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Tuesday 27th June 2006

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Standing Committee B

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill [Lords]

Annette Brooke
Sarah Teather


Schedule 3, part 2, page 47, line 35, at end insert—

        ‘(ba) a day centre providing more than 6 hours per day of provision for vulnerable adults and operating two or more days per week,’.

Annette Brooke
Sarah Teather


Clause 6, page 3, line 3, after ‘services’, insert ‘or throught provison of direct payment or individual budgets.’.

Annette Brooke
Sarah Teather


Clause 11, page 7, line 3, after ‘check’, insert ‘, or

        (b) he makes arrangements through direct payments or individual budgets for another person (P) to permit an individual (B) to engage in a regulated activity and does not—

          (i) notify the individual (P) of the existence of the barred lists, and

          (ii) offer to undertake an appropriate check on behalf of (P).’.

Annette Brooke
Sarah Teather


Clause 16, page 10, line 34, after ‘body’, insert—

      ‘(4) If an offence under 9, 10 or 11 is committed by an individual acting on behalf of a body administering the provision of direct payments or individual budgets and is proved to have been committed with the consent or connivance of, or to be attributable to, neglect on the part of a designated responsible officer of the body, he (as well as the body) commits the offence.’.

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