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27 Jun 2005 : Column 1268W—continued

Motorways/Trunk Roads

Mr. Hayes: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what the total length is of UK (a) motorways and (b) trunk roads; and how many miles of each were built in each year since 1997. [460]

Dr. Ladyman: Roads in Scotland and Wales are the responsibility of the Scottish Executive and the National Assembly for Wales respectively. The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland is responsible for motorway building in Northern Ireland. There is no designation of trunk roads in Northern Ireland.

The English road network currently comprises 1,833 miles of motorway and 3,096 miles of all-purpose trunk roads.

The major schemes (costing more than £5 million) completed on the trunk road network from 1997 to date, and their approximate length, are shown in the tables. Some of the roads listed have since been detrunked, or have become the responsibility of the Greater London authority.

The road schemes represent improvements rather than necessarily additions to the length of the trunk road network. For example, some represent road widening schemes and some bypasses of routes which are detrunked on completion of the bypass.
All purpose
trunk road
Scheme descriptionDate of completionLength (miles)
A69Newcastle—Carlisle (DBFO)May 19972.2
A13Thames Avenue—WenningtonJune 19974.8
A50Blythe Bridge—Queensway Phase IJune 19973.1
A564Derby Southern Bypass and Derby Spur Contract ASeptember 199716.9
A50Blythe Bridge—Queensway Phase IINovember 19970.8
A417/A419Stratton Bypass (DBFO)December 19976.4
A417/A419Latton Bypass (DBFO)December 19973.5
A406Silver Street—Fore Street Imp, LB EnfieldLate 19970.6
Total 199738.3
A417/A419Nettleton Improvement (DBFO)January 19984.1
A50/A564Stoke—Derby Link (DBFO)March 19984.8
A16Market Deeping/Deeping St. James BypassJuly 19984.0
A19/A168Dishforth—Tyne Tunnel (DBFO)September 19984.3
A13Wennington—Mar DykeOctober 19982.0
A12Hackney Wick—M11 Contract IINovember 19981.5
A34Newbury BypassNovember 19988.3
Total 199829.0
A30/A35Puddleton Bypass (DBFO)April 19995.6
A12Hackney Wick—M11 Contract 1August 19990.9
A12Hackney Wick—M11 Contract 4August 19991.1
A564Derby Southern Bypass Contract BAugust 19990.5
A12Hackney Wick—M11 Contract 3October 19990.5
A13West of Heathway—Thames AvenueDecember 19991.7
Total 199910.3
A30/A35Honiton—Exeter (DBFO)April 200013.7
Total 200013.7
A1Tempsford Junction ImprovementsOctober 20012.2
Total 20012.2
A27Polegate BypassJune 20021.8
A43Silverstone BypassSeptember 20025.0
A43Whitfield Turn—Brackley Hatch ImprovementSeptember 20022.8
A43M40—B4031 DuallingSeptember 20024.0
A6Clapham BypassDecember 20023.1
A66Stainburn and Great Clifton BypassDecember 20022.4
Total 200219.1
A6Great Glen BypassFebruary 20033.5
A1Willburn—Denwick Improvement (DBFO)March 20032.6
A11Roudham Heath—Attleborough ImprovementMarch 20036.2
A5Nesscliffe BypassMarch 20032.8
A500Basford, Hough, Shavington BypassMay 20034.7
A46Newark—Lincoln ImprovementJuly 20038.0
A6Rothwell—Desborough BypassAugust 20033.7
A6Rushden and Higham Ferrers BypassAugust 20033.4
A41Aston Clinton BypassOctober 20034.0
A1033Hedon Road ImprovementNovember 20034.2
A6Alvaston BypassDecember 20031.4
A650Bingley Relief RoadDecember 20033.1
Total 200347.5
A63Selby BypassJune 20046.1
A120Stansted—Braintree ImprovementJuly 200414.9
A34Chieveley M4 J13 ImprovementSeptember 20041.9
A1Stannington JunctionOctober 20040.0
A10Wadesmill Colliers EndOctober 20044.7
A2Bean-Cobham Phase IDecember 20043.7
Total 200431.3
A21Lamberhurst BypassMarch 20051.6
A64Colton Lane Grade Separated JunctionJune 20050.0
Total 20051.6

