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21 Nov 2005 : Column 1546W—continued


Mr. Lidington: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many miles of motorway in England have been resurfaced across their entire width with a noise suppressing surface. [30084]

Dr. Ladyman: The motorway network comprises 3,593 miles of two and three lane carriageway, of which 680 miles has been resurfaced with quieter surfacing across all respective carriageway lanes.

The Highways Agency does not record motorway carriageway data on a route basis. The motorway and trunk road network is managed on the basis of the two individual carriageways that comprise a motorway route (ie one carriageway in each direction); information for a complete width of motorway along a prescribed route cannot therefore be readily reported.

Mr. Paul Goodman: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many kilometres of motorway received quiet surfacing in all lanes in (a) 2004, (b) 2003 and (c) 2002; and what percentage of the highway network each figure represents. [30093]

Dr. Ladyman: Motorway carriageway lengths that were resurfaced with quieter surfacing in all lanes and in both directions in each of the identified years, together with the associated percentage of the motorway network are shown in the table:
Carriageway length (km)% of motorway network

Mr. Lidington: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the stretches of the M40 across which all lanes have been resurfaced with a noise suppressing surface; and what the length of the stretch involved is in each case. [30083]

Dr. Ladyman: The lengths of M40 motorway that have surfacing with noise reducing properties across all running lanes (not including the hardshoulder) are as follows:
Length (metres)
2,200m north of J1A to 900m north of J4Both17,000
5,800m north of J4 to 5,960m north of J4Both160
200m south of J5 to 300m north of J5South500
170m south of J6 to 1,050m north of J6Both1,220
1,100m north of J6 to 2,080m north of J6Both980
2,130m north of J6 to 100m north of J8Both8,370
400m north of J8A to 800m north of J8ASouth400
5,400m north of J8A to 5,500m north of J8ASouth100
5,700m north of J8A to 5,860m north of J8ASouth160
5,860m north of J8A to 5,880m north of J8ABoth20
5,880m north of J8A to 5,900m north of J8ASouth20
6,800m south of J9 to 6,700m south of J9North100
3,830m south of J10 to 3,760m south of J10South70
2,600m south of J10 to 2,300m south of J10North300
2,300m south of J10 to 2,100m south of J10Both200
1,100m south of J10 to 1,000m south of J10North100
5,900m north of J10 to 5,960m north of J10South60
6,000m north of J10 to 6,100m north of J10North100
7,000m north of J10 to 7,100m north of J10Both100
7,500m south of J11 to 7,400m south of J11Both100
7,000m south of J11 to 6,900m south of J11South100
6,900m south of J11 to 6,800m south of J1 1North100
5,200m south of J11 to 5,100m south of J11North100
3,500m south of J11 to 3,300m south of J11South200
3,300m south of J11 to 3,200m south of J11Both100
2,900m south of J11 to 2,800m south of J11Both100
2,500m south of J11 to 2,400m south of J11Both100
700m north of J11 to 900m north of J11Both200
1,200m north of J11 to 1,300m north of J11Both100
1,300m north of J11 to 1,400m north of J11South100
1,600m north of J11 to 1,700m north of J11Both100
1,800m north of J11 to 1,900m north of J11North100
5,600m north of J11 to 5,700m north of J11North100
8,290m south of J12 to 8,210m south of J12North80
5,800m south of J12 to 5,520m south of J12South280
5,200m south of J12 to 5,100m south of J12North100
1 ,400m south of J12 to 1,300m south of J12South100
2,100m north of J12 to 2,400m north of J12South300
3,400m north of J12 to 3,600m north of J12Both200
4,600m south of J13 to 4,400m south of J13Both200
4,400m south of J13 to 4,100m south of J13South300
4,000m south of J13 to 2,800m south of J13North1,200
1,400m north of J13 to 900m north of J14South2,200
900m north of J14 to 1,000m north of J14Both100
1,000m north of J14 to 300m south of J15South800
10,800m north of J15 to 10,900m north of J15South100
11,220m north of J15 to 11,290m north of J15South70

21 Nov 2005 : Column 1547W

National Port Traffic

Mr. George Howarth: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport when he expects consultation will begin on a national ports strategy. [28085]

21 Nov 2005 : Column 1548W

Dr. Ladyman: We expect to begin consultation early next year. General discussions have been held with some major stakeholders.

Ports Policy

Vera Baird: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what date has been set for the release of the forthcoming review of ports policy. [30431]

Dr. Ladyman: We expect to issue a discussion document early next year.


Mr. George Howarth: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport whether franchises for passenger rail services specify the proportion of standard class carriages to first class carriages that must be provided on intercity routes. [28078]

Derek Twigg: When letting new franchises, it is at a bidder's discretion to specify what proportion of standard class to first class carriages on intercity routes it will provide.

Road Accidents (Cumbria)

Tim Farron: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many (a) pedestrians, (b) cyclists, (c) drivers and (d) car occupants have been (i) injured and (ii) killed in Cumbria in each of the last six years for which figures are available. [30463]

Dr. Ladyman: The number of killed and injured pedestrian, cyclist, driver and car occupant casualties in Cumbria are given in the following table for the years 1999 to 2004.
Car Occupants(4)

(3) Drivers of all motor vehicles.
(4) Includes both car drivers and passengers. Car drivers have been counted in both the car occupants and drivers columns.
(5) Includes both serious and slight injuries.

Speed Limits

Mrs. Maria Miller: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport when the procedure for changing speed limits on A roads was last reviewed; and if he will make a statement. [28327]

Dr. Ladyman [holding answer 17 November 2005]: The Government has no current plans to review the national speed limits for which it is responsible, namely:

Where they feel that the national limit does not reflect local needs and considerations, traffic authorities (local highway authorities and the Highways Agency) have the powers to set local speed limits through section 84 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. This power applies to their entire road network, irrespective of the classification of roads (A, B, C and Unclassified roads).

To help ensure consistency in the setting of local speed limits, the Department has issued guidance, currently set out in Circular Roads 1/93. Many developments have taken place in speed management since 1993, and the Department consulted on draft updated guidance on setting local speed limits at the end of 2004. As well as further improving clarity and consistency, the draft seeks to re-emphasise that the function of a road should be one of the important factors in determining what an appropriate speed is. It will also incorporate important wider factors such as quality of life through, for
21 Nov 2005 : Column 1549W
example, striking a more sensible balance between road safety, accessibility and environmental objectives, especially in rural areas.

The updated guidance on the setting of local speed limits will be published shortly.

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