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12 Sept 2005 : Column 2518W—continued

Jobseekers Allowance

Mr. Weir: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how many people have moved from claiming jobseekers' allowance (a) to work, (b) to training and (c) to other benefits, broken down by benefit received in each of the last four years. [14903]

Mr. Plaskitt: The available information requested is in the table.
JSA off-flows by reason in Great Britain: July 2001 to June 2005

MonthFound workIncreases work to 16+ hours/weekClaimed income supportClaimed incapacity benefitClaimed another benefitGone onto approved trainingTransfer to Government-supported training
July 200195,1604,1154,3909,9552,55571510,490
August 200193,0253,6804,1809,1652,39571010,025
September 2001130,6453,7205,19011,0202,9701,06016,355
October 2001110,5703,2404,1309,2502,2551,05013,820
November 2001101,4352,9804,1759,0752,34060013,245
December 2001115,5453,4854,75510,4752,54568017,285
January 200254,5202,8102,9505,7501,5902656,715
February 2002131,9603,9355,97012,8453,1301,04019,935
March 2002110,9452,9304,4509,5802,36085015,230
April 2002105,7653,0304,0558,5852,13566012,940
May 2002104,9902,7004,3709,2552,23068013,930
June 2002113,8603,2405,27511,0852,67076516,645
July 200293,4003,0454,6109,4552,33558515,585
August 200291,6453,3504,5359,0402,29058013,565
September 2002127,3603,5205,39010,7702,79594017,410
October 2002106,7602,9404,5859,0752,44088515,785
November 2002123,8053,5205,66511,2752,87064017,270
December 200288,0352,6004,0807,8802,05049013,505
January 200348,2052,5002,9455,2801,5102156,350
February 2003122,3853,4806,28512,3953,38595520,830
March 2003105,9052,7254,6809,4502,65574515,935
April 2003105,2602,5054,4309,2252,42074015,480
May 200285,1002,3303,9257,6252,05051512,555
June 2003113,3253,1405,52010,7353,07576018,465
July 200388,1552,6104,6409,1202,60050015,290
August 2003106,8403,2955,43510,4553,02555016,920
September 200398,4752,4654,4507,9452,39569513,900
October 2003100,9202,4854,3708,4002,44086014,905
November 2003117,0853,1005,43010,2952,92562017,235
December 200382,7102,2203,7557,5052,12544013,520
January 200445,0002,1152,8404,7851,5701806,250
February 2004114,9353,0505,79011,5253,40581020,365
March 200497,0252,4354,2258,7102,67566514,760
April 200492,9002,1303,9858,0152,36065014,145
May 2004103,9802,4954,7559,1702,77564515,580
June 200483,4002,1303,9607,7452,56547013,720
July 200477,9601,9204,1158,2902,60038514,350
August 200490,7652,5004,8859,4253,13042516,940
September 200481,1101,8953,7907,3102,32546014,020
October 2004107,5052,5005,0709,6052,92080018,545
November 200481,4051,9503,9857,3752,28535513,900
December 200475,4201,8653,7007,0552,09540014,005
January 200555,9452,0553,6206,0551,98024510,320
February 200579,2951,9104,2858,0302,57057516,055
March 200582,1251,9303,9707,6252,50557015,390
April 200597,2902,0704,5558,4752,78557015,690
May 200573,9951,7103,8907,3402,26551512,415
June 200571,9301,7503,9457,1802,27048512,105

1. Caseloads have been rounded to the nearest five.
2. Based on 100 per cent. claimant count.
3. Figures refer to number of awards and not people flowing off JSA.
4. Claimants can flow on and off benefit more than once.
Count of unemployment-related benefits, Jobcentre Plus computer systems (computer held cases only).

12 Sept 2005 : Column 2519W

Mr. Hood: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how many people in (a) Scotland and (b) the Lanark and Hamilton East constituency received jobseeker's allowance in 2004; and if he will make a statement. [14062]

Mr. Plaskitt: The information requested is not available. This is because any figures are snapshots of claimants at a given time. We do not have claimant start or end dates to benefit and cannot therefore produce an annual figure. An overestimate would therefore occur because claimants may appear in more than one monthly figure, when the figures are collected.

However I am able to give you information on the monthly average of people receiving jobseekers allowance (JSA) and a month by month breakdown. It is only possible to provide an average on eleven months of figures as NOMIS only holds historic data going back to February 2004 on the new parliamentary constituency boundaries which came into effect in 2005.

The eleven month average of JSA claimants in Scotland is 93,768 and in Lanark and Hamilton parliamentary constituency is 1,511.

The month by month breakdown is in the table.
JSA Claimants in Scotland and Lanark and Hamilton East parliamentary constituency, February 2004 to December 2004

2004ScotlandLanark and Hamilton East PC

1. Figures are unrounded.
2. NOMIS figures include clerically held cases.
3. Based on 100 per cent. claimant count.
4. Figures are not available for January 2004.
Count of unemployment-related benefits, Jobcentre Plus computer systems (including clerically held cases).

12 Sept 2005 : Column 2520W

Lone Parents (Great Grimsby)

Mr. Austin Mitchell: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what assistance is available to lone parents who wish to return to work in the Great Grimsby constituency area; how many people took up this assistance in 2004–05; and if he will make a statement. [14370]

Mr. Timms: Work focused interviews provide lone parents with the opportunity to discuss work options and find out about the help available to them through the new deal for lone parents. The new deal offers lone parents access to support, advice and training which will improve their employment prospects. Other measures to tackle barriers to lone parents entering work include improving the availability of affordable child care and making work pay through the introduction of child tax credit and working tax credit.
12 Sept 2005 : Column 2521W

1,700 lone parents have started the new deal for lone parents in Great Grimsby since the beginning of the programme in October 1998, and 950 have gained a job. Figures for lone parents who have participated in and gained work through other new deal programmes are not available.

Management Consultants

Mr. Austin Mitchell: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions which five management consultancies received the highest value of contracts awarded by his Department in each of the last three years; and what the total value was of the contracts awarded to each. [12582]

Mr. Timms: Information for 2002–03 and 2003–04 is not held centrally and can be obtained only at disproportionate cost. Information for 2004–05 is as follows.
Top five management consultancies—highest value single contract

£ million
ConsultancyOriginal contract value
PA Consulting3,374,680
PA Consulting1,188,220

Top five management consultancies—highest total value of contacts

ConsultancyTotal expenditure
BoozeAllen Hamilton17,300,000
PA Consulting13,573,955

The Department awards contracts in open and fair competition in accordance with EU procurement regulations based on best value for money.

Mr. Austin Mitchell: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what his Department's total spending on management consultants has been in each of the last three years. [13152]

Mr. Timms: The Department for Work and Pensions spending on management consultancy over the last three financial years was:

Spend is now reducing from the peak in 2003–04 which represented the middle of the Department's major modernisation programme with its high requirement for external expertise.

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