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22 Nov 2005 : Column 1833W—continued

Commmunities Food Supplies

Mike Penning: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if she will list those (a) organisations, (b) communities and (c) categories of groups in receipt of Communities food supplies from intervention stocks under Regulation (EEC) 3149/92 as amended by Regulation (EC) 1608/2205; if she will list those that have received such aid in the United Kingdom since May 1997; and if she will make a statement. [27753]

Jim Knight: The Surplus Food Scheme laid down in Commission Regulation (EC) 3149/1992, as amended by Commission Regulation (EC) 1608/2005, allows member states to choose whether or not to participate in the scheme. The UK has chosen not to participate in this
22 Nov 2005 : Column 1834W
scheme since 1998, therefore no organisations, communities or categories of groups are currently in receipt of intervention stocks. The Rural Payments Agency no longer has records relating to this activity.

Criminal Offences

Simon Hughes: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if she will list criminal offences created in legislation sponsored by her Department since May 1997, broken down by Act. [26706]

Jim Knight [holding answer 9 November 2005] DEFRA came into being on 8 June 2001 and so it is appropriate to answer the question from that date.

The following Acts created criminal offences in the 2002–03 session of Parliament.

The Animal Health Act 2002 (c.42)

The Waste and Emissions Trading Act 2003 (c.33)

The Water Act 2003 (c.37)

During the 2003–04 session the following Acts created criminal offences:

The Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004 (c. 11)

The Highways (Obstruction by Body Corporate) Act 2004 (c.29)

22 Nov 2005 : Column 1835W

The Hunting Act 2004 (c.37)

During the 2004–2005 session the following Act created criminal offences:

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 (c.16)

Dairy Farming

Mr. Greg Knight: To ask the Secretary of State forEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs how many persons are employed in dairy farming in England; andhow many were so employed on the same date in 1997. [27363]

22 Nov 2005 : Column 1836W

Jim Knight [holding answer 15 November 2005]: The following figures show the number of workers and total labour force on holdings in England where dairy is the predominant activity. The employee figures include salaried managers, casual and family workers. Total labour force includes farmers, partners, directors and their spouses (if working on the holding) in addition to the number employed.
Number employedTotal labour force

1. Figures prior to 2000 show main holdings only. From 2000 onwards minor holdings are included.
2. Due to a register improvement exercise in 2001 labour figures prior to this are not directly comparable with later results.
June Agricultural Survey

Departmental Consultants

Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if she will list the (a) private finance initiative and (b) public private partnership external consultants used by her Department and each of its agencies in each of the last two years; and what the (i) nature of the work and (ii) cost was in each case. [27920]

Jim Knight: Information about the external consultants used by the Department and its agencies to advise on PFI and PPP is set out in the following tables. Details of the companies with whom PFI and PPP deals themselves have been agreed are available on Partnerships UK's (PUK) website.

AgencyConsultantNature of workCost
2003DefraDavis Langdon and EverestCambridge Eastbrook PFI contract—financial advice28,000
2003DefraGardiner and TheobaldCambridge Eastbrook PFI contract—project management13,000
2003DefraPannell Kerr Foster AssociatesCambridge Eastbrook PFI contract—financial advice10,000
2003DefraEvershedsCambridge Eastbrook PFI contract—legal advice17,000
2003DefraErnst and YoungFinancial assessment of Lancashire waste PFI project40,000
2003–04DefraPUKDevelopment of guidance on PFI outline business case review in the waste sector20,000
2004–05DefraPUKTraining on waste PFI outline business case review(6)5,000
2003–04DefraPUKReview of barriers to bank participation in PFI in the waste sector9,000
2003–04DefraDeloitteFinancial assessment of Northumberland waste PFI project23,000
2004DefraErnst and YoungWaste sector PFI project support19,000
2004DefraKPMGFinancial assessment of Shropshire waste PFI project26,000
2004DefraKPMGFinancial assessment of Wakefield waste PFI project19,000
2004DefraDeloitteFinancial assessment of LB Southwark waste PFI project31,000
2004DefraDeloitteFinancial assessment of Greater Manchester waste PFI project23,000
2004DefraErnst and YoungFinancial assessment of Cambridgeshire CC waste PFI project40,000
2004DefraPwCAdvice on encouraging entry into the waste PFI market26,000
2004DefraDavis Langdon and EverestCambridge Eastbrook PFI contract—estate management32,000
2005DefraDavis Langdon and EverestCambridge Eastbrook PFI contract-estate management30,000
2004–05Environment AgencyPUKMembership of project board reviewing performance of PFI projects10,000
2004–05Environment AgencyPA Consulting/ArupReview of performance of existing PFI contracts and potential for future PFI support in flood defence work195,000
2005Defra4PsConsultancy on various PFI projects in the waste sector94,000
2005DefraDeloitteAdvice on Greater Manchester waste PFI project9,000
2005DefraAEA TechPFI stage 2 waste model4,000
2005DefraPUKSupport Defra in providing guidance to authorities preparing PFI outline business cases in the waste sector27,000
2005–06DefraPUKProvide support to Notts CC in negotiation of their waste PFI preferred bidder33,000
Current and ongoingDefraPUKGuidance development and strategic support to Defra in respect of two potential waste PFI deals in Notts and Cornwall210,000
Current and ongoingDefraPUKDevelopment of PFI value for money guidance20,000

(6) per annum.

22 Nov 2005 : Column 1837W


AgencyConsultantNature of workCost
End 2003 to February 2005British WaterwaysWaterside Pub Partnership:
Nabarro NathansonLegal advice527,000
Ernst and YoungFinancial advice356,000
PUKGovernment liaison and strategic advice64,000
Alan NewmanProject manager159,000
Gerald EveProperty adviser79,000
OtherOther smaller items85,000
End 2003 to March 2005British WaterwaysWood Wharf PPP:
Good RelationsPR/negotiation advice189,000
Denton Wilde SapteLegal advice140,000
Atis RealProperty adviser451,000
Berwin Leighton PaisnerLegal advice762,000
DeloitteFinancial advice983,000
Big Picture ConsultingGeneral project advice48,000
2005Environment AgencyPUKDevelopment of a commercialisation strategy25,000

Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if she will list the external consultants used by her Department and each of its agencies, excluding public private partnership and private finance initiative contracts, in each of the last two years; and if she will provide details of the (a) nature of the work and (b) cost in each case. [27921]

Jim Knight: This information is not held centrally and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

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