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16 Jun 2005 : Column 572W—continued

Waste Education

Mrs. Dean: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what plans she has to allocate a proportion of landfill tax revenue to waste education based work in schools. [4426]

Mr. Bradshaw: I refer my hon. Friend to the answer given to the hon. Member for Stoke-on-Trent North (Joan Walley) on 2 February 2005, Official Report, column 896W.

Water/Sewerage Services

Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what the average monthly cost to consumers is of (a) water services and (b) sewerage services in each water supply area in 2004–05 (i) in total and (ii) broken down by those who were (A) metered and (B) unmetered. [4455]

Mr. Morley: The average monthly cost to households of water and sewerage services is set out in the following tables, broken down by company area and by measured and unmeasured supply.

Water and sewerage companiesUnmeasured waterMeasured waterTotal waterUnmeasured sewerageMeasured sewerageTotal sewerage
Dwr Cymru11.096.8710.2815.117.8613.61
North West11.359.8811.0911.8410.4211.6
Northumbrian (incl. Essex and Suffolk)9.748.019.3811.19.4110.92
Essex and Suffolk12.028.4910.79000
Severn Trent10.18.359.688.948.268.79
Yorkshire (incl. York)10.168.589.7311.129.0510.57

Water only companiesUnmeasured waterMeasured waterTotal water
Bournemouth and
W. Hampshire
Dee Valley10.028.588.86
Folkestone and Dover13.449.0211.64
Mid Kent11.579.1510.77
South East11.299.2110.69
South Staffs7.467.387.45
Sutton and East Surrey10.778.7310.38
Tendring Hundred10.8111.0613.28
Three Valleys10.478.299.96

Water and sewerage
Total unmeasuredTotal measuredTotal all households
Dwr Cymru26.2114.7323.89
North West23.1920.322.69
Northumbrian (incl.
Essex and Suffolk)
Essex and Suffolk000
Severn Trent19.0416.6218.46
Yorkshire (incl. York)21.2817.6320.3

16 Jun 2005 : Column 573W

Mr. Davey: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what the volume of sewage discharges from each sewage treatment works in South West London was in each of the last 10 years. [3164]

Mr. Morley: Information for most of the requested years is either incomplete, or not readily available without disproportionate effort in the available time. Readily available information is presented in the following table, where sewage works in South West London are taken to be those listed. Information for 2002 is not included as it is incomplete.
Treated sewage effluent from South West London sewage treatment works for years indicated in millions m(12)

Sewage works200120032004(10)
Hogsmill A33.526.927.6
Hogsmill B6.976.4

(10)Includes estimated data.

Mr. Davey: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what guidance her Department has given to water companies and sewage service providers to ensure that their sewage treatment works meet the criteria of the EU 1991 Urban Waste and Water Treatment Directive. [3165]

Mr. Morley: In England the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive is transposed by the Urban Waste Water Treatment (England and Wales) Regulations 1994.

Guidance to the regulations, titled Urban Waste Water Treatment (England and Wales) Regulations 1994, Working Document for Dischargers and Regulators, A Guidance Note" was issued to sewerage undertakers and the Environment Agency in 1997.

Mr. Davey: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what penalties there are for (a) water companies and (b) sewage service providers who fail to meet the EU 1991 Urban Waste and Water Treatment Directive. [3166]

Mr. Morley: Regulation 6(2) of the Urban Waste Water Treatment (England and Wales) Regulations 1994, places a duty on the Environment Agency to ensure, through its discharge consenting powers under schedule 10 of the Water Resources Act 1991, as amended by the Environment Act 1995, that treatment standards set in the regulations are met. Where the Environment Agency considers sewerage undertakers are in breach of their consents it can undertake legal proceedings. Courts finding in favour of the Environment Agency can then levy fines.

