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given on

Thursday 26th October 2006

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Standing Committee A

Welfare Reform Bill

Earnings disregard level

Mr David Ruffley
Mr Tim Boswell
Mr Jeremy Hunt


    To move the following Clause:—

      ‘(1) The Secretary of State may make regulations that the level of earnings disregard for claimants of Employment and Support Allowance shall be set at a level that he shall by regulation determine.

      (2) In determining the level of earnings disregard under subsection (1) the Secretary of State shall have regard to labour market conditions including the National Minimum Wage as defined under section 1 of the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 (c. 39).’.

Part-time work and employment and support allowance

Mr Jeremy Hunt


    To move the following Clause:—

      ‘The Secretary of State shall be required to introduce a pilot to assess the impact of permitting a claimant who is a member of the support group to continue to receive a fixed proportion of their employment and support allowance in circumstances where their part-time work exceeds the maximum permitted hours.’.

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