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Committee of the whole House Proceedings: 30th January 2006  



Government of Wales Bill, continued


Reserved bodies


3    (1)  

The reservation of any body to which this paragraph applies has effect to





its constitution, including its establishment and dissolution, its assets


and liabilities and its funding and receipts,



conferring functions on it or removing functions from it,



conferring or removing any functions specifically exercisable in


relation to it.



This paragraph applies to—



a body reserved by name by Part 2 of this Schedule,



each of the councils reserved by section C12 of that Part,



the Commission for Racial Equality, the Equal Opportunities


Commission and the National Disability Council.


Financial assistance to industry


4    (1)  

This Schedule does not reserve giving financial assistance to commercial


activities for the purposes of promoting or sustaining economic development


or employment.



Sub-paragraph (1)—



does not apply to giving financial assistance to any activities in


pursuance of a power exercisable only in relation to activities which


are reserved,



does not apply to Part 1 of this Schedule, except paragraph 9, or to a


body to which paragraph 3 of this Part of this Schedule applies,



is without prejudice to the exceptions from the reservations in sections


E2 and E3 of Part 2 of this Schedule.



Sub-paragraph (1) does not affect the question whether any matter other than


financial assistance to which that sub-paragraph applies is reserved.




5    (1)  

References in this Schedule to the subject matter of any enactment are to be


read as references to the subject matter of that enactment as it has effect on the


principal appointed day or, if it ceased to have effect at any time within the


period ending with that day and beginning with the day on which this Act is


passed, as it had effect immediately before that time.



Subordinate legislation under section 129(1) may, in relation to the operation


of this Schedule at any time before the principal appointed day, modify the


references to that day in sub-paragraph (1).’.


Bill reported, with amendments.


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