Sewerage undertakers also have a duty under section94 of the Water Industry Act 1991 to provide sewage collecting systems, which is supplemented by Regulation 4 of the above-mentioned regulations. The
16 Jun 2005 : Column 574W
Water Act 2003 also gives Ofwat, the Secretary of State and the National Assembly for Wales powers to impose financial penalties in certain circumstances. The approach is included in the 'Statement of policy with respect to financial penalties' which is on Ofwat's website,

Mr. Davey: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what estimate she has made of the number of sewage service providers who are failing to meet the EU 1991 Urban Waste and Water Treatment Directive in (a) London and (b) England; and if she will make a statement. [3167]

Mr. Morley: It is the role of the Environment Agency to monitor and enforce the requirements of environmental legislation.

Each year the Environment Agency advises Ofwat of water companies' compliance with Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive requirements contained in discharge consents. Ofwat publishes summary information in its Levels of Service for the water industry in England and Wales" annual reports available on its website.

Mr. Whittingdale: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what measures she is taking to ensure that there are adequate numbers of disposal points at sewage treatment works for delivered waste from domestic cess pools. [3737]

Mr. Morley: It is the responsibility of the users of cess pools and septic tanks to arrange the lawful disposal of waste from them. Services for the collection, transport and treatment of such waste are open to competition, and are offered by sewerage companies and by other firms. Neither Ministers nor Ofwat have intervened to require companies to provide such services.


Bankruptcy and Repossession

Dr. Cable: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many (a) individuals have entered into bankruptcy and (b) properties have been repossessed in each quarter since 1990; and if he will make a statement. [4532]

John Healey: The requested data is in the following tables. Data on individual bankruptcies is published by the Department for Trade and Industry, while data on repossessions is published by the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

Repossession figures are only available on a biannual rather than on a quarterly basis. Property repossessions are close to record lows as interest rates remain around their lowest levels for almost half a century. The Treasury has worked closely with the Department for Trade and Industry and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on the recent consumer credit bill, which sets out policy on tackling over-indebtedness, financial exclusion, unfair lending practices and loan sharks; and on the quality and quantity of information available to consumers looking for credit.
16 Jun 2005 : Column 575W

Bankruptcy orders

1990 Q12,514
1990 Q22,804
1990 Q33,018
1990 Q43,722
1991 Q14,835
1991 Q25,337
1991 Q35,523
1991 Q46,937
1992 Q18,389
1992 Q27,791
1992 Q37,506
1992 Q48,420
1993 Q19,435
1993 Q27,394
1993 Q37,172
1993 Q47,015
1994 Q17,415
1994 Q26,588
1994 Q36,140
1994 Q45,491
1995 Q15,609
1995 Q25,838
1995 Q35,279
1995 Q45,207
1996 Q15,862
1996 Q25,443
1996 Q35,446
1996 Q45,052
1997 Q15,117
1997 Q25,278
1997 Q34,958
1997 Q44,539
1998 Q14,938
1998 Q24,755
1998 Q35,113
1998 Q44,841
1999 Q15,799
1999 Q25,527
1999 Q35,365
1999 Q44,920
2000 Q15,667
2000 Q25,414
2000 Q35,451
2000 Q45,018
2001 Q16,078
2001 Q26,115
2001 Q35,817
2001 Q45,467
2002 Q16,027
2002 Q26,269
2002 Q36,249
2002 Q45,747
2003 Q16,912
2003 Q26,949
2003 Q37,221
2003 Q46,940
2004 Q18,524
2004 Q29,060
2004 Q39,315
2004 Q48,999
2005 Q110,188

Properties in possession at end period

1990 H236,210
1991 H153,460
1991 H267,370
1992 H168,490
1992 H264,970
1993 H154,330
1993 H239,910
1994 H133,240
1994 H229,360
1995 H129,760
1995 H227,220
1996 H123,970
1996 H216,190
1997 H114,100
1997 H213,910
1998 H115,200
1998 H213,930
1999 H113,100
1999 H210,760
2000 H19,150
2000 H27,930
2001 H17,270
2001 H25,590
2002 H14,130
2002 H22,820
2003 H12,490
2003 H22,010
2004 H11,880
2004 H22,370

16 Jun 2005 : Column 576W

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