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30 Nov 2005 : Column 624W—continued


Mr. Peter Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many tonnes of chlorofluorocarbons have been converted into inert substances in Northern Ireland in each year from 2003. [31991]

Angela E. Smith: Until February 2004, individual district councils made their own contractual arrangements to recycle fridges and freezers to ensure that the ozone-depleting substances were recovered. Councils hold their own data for the tonnage of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) recovered until that point.

Since February 2004, the Department of the Environment has funded the recovery of fridges and freezers through two sequential contracts. Between 1 February 2004 and 31 October 2005, the contractor responsible for processing fridges and freezers on behalf of the Department recycled a total of 113,298 units, with a total approximated processed weight of 4,673.8 tonnes, which equates to a total weight of CFCs recovered of 13.8 tonnes.


David Simpson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what he has done to promote the long-term economy of Northern Ireland. [32236]

Mr. Hanson: The Government and their social partners have produced an Economic Vision for Northern Ireland. Our clear objective is to make sure that Northern Ireland has the innovation, enterprise, skills and infrastructure to become one of the most competitive and productive UK and international regions. Key to economic success is to develop and grow the private sector to make it more in proportion to a reformed public sector characterised by quality of delivery, efficiency and fitness for purpose.

The Department of Finance and Personnel is now in the process of developing a Regional Economic Strategy which will set out the policy framework for delivering the Economic Vision.


Mr. Peter Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many people were injured by fireworks in each of the last five years; and if he will make a statement on the running of a safety advertising campaign for 2005. [21249]

Mr. Woodward: Information on the number of patients reporting to A and E departments and minor injuries units with injuries from fireworks, since 2000,
30 Nov 2005 : Column 625W
over a four to five week period covering the end of October and start of November (Halloween) is detailed as follows.
Total firework injuries

The Northern Ireland Office, in partnership with RoSPA, the Northern Ireland Home Accident Council and statutory bodies such as the Fire and Rescue Service, the Ambulance Service and the PSNI, has supported the promotion of firework safety publicity material for a number of years. The safety campaign for 2005 involved less publicity than previously, in particular there was no intensive advertising campaign. This was because there are effective controls on the sale and use of fireworks in NI and the significantly reduced accident statistics of recent years demonstrate that the message has got across to the public. An intensive advertising campaign was therefore not considered necessary.

Freelance Musicians

Mrs. Iris Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will make a statement on the implications for the Ulster Orchestra of the Inland Revenue's policy that freelance musicians and singers engaged since 1998 are liable for Class 1 National Insurance contributions. [30340]

30 Nov 2005 : Column 626W

Mr. Hanson: The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland are monitoring discussions currently taking place between the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, the Arts Council of England, the Association of British Orchestras and the Musicians Union about the National Insurance liability on musicians' earnings. These discussions are still ongoing.

Human Rights Commission

Mrs. Iris Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what allowance is provided to each member of the Human Rights Commission; and what additional expenses each is eligible for. [32095]

Mr. Hanson: The Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission receives an annual salary of £60,000. This is a full-time post. Commissioners are appointed to serve for one day per week for which an allowance is paid of £10,000 per year.

Commissioners are also eligible for additional travel and subsistence expenses when carrying out Commission business.

Income Support

Mr. Peter Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many (a) males and (b) females aged (i) 16 to 24, (ii) 25 to 30, (iii) 30 to 39 and (iv) 40 years and over were on income support in each district in Northern Ireland in each of the last five years for which figures are available. [33084]

