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5 Jul 2005 : Column 318W—continued

Statistical Datasets

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list the statistical datasets his Department (a) holds and (b) collects containing data at local authority level. [7443]

Mr. Woolas: The regular data collection returns submitted by some or all local authorities to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister are as follows:
Data collection returns

RA, SG BIDGeneral Fund Revenue Accounts—Budgets and Grants 2005–06 Business Improvement District Revenue Account transactions -2005–06
RORevenue Outturn suite 2004–05
QRWQuarterly Return of Wages and Salaries, Interest Receipts and Payments 2005–06
MBMonthly Borrowing and Lending 2005–06 (Authorities in monthly sample only)
QBQuarterly Borrowing and Lending 2005–06 (All authorities not in the monthly sample)
CERCapital Estimates 2005–06
CPRCapital Payments and Receipts 1–3 for 2005–06 But also CPR4 for 2005–06
CORCapital Outturn Suite 2004–05
COR1/2Capital Expenditure and Receipts
COR3Supplementary Return—Personal Social Services
COR4Financing of Capital Payments and Capital Account Summary
COR5Supplementary Return
CFRCapital Forecast 2005–06
WGAWhole of Government Accounts 2004–05
SF3Pension Funds Account 2004–05 (Pension authorities only)
QRC 1–3Quarterly Council Tax and NDR collection 2005–06
QRC4Quarterly Council Tax and NDR collection 2005–06
BR1–3Budget Requirement 2005–06
NNDR1Contributions to Non-Domestic Rates Pool—provisional 2005–06
NNDR2Downward Recalculation to one Provisional Contribution to Pool 2005–06
NNDR3Contributions to Non-Domestic Rates Pool—Outturn 2004–05
CTBCouncil Tax Base as at November 2005
CTBlsCouncil Tax Base Supplementary as at November 2005
P1A/BQuarterly Housing Monitoring return
PIE QuarterlyHouseholds dealt with under the homelessness provisions of the 1996 Housing Act quarterly return.
PIE AS (Annual Supplement)Households dealt with under the homelessness provisions of the 1996 Housing Act annual supplement return.
P1EQS (Quarterly Supplement)Households dealt with under the homelessness provisions of the 1996 Housing Act quarterly supplement return.
P2QHouse building quarterly return.
HFRHousing Flows Reconciliation return.
HSSAHousing Strategy Statistical Appendix
BPSA (AM)Business Plan Statistical Appendix Annual Monitoring
BPSA (FP)Business Plan Statistical Appendix Future Plan
Best value performance indicators:
BVPI3Overall satisfaction with the authority as a whole
BVPI4Satisfaction with complaints handling (of those making complaints)
BVPI89Satisfaction with cleanliness of public land
BVPI90aSatisfaction with household waste collection
BVPI90bSatisfaction with waste recycling (local facilities)
BVPI90cSatisfaction with waste disposal (local tips)
BVPI103Satisfaction with transport information
BVPI104Satisfaction with bus services
BVPI119aSatisfaction with sports and leisure facilities
BVPI119bSatisfaction with libraries
BVPI119cSatisfaction with museums/galleries
BVPI119dSatisfaction with theatres/concert halls
BVPI119eSatisfaction with parks and open spaces
FDR1Primary fires, incidents attended, detailed description
FDR3Secondary fires, monthly aggregate
Fire and Rescue Service Operational StatisticsStaffing, vehicles inspections, health and safety
NLUD-PDLPreviously developed land
LUCSLand use changes
NNDR3National Non-Domestic Rates Return 3—Appendix E
PS1Planning applications: received, withdrawn, determinations, enforcement
PS2Planning applications: refused/granted, speed of determination
CPS1/2Planning applications: waste disposal, mineral extraction
Survey of land for mineral workingArea of land with planning permission for mineral extraction or associated tipping
Minerals development plansProgress in development plans by minerals and waste planning authorities
The Building Control Monitoring ChargesTotal charges income received (excluding VAT), total cost/expenditure incurred and surplus/deficit
Monitoring Returns (LSVT)Monitoring and evaluation information on large scale voluntary transfer of dwelling stock
Monitoring Returns (ALMO)Monitoring and evaluation information on arms length management organisations set up by local authorities to manage their dwelling stock
Monitoring Returns (PFI)Monitoring and evaluation of Public Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes

5 Jul 2005 : Column 320W

The principal datasets held at local authority level are as follows:

5 Jul 2005 : Column 321W

Best Value Performance Indicators:

5 Jul 2005 : Column 322W

ODPM also possess a range of Local Authority level data containing information collected by other Government Departments and Agencies (e.g. Census data).

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