27 Jun 2005 : Column 1269W

MotorwayScheme descriptionDate of completionLength (miles)
A1(M)Walshford-DishforthMay 199713.0
M25J8–10 WideningSeptember 199712.4
M1/M621Link RoadsOctober 19970.4
M65Blackburn Southern Bypass Contract IDecember 19975.5
M65Blackburn Southern Bypass Contract IIDecember 19975.5
M66Denton—Middleton Contract II (Junction)December 19970.0
Total 199736.8
M5J18–19 WideningJuly 19982.1
A1(M)Alconbury—Peterborough (DBFOOctober 199812.9
M40M40 Denham—Warwick (DBFO) J1A-J3December 19987.5
Total 199822.5
M1-A1Lofthouse—Bramham Link Road (DBFO)May 199918.6
Total 199918.6
M66Denton—Middleton Contract IOctober 20003.7
M66Denton—Middleton Contract IIIOctober 20005.6
Total 20009.3
A2/M2Cobham to Junction 4 WideningJuly 200310.6
M6TollDecember 200326.8
Total 200337.4

27 Jun 2005 : Column 1271W


Vera Baird: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport (1) if he will issue guidelines for the ports industry on preparing proposals to increase port capacity; [6896]

(2) if he will establish a sequential test for ports planning which takes into account (a) environmental sustainability, (b) regeneration and (c) the impact on the local economy of port development; [6897]

(3) what plans he has to integrate port development into a sustainable transport strategy for the UK; [6898]

(4) what his latest estimate is of how much additional port capacity will be required in the UK over the next (a) five, (b) 10 and (c) 15 years; [6899]

(5) what assessment he has made of comparative (a) environmental impact and (b) impact on productivity of port expansion proposals. [6900]

Dr. Ladyman: The forthcoming review of ports policy will address questions around port capacity and future port development. As part of the preparatory work for the review, the Department has commissioned consultants to produce national port traffic forecasts for Great Britain through to 2030. These forecasts will be disaggregated by region and traffic type, and will be published as part of the review.
27 Jun 2005 : Column 1272W

The Department issued guidance on new port developments in April 2003. A Project Appraisal Framework for Ports" aims to assist promoters of, those affected by, and others who may wish to make representations about, port developments. In arriving at decisions on these developments, the factors that have been considered will be made clear at the time those decisions are made.

The review will also look at wider issues, including environmental factors, local regeneration, productivity, and the role of ports in our overall transport strategy.


Mr. Pope: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many officials currently in the Department received honours in the recent Queen's Birthday Honours List; and at what rank of honour. [6117]

Ms Buck: I refer my hon. Friend to the answer given by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on 22 June 2005, Official Report, column 1060W.

Rail Passengers

Mr. Hoyle: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many traffic movements there are on average each day between South Preston and North Warrington on the M6. [6637]

Dr. Ladyman: The average number of vehicles using the M6 between junction 30, in the vicinity of South Preston, and junction 21, in the vicinity of North Warrington, on each weekday in 2004, is provided in the table.
Average 24 hour traffic volumes—2004

J21 to 21ANorthbound67,30769,49070,60472,68477,44955,02753,004
J21A to J22Northbound42,80144,30945,18446,67148,74634,82932,605
J22 to J23Northbound47,70649,39950,84540,72549,89332,59229,608
J23 to J24Northbound52,81052,64552,80553,57055,37238,54542,638
J25 to J26Northbound48,82850,33551,41753,26059,19339,97336,666
J27 to J28Northbound43,71044,46845,72547,08653,50936,11732,604
J28 to J29Northbound47,46648,72249,90851,48758,96839,14034,347
J29 to J30Northbound39,93439,27439,46140,76247,94032,48730,101

27 Jun 2005 : Column 1273W

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