Amendments proposed to the Electoral Administration Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Mr Bruce George


Page     42,     line     12     [Clause     33],     leave out 'following'.


Mr Bruce George


Page     42,     line     15     [Clause     33],     leave out paragraphs (a) to (c).


Mr Bruce George


Page     42,     line     17     [Clause     33],     at end insert—

    '(1A)   The organisations which may apply under subsection (1) shall include the following—

      (a) the Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, and the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights;

      (b) the European Parliament;

      (c) the European Commission;

      (d) the Commonwealth;

      (e) the Commonwealth of Independent States;

      (f) the United Nations;

      (g) the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly; and

      (h) the Inter Parliamentary Union.

    (1B)   For the purposes of subsection (1), "an organisation" shall also include a United Kingdom political party, as registered under section 28 of the 2000 Act, a media organisation and a United Kingdom, or foreign, non-governmental organisation.'.


Mr Bruce George


Page     42,     line     19     [Clause     33],     leave out from 'may' to 'nominate' in line 23.


Mr Bruce George


Page     42,     line     25     [Clause     33],     leave out subsections (3) and (4).


Mr Bruce George


Page     43,     line     1     [Clause     33],     leave out subsections (8) to (12).


Mr Bruce George


Page     43,     line     30     [Clause     33],     leave out paragraphs (c) and (d).


Mr Bruce George


Page     43,     line     40     [Clause     33],     leave out '6A(5), 6B(5), 6C(4) and 6D(4)' and insert '6A(1), 6B(1), 6C(2) and 6D(2)'.


Mr Bruce George


Page     43,     line     42     [Clause     33],     at end insert—

    '(3A)   The code shall make provision for the withdrawal of accreditation from any person or organisation observing any proceedings relating to an election pursuant to sections 6A(1), 6B(1), 6C(1) or 6D(1) found to be in breach of the code of practice.'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     46,     line     34     [Clause     35],     leave out subsection (9).


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     48,     line     6     [Clause     37],     before 'in' insert 'at an election held'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     48,     line     8     [Clause     37],     before 'in' insert 'at an election held'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     48,     line     10     [Clause     37],     leave out '(whether free of charge or otherwise)'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     48,     line     19     [Clause     37],     at end insert—

    '(4) In the case of a ballot paper issued to a person resident in the United Kingdom, the returning officer must ensure that the return of the ballot paper and postal voting statement or declaration of identity is free of charge to the voter.

    (5) In any other case, regulations may provide that the returning officer must so ensure.'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     60     [Clause     49],     leave out lines 8 and 9 and insert—

    '(2)   The following provisions of section 28A apply to an application under this section as they apply to an application under that section—

      (a) subsections (2) to (5);

      (b) subsection (7), so far as it relates to subsection (2)(g).'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     60,     line     26     [Clause     49],     leave out subsection (2).


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     66     [Clause     62],     leave out from beginning of line 42 to end of line 16 on page 67 and insert—

    '"(2A)   For the purposes of subsection (2)(c), election material to which subsection (2B) applies—

      (a) is not to be regarded as being published on behalf of a candidate merely because it can be regarded as promoting, procuring or enhancing his electoral success or standing, but

      (b) may be regarded as being published on behalf of the party mentioned in subsection (2B).

    (2B)   This subsection applies to election material which can be reasonably regarded as promoting, procuring or enhancing the electoral success or standing of two or more candidates standing in the name of a party or included in a list of candidates submitted by the party in connection with the election."'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     70,     line     16     [Clause     64],     at end insert—

    '( )   This section ceases to have effect if, before it is brought into force, paragraph 6(3) of Schedule 21 to the 2000 Act is brought into force.'


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     72,     line     7     [Clause     67],     after 'arrest' insert 'inside a polling station'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     72,     line     8     [Clause     67],     leave out from '(personation)' to end of line 9.


Mr David Heath


Page     72,     line     8     [Clause     67],     leave out 'if the offence is committed or is suspected of being committed'.


Mr David Heath


Page     72     [Clause     71],     leave out line 37 and insert—

      '( ) section 13;

      ( ) section 14;'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     73,     line     21     [Clause     72],     at end insert—

      '(aa) section (repeal of personal identifier provisions);'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     77,     line     10     [Schedule     1],     leave out '9B(2)' and insert '9B(9A)'.


Mr David Heath


Page     86,     line     9     [Schedule     1],     leave out '18' and insert '14'.


Natascha Engel
John Bercow
Stephen Williams
Adam Price
Mr Angus MacNeil
Mrs Sharon Hodgson


*Page     86,     line     9     [Schedule     1],     leave out '18' and insert '16'.


Natascha Engel
John Bercow
Stephen Williams
Adam Price
Mr Angus MacNeil
Mrs Sharon Hodgson


*Page     86,     line     21     [Schedule     1],     leave out '18' and insert '16'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     88,     line     41     [Schedule     1],     leave out 'issue of the notice of poll' and insert 'publication of notice of the election'.


Mr David Heath


Page     92,     line     41     [Schedule     1],     leave out '18' and insert '14'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     95,     line     32     [Schedule     1],     at end insert—

    '88A (1) Section 29 (payments by and to returning officer), as proposed to be amended by paragraph 6(3) of Schedule 21 to the 2000 Act, is amended as follows.

    (2) For subsections (3) to (6) substitute—

          "(3)   A returning officer shall be entitled to recover his charges in respect of services rendered, or expenses incurred, for or in connection with a parliamentary election if—

          (a) the services were necessarily rendered, or the expenses were necessarily incurred, for the efficient and effective conduct of the election; and

          (b) the total of his charges does not exceed the amount ("the overall maximum recoverable amount") specified in, or determined in accordance with, regulations made by the Commission, with the consent of the Treasury, for the purposes of this subsection.

          (4)   Regulations under subsection (3) may specify, or make provision for determining in accordance with the regulations, a maximum recoverable amount for services or expenses of any specified description and, subject to subsection (5) below, the returning officer may not recover more than that amount in respect of any such services or expenses.

          (5)   In a particular case the Commission may, with the consent of the Treasury, authorise the payment of—

          (a) more than the overall maximum recoverable amount, or

          (b) more than the specified maximum recoverable amount for any specified services or expenses,

        if the Commission are satisfied that the conditions in subsection (6) are met.

          (6)   The conditions referred to in subsection (5) are—

          (a) that it was reasonable for the returning officer concerned to render the services or incur the expenses, and

          (b) that the charges in question are reasonable."'.


Ms Harriet Harman


*Page     98,     line     37     [Schedule     1],     leave out 'or 6B'.


Natascha Engel
John Bercow
Stephen Williams
Adam Price
Mr Angus MacNeil
Mrs Sharon Hodgson


*Page     99,     line     4     [Schedule     1],     at end insert—

    '113 (3) The Representation of the People Act 1985 is amended as follows—

    (4) In section 1(5) (extension of the parliamentary franchise), for "18" substitute "16".

    (5) In section 3(8)(a) (extension of the franchise for European Parliamentary elections), for "18" substitute "16".'.

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