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28 Nov 2005 : Column 12W—continued

EU Committees

Mr. Gordon Prentice: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs whether the UK representatives on the EU Sugar Management Committee and Special Committee for Agriculture will support the proposal that the EU price used for calculation of the export refunds for manufactured goods containing sugar should include the proposed restructuring levy. [29436]

Jim Knight: The European Commission's proposals for reform of the EU sugar regime provide for thedifference between world prices and prices in the Community to be covered by export refunds to the extent necessary to enable trade to take place. Thesetting of refunds is delegated to the Commission through the Management Committee procedure. UK representatives at that Committee will judge proposals for the calculation of refunds on their merits and in the light of appropriate consultations with stakeholder interests.

EU Directives

Mrs. Villiers: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what assessment the Department has carried out of the impact on costs of the (a) EU end of life vehicles directive and (b) EU waste electrical equipment directive; and if she will place copies of the assessments in the Library. [29770]

Malcolm Wicks: I have been asked to reply.

The Department has published final Regulatory Impact Assessments of the costs of the UK implementing regulations for the end of life vehicles directive, and partial Regulatory Impact Assessments for the planned implementation of the waste electrical and electronic equipment directive, all of which have been placed previously in the Libraries of the House.


Norman Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what volume of waste she estimates was illegally fly-tipped in each year since 1992, broken down by the nature of this waste. [27886]

Mr. Bradshaw: No national data are currently available on the volume of waste illegally fly-tipped over the whole of the period specified. Flycapture, the national fly-tipping database, was established in April 2004 and although it does not record the specific volume of incidents, average data are gathered.
28 Nov 2005 : Column 13W

Number of tipsSize of tip/m3Volume/m3Type
Single Item333,0550.2578,954.5assumption
Car boot or less246,4681242,335.0guidance
Van load194,9044759,172.0guidance
Transit van load96,94310941,320.0guidance
Tipper lorry load20,98740777,640.0assumption
Significant multi loads6,860100569,900.0assumption

1.Data in the table is from waste collection authorities and the Environment Agency for England as recorded on the Flycapture database from April 2004–March 2005.
2.Volume details are an estimate only as the database records summary numbers linked to average sizes rather than reporting specific volumes in an incident database. 'assumption' indicates an average size that can be assumed, whereas 'guidance' indicates that a suggested size is proposed in the database guidance.

The Environment Agency also keeps more detailed information on the incidents they deal with. The total number of substantiated fly-tipped incidents attended by the Environment Agency is:

28 Nov 2005 : Column 14W

Note: 1.Environment Agency data capture on the nature of wastes fly-tipped and available for 2001 to 2005 is in the table. The number of pollutants identified will exceed the number of incidents due to single incidents with multiple pollutants. 2.Environment Agency volumetric data capture commenced last year It is therefore as yet detailed will not provide as complete a picture as Flycapture.
Substantiated fly-tipping incidents—nature of waste fly-tipped 2005 data (up to 1 November 2005)

