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7 Nov 2005 : Column 139W—continued

DNA Bioscience

Mr. Laws: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what meetings have taken place between the
7 Nov 2005 : Column 140W
(a) owners and (b) officials of DNA Bioscience since 5 May and (i) Ministers in his Department, (ii) officials in his Department and (iii) officials in his Department's agencies and non-departmental public bodies; and if he will make a statement. [24563]

Mr. Hutton: No such meetings have taken place.

Incapacity Benefit

Mr. Frank Field: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what the claimant off-flow rates from (a) incapacity benefit and (b) severe disability allowance were in each of the last 15 years, broken down by reason for leaving the benefit. [25192]

Mrs. McGuire: The available information is in the tables.
Incapacity benefit off-flows by reason for termination for quarters shown

AllClosed certificateDeath of claimantAward of
state pension
May 1995198.1(54)0.1198.0
August 1995239.7239.7
November 1995266.4266.4
February 1996259.8(54)0.1259.7
May 1996272.1(54)0.1272.0
August 1996244.6244.6
November 1996225.6104.86.10.536.777.4
February 1997230.489.36.75.6(54)
May 1997247.983.15.615.2(54)0.438.1105.6
August 1997233.887.45.817.80.634.887.5
November 1997238.186.66.417.40.736.190.8
February 1998223.578.
May 1998232.283.26.521.20.934.186.3
August 1998210.
November 1998235.065.35.919.21.1143.5
February 1999189.066.56.319.41.431.763.8
August 1999210.657.
November 1999207.761.05.422.
February 2000205.657.26.722.91.227.490.3
May 2000187.158.85.417.01.224.480.3
August 2000169.
November 2000174.756.
February 2001177.852.
May 2001181.555.45.911.31.319.987.7
August 2001170.549.65.510.21.321.482.5
November 2001182.853.55.710.01.326.186.1
February 2002171.147.75.911.21.123.781.7
May 2002176.247.74.812.11.025.685.2
August 2002172.345.15.512.50.822.785.7
November 2002181.
February 2003166.341.
May 2003161.542.75.515.50.924.372.6
August 2003178.841.
November 2003182.543.
February 2004168.537.16.712.50.723.388.2
May 2004171.438.55.516.30.826.483.8
August 2004173.635.35.816.80.724.390.6
November 2004172.737.65.314.20.827.087.8
February 2005174.934.96.416.1(54)0.425.891.3
May 2005130.437.65.815.10.730.740.5

7 Nov 2005 : Column 141W

Severe disability allowance off-flows by reason for termination for quarters shown

AllClosed certificateDeath of claimantAward of
state pension
Other reason
May 19953.33.3
August 19955.45.4
November 19955.75.7
February 19966.46.4
May 19965.25.2
August 19966.76.7
November 19969.20.81.4(54)0.26.7
February 199713.50.61.7(54)0.410.9
May 19979.0(54)0.51.3(54)0.37.0
August 19978.00.81.7(54)0.35.1
November 19977.10.71.9(54)0.24.3
February 19986.80.52.0(54)0.24.0
May 19986.2(54)0.31.3(54)0.34.3
August 19985.8(54)0.51.4(54)0.33.6
November 19987.4(54)
February 19994.7(54)0.21.8(54)0.22.5
May 19995.7(54)0.21.3(54)0.24.0
August 19996.6(54)0.41.3(54)0.24.7
November 19996.50.51.7(54)0.24.2
February 20007.6(54)0.22.1(54)0.25.1
May 20006.1(54)0.31.4(54)0.24.3
August 20005.6(54)0.41.6(54)0.13.5
November 20005.6(54)0.31.5(54)0.13.6
February 20015.5(54)0.31.6(54)0.23.5
May 20015.8(54)0.31.4(54)0.33.8
August 20014.6(54)0.41.2(54)0.22.8
November 20015.4(54)0.21.5(54)0.23.5
February 20024.9(54)0.21.6(54)0.22.9
May 20024.6(54)0.11.4(54)0.12.9
August 20024.1(54)0.11.0(54)0.12.9
November 20024.5(54)0.21.5(54)0.12.8
February 20034.0(54)
May 20034.4(54)0.11.0(54)0.13.2
August 20034.3(54)
November 20034.4(54)
February 20044.3(54)
May 20043.3(54)0.11.1(54)0.12.0
August 20043.8(54)0.11.3(54)0.12.4
November 20043.5(54)0.11.3(54)0.11.9
February 20054.2(54)0.11.3(54)0.12.8
May 20051.9(54)0.31.4(54)0.2

'—' means nil or negligible.
(54) Figures are subject to a high degree of sampling error and should only be used as a guide.
1. These figures have been updated to include late notified terminations, including terminations for retirement pension.
2. All figures back to 1995 have been revised, and may be subject to further change;
(a) Figures prior to 2004 are subject to minor changes
(b) Figures for 2004 include fewer late notifications than previous quarters and will be subject to greater change in future
(c) Figures for the latest quarter do not include any late notifications and are subject to major changes in future quarters. For illustration purposes, total terminations for May 2004 increased by 33 per cent. in the year following their initial release.
3. PCA" means Personal Capability Assessment (formerly the 'All Work Test').
4. OOT" means Own Occupation Test.
5. Due to operational procedures a small number of Personal Capability Assessment terminations appear in 'Other reasons'.
6. Because of changes to the recording system, terminations due to the all work test are unreliable and are included in 'Other reasons'.
DWP Information Directorate, 5 per cent. samples.

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