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7 Nov 2005 : Column 218W—continued

Hospital-acquired Infections

Mrs. Iris Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many infections were acquired (a) in hospitals and (b) elsewhere within the health service in the Province in each of the last 10 years. [24921]

Mr. Woodward: The information is not available in the format requested. Current surveillance cannot differentiate between infections that were acquired in hospitals or those that were acquired elsewhere.

Housing Associations

Mr. Dodds: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (1) what the average length of time taken to process planning applications for housing associations in Northern Ireland was in each year since 2001; [24064]

(2) how many applications for planning have been made by housing associations in Northern Ireland in each year since 1999; what the average approval time
7 Nov 2005 : Column 219W
was; what the average validation time was; and what the annual percentage change in planning fees was. [24065]

7 Nov 2005 : Column 220W

Angela E. Smith: The information requested is included in the following tables.
Table 1: Number of planning applications from housing associations between 2000 and 2005 with average processing and validation times.

Number of applications9785818011081
Average processing times in weeks23.322.728.82827.429.1
Average processing times to approval in weeks23.322.728.827.227.127.7
Average validation times in weeks2.232.523.42.7

1. It is only possible to provide accurate data for the last five years, as all the information for 1999 is not held electronically by the planning service. It would be possible to extract the information for 1999 but at a disproportionate cost as it would involve a manual examination of approximately 22,182 files.
2. It should be noted that it is not always explicit that an application is on behalf of a housing association as applications may be submitted by an agent without reference to the association on the application forms.

Table 2: Percentage increase in planning fees between 1999 and 2005

Increase in planning fees

Knockmore Link Road

Mr. Donaldson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland whether the Roads Service plans to proceed with the proposed new Knockmore Link Road in Lisburn. [25496]

Mr. Woodward: The chief executive of Roads Service (Dr. Malcolm McKibbin) has been asked to write to the hon. Gentleman in response to this question.

Letter from Malcolm McKibbin to Mr. Jeffrey M. Donaldson, dated 7 November 2005:

Lagan Valley Hospital

Mr. Donaldson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what plans the Department of Health, social services and public safety has to provide capital funding for improvement works at Lagan Valley hospital. [25033]

Mr. Woodward: The Department received a business case from Down Lisburn Trust dated 9 June for the re-development of Lagan Valley site at an estimated capital cost of £62 million. The Department has since been working with the Trust to develop these plans. In the meantime the Department has recently approved £350,000 capital funding for the upgrading of sterile services at the hospital and is considering further interim proposals which include additional theatre accommodation.

Departmental Staff (Literacy and Numeracy)

Mr. Gibb: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what steps he is taking to promote uptake of the national tests in adult literacy and numeracy among employees of his Department. [23413]

Mr. Hanson: The Knowledge 'skills for life' programme is a key part of the Northern Ireland Office learning programme. It forms a part of a 'ladder for development' to Modern Apprenticeships and all other training development opportunities offered by the Department. The programme is open to all NIO staff, although it is not expected that those currently holding a GCSE in English and/or maths would typically require this type of support. The programme is promoted during the Induction programme and by means of information flyers. Literacy and numeracy training is also embedded in the Department's general course training programme.

Mr. Gibb: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many employees in his Department requested training to improve their (a) literacy and (b) numeracy skills in each year since 2002. [23418]

Mr. Hanson: Since 2002, one member of staff in the Northern Ireland Office has requested training to improve their literacy skills. The applicant was interviewed to assess their training requirement and an appropriate course was identified with a local College. On-going support is being provided to the student throughout the duration of the course. No one has sought assistance with numeracy skills although basic figure work would be included as part of the Department's financial training courses.
7 Nov 2005 : Column 221W

Manufacturing Employment

Mr. Peter Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many people were employed in the manufacturing sector in each parliamentary constituency in Northern Ireland in each of the last 10 years. [25150]

7 Nov 2005 : Column 222W

Angela E. Smith: Estimates of the number of employee jobs below Northern Ireland level are only available from the Census of Employment on a biennial basis and the most up-to-date figures relate to September 2003. The estimates of employee jobs in the manufacturing sector for the period September 1995 to September 2003 for each parliamentary constituency area within Northern Ireland can be found in Table 1.
Table 1: Number of employee jobs in the manufacturing sector at September 1995, September 1997, September 1999, September 2001 and September 2003 for each parliamentary constituency area

Parliamentary constituency areaSeptember 1995September 1997September 1999September 2001September 2003
Belfast East10,2599,6899,5069,5377,600
Belfast North5,2095,2284,6174,3773,712
Belfast South3,5563,2792,7672,8192,557
Belfast West2,0852,5462,7852,8012,466
East Antrim4,6905,0854,9254,8833,646
East Londonderry5,4465,7485,9645,2764,905
Fermanagh and South Tyrone6,4247,3047,5417,1037,083
Lagan Valley5,7556,0406,4887,3226,664
Newry and Armagh3,8534,1634,0753,9584,041
North Antrim7,6998,1518,1607,2017,205
North Down2,8723,0732,8092,3991,995
South Antrim6,2596,7066,5916,5056,218
South Down3,2463,4963,5513,2683,408
Upper Bann12,60412,58312,19310,4949,490
West Tyrone4,6664,8934,8834,5614,053
Northern Ireland103,968107,924105,810100,18691,884

Census of Employment, DETI

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