant churches etc.) does not affect the

amendments made by that Schedule in the Redundant Churches and Other

Religious Buildings Act 1969.


Schedule 9: repeal of certain repeals made by Charities Acts 1960 and 1992

29    (1)  

It is hereby declared that (in accordance with sections 15 and 16 of the

Interpretation Act 1978 (c. 30)) the repeal by this Act of any of the provisions

mentioned in sub-paragraph (2) does not revive so much of any enactment

or document as ceased to have effect by virtue of that provision.



The provisions are—


section 28(9) of the Charities Act 1960 (c. 58) (repeal of provisions

regulating taking of charity proceedings),


section 36 of the 1992 Act (repeal of provisions requiring Charity

Commissioners’ consent to dealings with charity land), and



section 50 of that Act (repeal of provisions requiring amount of

contributions towards maintenance etc. of almshouses to be

sanctioned by Charity Commissioners).



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