Pollutant type (tier 1)Pollutants (tier 2)20012002200320042005
Agricultural Materials and WastesCarcasses481261
Agricultural Materials and WastesFertiliser11
Agricultural Materials and WastesOther Agricultural Material or Waste823271010
Agricultural Materials and WastesSilage Liquors1
Agricultural Materials and WastesSolid Manure210361
Atmospheric Pollutants and EffectsChemical Odour1
Atmospheric Pollutants and EffectsDust211
Atmospheric Pollutants and EffectsFumes11
Atmospheric Pollutants and EffectsOther Atmospheric Pollutant or Effect2512
Atmospheric Pollutants and EffectsSmoke221073
Contaminated WaterChemically Contaminated Run-Off11
Contaminated WaterFirefighting Run-Off21
Contaminated WaterOther Contaminated Water322
Contaminated WaterUrban Run-Off1
Contaminated WaterVehicle and Plant Washings21
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesAlgae1
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesAnimal and Vegetable Oil34661
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesBlood and Offal12112
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesComposted Material14131195
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesFood and Drink2331393513
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesNatural Organic Material4688837122
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesOther Animal Matter1115181712
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesOther General Biodegradable Material or Waste373602659456154
General Biodegradable Materials and WastesVegetable Cuttings and Deposits14919519615051
Inert Materials and WastesCoal23
Inert Materials and WastesDemolition Materials and Wastes519901967716266
Inert Materials and WastesMineral Materials and Wastes71214123
Inert Materials and WastesOther Inert Material or Waste21837036621087
Inert Materials and WastesRocks and Gravel121918202
Inert Materials and WastesSoils and Clay651471318941
Inorganic Chemicals/ProductsAcids610669
Inorganic Chemicals/ProductsAlkalis33553
Inorganic Chemicals/ProductsAmmonia Solutions1
Inorganic Chemicals/ProductsCement231
Inorganic Chemicals/ProductsCyanides21
Inorganic Chemicals/ProductsHeavy Metals111
Inorganic Chemicals/ProductsOther Inorganic Chemical or Product91716136
No pollutant EnteredNo pollutant Entered1
Oils and FuelCrude Oil11
Oils and FuelCutting Oils1213
Oils and FuelDiesel11172345
Oils and FuelGas and Fuel Oils2475
Oils and FuelHydraulic Oils7712
Oils and FuelInsulating and Cable Oils1
Oils and FuelKerosene and Aviation Fuel11
Oils and FuelLubricating Oils721207
Oils and FuelMixed/Waste Oils2260485834
Oils and FuelOther Oil or Fuel61781210
Oils and FuelPetrol71410113
Oils and FuelUnidentified Oil1732434220
Organic Chemicals/ProductsAdhesives71
Organic Chemicals/ProductsAlcohols/Aldehydes4221
Organic Chemicals/ProductsDyes and Inks4211
Organic Chemicals/ProductsHydrocarbons45155
Organic Chemicals/ProductsOther Organic Chemical or Product71215913
Organic Chemicals/ProductsPaints and Varnishes31114157
Organic Chemicals/ProductsPesticides and Biocides11232
Organic Chemicals/ProductsPhenols and Creosote1422
Organic Chemicals/ProductsSolvents1022192112
Organic Chemicals/ProductsSurfactants and Detergents25144
Other PollutantMicrobiological11
Other PollutantNoise1
Other PollutantOther9812915113845
Other PollutantRadionucleid1
Pollutant Not IdentifiedNot Identified43721137144
Sewage MaterialsCrude Sewage1132
Sewage MaterialsGrey Water21
Sewage MaterialsOther Sewage Material1211
Sewage MaterialsSludge11
Specific Waste MaterialsAsbestos122241274275167
Specific Waste MaterialsBatteries929332718
Specific Waste MaterialsClinical Waste91214134
Specific Waste MaterialsCommercial Waste13029231621496
Specific Waste MaterialsContainers2139566435
Specific Waste MaterialsContaminated Construction and Demolition
Material and Waste
Specific Waste MaterialsContaminated Soil1183
Specific Waste MaterialsElectrical Equipment6158
Specific Waste MaterialsHousehold Waste3698401,002790309
Specific Waste MaterialsInorganic Chemical Wastes23335
Specific Waste MaterialsMetal Wastes3688745916
Specific Waste MaterialsOrganic Chemical Wastes26335
Specific Waste MaterialsOther Composites6686
Specific Waste MaterialsOther Non-Metal Wastes71923268
Specific Waste MaterialsOther Specific Waste Material5721922817959
Specific Waste MaterialsPrescription only medicines22
Specific Waste MaterialsTarry Wastes6101153
Specific Waste MaterialsThermal Mineral Residues2
Specific Waste MaterialsTyres199404429282160
Specific Waste MaterialsVehicles and Vehicle Parts6211614010255

28 Nov 2005 : Column 15W

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