Mr. Hanson: The information requested is as follows.
Income support breakdown

40 plus
District councilMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemale
February 200166236771582163459511,415
February 200266238791572123291,0151,461
February 200358197691462303461,0441,479
February 20045519668156212353488489
February 20055118367155202311503530
February 200192265812072403891,3602,309
February 2002103234792092453761,4472,375
February 2003104252701922393871,5062,406
February 20048625274158235355662584
February 20057223879174234360634591
February 200199231981652733731,4072,019
February 20021142321011752843881,4292,063
February 20031112281021672763991,4912,114
February 2004102232110165287409693568
February 20057822797162281392709572
February 200195279952122324491,0811,952
February 20021132801021792544561,1582,012
February 200399277891732714501,2232,041
February 200410627292187277431499581
February 20059125272194260432528596
February 20015310542761541957321,055
February 20024912239661532057911,091
February 20034811649681692088601,117
February 2004511154970156206365350
February 2005541124471143208373356
February 20016614654861402328461,414
February 20026315150781532288891,464
February 20036015249781712259291,511
February 2004481435982174229422405
February 2005621334990153219407429
February 20011,0082,5449362,0892,8005,25810,56515,819
February 20021,0982,4519492,0232,8844,99010,93616,209
February 20031,0312,4259661,8552,9454,65111,42416,350
February 20041,0492,4959421,7482,8684,4606,1056,484
February 20051,0852,3969581,7572,6534,2146,1486,662
February 200155151491231302615421,036
February 200251141371181342606011,067
February 200347165451171432576561,047
February 20044215342132147249296331
February 20055614845130125262311346
February 200159200521662054139201,821
February 200261203611352134289731,863
February 200345184751422454071,0491,896
February 20045117767153223363465510
February 20057016559144228356477557
February 200188282732162484801,4072,082
February 2002100265742122744681,4842,160
February 200386262781782664791,5362,181
February 20048727781189258457674666
February 20058728166176251417661673
February 2001981871031252722991,2961,437
February 200298200961152612841,3221,479
February 200388168821232692771,3601,500
February 20049416174120239294630495
February 20058516269114244273607505
February 20011374211513144987072,3503,250
February 20021304271422925197202,4303,318
February 20041404301272845176871,1951,143
February 20051634401282864946841,2501,164
February 20014301,0804059051,1621,9534,1154,966
February 20024331,0743929001,2071,9734,3705,201
February 20034521,0884138881,2462,0154,6305,382
February 20044251,0744028361,2281,9872,6082,649
February 20054131,0344258491,1721,9092,6812,737
February 20011463281082493414941,4512,122
February 20021543481092313475051,5622,169
February 20031213291192043515061,6422,230
February 2004128295113220346468783679
February 2005119293120223330457797676
February 20011122951242183874272,0142,256
February 20021012691262404024702,1022,302
February 20031062611102243814742,1452,303
February 2004111246104210358476964718
February 2005135225100195330476968731
February 20011122621061903043882,0602,590
February 20021282491021903184192,1272,641
February 2003125239991773224212,1832,704
February 2004115248111179307412766722
February 2005106222116173298436793733
February 20016512042120130206661957
February 20024613047971382277081,010
February 20035011636811372297281,019
February 20045212641109137217320299
February 20055011437107149216351312
February 200185202731512152501,0081,138
February 200279201681762442811,0451,161
February 200379190831502422761,0851,181
February 20046219877158248279571379
February 20055918067140242300551385
February 20012096671855275351,2222,1223,515
February 20022176521805315581,1942,2263,601
February 20031876231764955411,1472,3363,638
February 20042095731644815501,1051,2251,458
February 20051905461734715201,0301,2181,479
February 200150141501131942811,3151,507
February 200264145491111882751,3451,543
February 200346134541081882731,3541,589
February 2004501435795169288509422
February 2005491284695167286496439
February 200131101307390165513719
February 200232104347089163554737
February 200329108255390183585731
February 2004301032747105168244227
February 200523992850104158251234
Newry and Mourne
February 20012255372694446909383,5283,915
February 20022455292254267489993,6724,007
February 20032345082324527809973,8394,116
February 20042405192214337469901,7791,454
February 20052184692324467019701,7681,493
February 200198385852902966351,5192,566
February 2002120363882973146161,5582,649
February 2003973581022692996091,6272,695
February 2004107344101256285592785841
February 200512431984258290589773857
North Down
February 200182237721751953811,0462,170
February 200284232741751883741,0482,175
February 200372201671621983701,1312,204
February 20046821175152216365473565
February 20056019757160214357479577
February 20011482711112023543941,6421,991
February 20021382791062013604171,7292,026
February 20031072491101943394171,8262,069
February 2004141252114186312448881684
February 2005125252108198326425920703
February 20011293191452193185011,8071,911
February 20021293101392383315141,8431,954
February 20031182711332473665011,8912,027
February 2004110259130259355492852720
February 2005102259129249350530853738

30 Nov 2005 : Column 631W

In October 2003 pension credit replaced the minimumincome guarantee element of income support. Claimants aged 60 and over transferred to pension credit. The figures from February 2004 show a reduction in the 40 plus age group.

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