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Mr David Drew


Clause     42,     page     24,     line     13,     leave out subsection (3).


Mr Jim Knight


Clause     42,     page     24,     line     20,     at end insert 'and of any owner of the land (if not the person carrying out the works)'


Mr Jim Knight


Clause     42,     page     24,     line     20,     at end insert—

    '( )   Regulations may make provision as to the procedure to be followed in obtaining the consent of an owner under subsection (3) (and may include provision for the consent of an owner to be regarded as having been given where he has not objected within a period of time specified in the regulations).'


Mr James Paice


Clause     43,     page     25,     line     4,     at end insert—

      '(e) the welfare of animals.'.


Mr James Paice


Clause     44,     page     25,     line     30,     at end add—

    '(6)   Section 44(2) shall not be taken to apply to the National Trust Acts 1907-1971'.


Mr David Drew


Clause     45,     page     25,     line     39,     leave out 'may'.


Mr David Drew


Clause     45,     page     25,     line     40,     after '(a)', insert 'shall'.


Mr David Drew


Clause     45,     page     26,     line     1,     after '(b)', insert 'may'.


Mr David Drew


Clause     45,     page     26,     line     3,     at end insert '; and

      (c) may apply (under section 97 of and Schedule 6 to the Land Registration Act 2002 (c. 9)) to the registrar to be registered as the proprietor of a registered estate in the land as if the authority has been in adverse possession of the estate for a period of not less than ten years ending on the date of application.

    (2A)   The land registered in accordance with subsection (2)(c) shall vest in the local authority under this section together with section 10 of the Open Spaces Act 1906 (c. 25) (maintainance of open spaces and burial grounds by local authority) or, if that is the case, the Commons Act 1899 (c. 30).'.


Mr David Drew


Clause     45,     page     26,     line     7,     at end insert '; and

      (d) a national park authority or area of outstanding natural beauty conservation board'.


Mr David Drew


Clause     45,     page     26,     line     7,     at end insert—

    '(4)   If the land is regulated in accordance with a scheme under the Commons Act 1899 (c. 30), a parish or community council may only apply for registration in accordance with subsection (2)(c) if the powers of management of the scheme have been delegated to that council.'.


Chris Huhne
Mr Roger Williams
Mr Dan Rogerson
Mr David Drew


*Clause     45,     page     26,     line     8,     at end insert—

    '(4)   Where subsection (1) applies and a commons association established under Part 2 does not exist in relation to the land, a local authority may assume and exercise any of the rights of management of the land which would otherwise be held by the owner, until such time as a commons association exists or the owner is identified.'.


Mr David Drew


Clause     46,     page     27,     line     11,     at end insert—

    '(7A)   An order made under paragraph (b) of subsection (7) may authorise the relevant authority to carry out any requirement of an order which a person on whom a notice is served under this section has failed to comply with and to recover from that person the costs reasonably incurred by the relevant authority in doing so.'.


Mr Jim Knight


Clause     60,     page     31,     line     35,     leave out subsection (2).


Notice of inclosure


Mr Jim Knight


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1)   Section 31 of the Commons Act 1876 (c. 56) (three months' notice of claim to inclose to be given in local papers) shall cease to have effect.

    (2)   In section 3 of the Metropolitan Commons Act 1878 (c. 71), for "Sections thirty and thirty-one" substitute "Section 30".'

Schemes under the Commons Act 1899


Mr Jim Knight


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1)   The Commons Act 1899 (c.30) is amended as follows.

    (2)   In section 1 (power of councils to make schemes for the regulation of commons)—

      (a) in subsection (1), for the words from "their district" to the end substitute "in the public interest";

      (b) after that subsection insert—

          "(1A)   In subsection (1), the reference to the public interest includes the public interest in—

          (a) nature conservation;

          (b) the conservation of the landscape;

          (c) the protection of public rights of access to any area of land; and

          (d) the protection of archaeological remains and features of historic interest."

    (3)   In that section, in subsection (3), omit the words from ", and for" to the end.

    (4)   In that section, after subsection (3) insert—

          "(4)   Regulations under subsection (3) may—

          (a) prescribe alternative forms;

          (b) permit exceptions or modifications to be made to any prescribed form."

    (5)   In section 2 (procedure for making scheme)—

      (a) for subsections (1) to (3) and the first paragraph of subsection (4) substitute—

          "(1)   A council is to make and approve a scheme under this Part of this Act in the prescribed manner.";

      (b) renumber the second paragraph of subsection (4) as subsection (2).

    (6)   For section 9 (power to amend scheme) substitute—

          "9   Power to amend or revoke scheme

          (1)   A scheme under this Part of this Act for any common may, in prescribed circumstances, be amended in the prescribed manner.

          (2)   A scheme under this Part of this Act for any common may, where a new scheme is made under this Part of this Act for the whole of that common, be revoked in the prescribed manner."

    (7)   For section 10 (byelaws) substitute—

          "10   Byelaws

          (1)   A council which has made a scheme under this Part of this Act in relation to any common may make byelaws for the prevention of nuisances and the preservation of order on the common.

          (2)   Sections 236 to 238 of the Local Government Act 1972 (which relate to the procedure for making byelaws, authorise byelaws to impose fines not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale, and provide for the proof of byelaws in legal proceedings) apply to all byelaws under this section."'



Mr David Drew
Paddy Tipping
Mr Paul Truswell


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1)   The membership of a commons association must reflect local interests.

    (2)   At least half of the members must be elected.

    (3)   At least half of the members must be resident in the area of the local authority in which the common or town green is situated.'.

Duties of Natural England


Paddy Tipping
Mr David Drew
Mr Paul Truswell


To move the following Clause:—

    'Natural England shall have a duty to promote the formation of statutory commons associations, the wellbeing of common land and the creation of village and town greens.'.

Advisory committees


Mr James Paice


To move the following Clause:—

    'The appropriate national authority may appoint a committee of not more than 15 or less than seven members, representative of commoners and the public interest in common land, to advise them on the discharge of their functions under this Act or any related matter.'.


Mr Jim Knight


Schedule     1,     page     32,     line     8,     at end insert 'over which the right is exercisable'


Mr James Paice


Schedule     1,     page     32,     leave out lines 9 to 21.


Mr James Paice


Schedule     1,     page     32,     line     11,     at end insert—


            (a)   where a person proposes to sever a right of common to which section 9 applies by transfer under sub-paragraph (1)(a) the commons association may further transfer the right, with or without consideration, to another person who holds rights of common attached to land for the same common.

            (b)   where a commons association transfers land under (2A)(a) it shall cause the appropriate variation to the Register in accordance with section 7.'.


Mr James Paice


Schedule     1,     page     32,     line     22,     after 'sub-paragraph', insert '(2A) or'.


Mr Jim Knight


Schedule     1,     page     32,     line     33,     at end insert—

    '(4A) In a case where there is no commons association established for the land over which a right of common to which section 9 applies is exercisable, the appropriate national authority may by order provide that a person with functions of management conferred by any enactment in relation to that land is to be regarded, for any or all purposes of this paragraph, as a commons association established for the land.'


Mr David Drew


Schedule     1,     page     32,     line     33,     at end insert—

    '(4A) Subsection (4) shall not apply where Natural England or the Countryside Council for Wales can show that severance is necessary to achieve favourable condition of a Site of Special Scientific Interest notified under section 28(1) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as amended.'.

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