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Thursday 6th July 2006

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Standing Committee A

Charities Bill [Lords]

Helen Goodman


Clause 28, page 29, line 41, leave out ‘£10,000’ and insert ‘£20,000’.

Helen Goodman


Clause 15, page 17, line 21, at end insert ‘, and

        ‘(c) whether or not the work for which the gift was made has already been completed.”’.

Helen Goodman


Clause 18, page 19, line 32, at end insert—

      ‘(4A) Where the property is valued at less than £5,000 and the charity has assets of over £100,000, the trustees may apply the property for purposes without reference to the Commission of the courts.’.

Helen Goodman


Clause 17, page 17, line 33, at end insert—

      ‘(1A) This section does not apply where the condition in section 14B(4A) has been met.’.

Helen Goodman


Clause 43, page 47, line 9, leave out ‘£10,000’ and insert ‘£5,000’.

Helen Goodman


Clause 51, page 58, line 18, at end insert ‘, and

        ‘(d) must include provision to combine the processes for registration and application for a certificate.’.

Helen Goodman


Clause 53, page 59, line 21, leave out paragraph (e).

Helen Goodman


Page 61, line 20, leave out Clause 55.

Helen Goodman


Clause 53, page 60, line 9, leave out sub-paragraph (i).

Helen Goodman


Clause 53, page 59, line 35, leave out ‘or any person authorised by him’.

Helen Goodman


Clause 60, page 65, leave out line 42 and insert ‘a day which, when taken with the day on which that other collection is already so authorised, would result in collections being undertaken in that locality more frequently than once every other day.’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 45, page 53, line 20, at end insert ‘it does not include a charitable appeal which is made on private property;’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 49, page 56, line 16, at end insert ‘, and

        ‘(c) ensure that all collectors carry photographic identity badges in a form approved for this purpose by the local authority.’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 51, page 58, line 14, at end insert ‘although not in a form that might reasonably discourage legitimate applications,’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 52, page 58, line 37, at end insert—

      ‘(4A) Conditions under subsection (4) must not be in a form that might reasonably discourage legitimate applications.’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 53, page 59, line 23, leave out from ‘inadequate,’ to end of line 24 and insert ‘having regard to all circumstances.’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 57, page 63, line 31, leave out subsection (4).

Martin Horwood


Clause 60, page 65, line 41, leave out paragraph (b).

Martin Horwood


Clause 63, page 68, line 19, after ‘make’, insert ‘reasonable’.

Martin Horwood


Page 68, line 18, leave out Clause 63.

Martin Horwood


Clause 63, page 69, line 5, leave out ‘or (3)’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 63, page 69, line 5, leave out ‘or (b)’.

Martin Horwood


Page 70, line 21, leave out Clause 67.

Martin Horwood


Clause 72, page 77, line 21, at end insert—

      ‘(Z1) The Secretary of State must, after one year on which this Act is passed and each year subsequently, make a statement to the House of Commons, which must address the following matters—

        (a) the number of registered charities in England and Wales, and an indication of whether this number has risen or fallen since the previous statement,

        (b) the number of organisations which have failed to obtain or retain charitable status under sections 2 or 3 of this Act in that year, and why they have failed,

        (c) the total value of Gift Aid and other special tax provisions for registered charities in that year,

        (d) the total net cost of value added tax to registered charities in that year, and

        (e) the number and value of central government contracts placed with registered charities in that year.’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 69, page 73, line 25, leave out ‘Reserve’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 69, page 73, line 26, after ‘may’, insert ‘and, in the case of large charities, shall’.

Martin Horwood


Clause 69, page 73, line 28, at end insert—

      ‘(1A) “large charity” is a charity with an income of over £10 million per annum.

      (1B) Regulations made under this section, other than in respect of large charities, may apply to all charities or to a class of charities defined in accordance with—

        (a) their overall annual income,

        (b) the extent to which they depend on public fundraising, or

        (c) the proportion of their annual income spent on management and information, fundraising and publicity and shops and trading.

      (1C) Regulations made under this section shall, in the case of large charities, include requirements that the trustees—

        (a) distinguish in their accounts between the amounts spent on management and information, fundraising and publicity, shops and trading, and other expenditure,

        (b) consider whether the costs of a fundraising campaign are proportionate with its aims, and

        (c) make available to donors in a simple form the information contained in paragraph (b), above.’.

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Prepared: 7 July 2006