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1 Dec 2005 : Column 714W—continued

Dr. Ann David

Andrew Mackinlay: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will ask Essex police to reopen its investigation into deaths of patients of Dr. Ann David at Basildon Hospital. [30949]

Ms Rosie Winterton: [holding answer 22 November 2005]: It would not be appropriate for the Secretary of State for Health to ask Essex police to reopen its investigation into deaths of patients of Dr. Ann David at Basildon Hospital. However, the Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals National Health Service Foundation Trust is in contact with Essex police, who are currently considering whether to reopen their investigations into the deaths of a number of patients.

Andrew Mackinlay: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will establish an inquiry into patients' deaths at Basildon Hospital, consequent upon the General Medical Council removing the name of Ann David from the Register; and if she will make a statement. [30950]

Ms Rosie Winterton: [holding answer 22 November 2005]: The Essex Strategic Health Authority will consider whether to hold an inquiry at the conclusion of the police investigations and other procedures.


Sir Paul Beresford: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what measures she has taken to encourage patients to keep dental appointments; and what research her Department (a) commissioned and (b) evaluated into the effects of abolishing the capacity of dentists to impose a charge on patients for missed appointments to support the abolition of the option for general dental practitioners to make a small patient charge for missed appointments. [24559]

Ms Rosie Winterton [holding answer 3 November 2005]: The Department has agreed that advice should be available to the national health service and dentists about how appointments are managed to minimise missed appointments, without financial penalty to patients.

We do not think that the level of missed appointments would seriously undermine a dentist's ability to carry out the level of weighted activity agreed in the contract.

Mr. Lansley: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many (a) hospital and (b community dentists have been employed in each year since 1997, broken down by strategic health authority area. [26008]

Ms Rosie Winterton: Details of the total number of hospital and community dentists employed in each strategic health authority area since 1997 are shown in the following table.
1 Dec 2005 : Column 715W

Hospital, public health medicine and community health services (HCHS) dental staff by strategic health authority, sector and year. As at 30 September each year
Numbers (headcount)

Of which:
All StaffHospitalCommunity
Of which:
Avon, Gloucestershire and WiltshireQ2017711067
Bedfordshire and HertfordshireQ02733736
Birmingham and The Black CountryQ2724116774
Cheshire and MerseysideQ1520911495
County Durham and Tees ValleyQ10855431
Cumbria and LancashireQ131205664
Dorset and SomersetQ22665214
Greater ManchesterQ1423515283
Hampshire and Isle of WightQ171106050
Kent and MedwayQ18713041
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25824636
Norfolk, Suffolk and CambridgeshireQ011338152
North and East Yorkshire and Northern LincolnshireQ11885830
North Central LondonQ0518614343
North East LondonQ061015348
North West LondonQ041012378
Northumberland, Tyne and WearQ091339736
Shropshire and StaffordshireQ26674522
South East LondonQ0720717037
South West LondonQ08925933
South West PeninsulaQ211127339
South YorkshireQ231259035
Surrey and SussexQ191629765
Thames ValleyQ161205862
West Midlands SouthQ28853847
West YorkshireQ1217310865

Numbers (headcount)

Of which:
All StaffHospitalCommunity
Of which:
Avon, Gloucestershire and WiltshireQ2019611779
Bedfordshire and HertfordshireQ02713635
Birmingham and The Black CountryQ2724917772
Cheshire and MerseysideQ15214114100
County Durham and Tees ValleyQ10845826
Cumbria and LancashireQ131265967
Dorset and SomersetQ22675314
Greater ManchesterQ1423515382
Hampshire and Isle of WightQ17995247
Kent and MedwayQ18703139
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25784236
Norfolk, Suffolk and CambridgeshireQ011317853
North and East Yorkshire and Northern LincolnshireQ11875433
North Central LondonQ0519715146
North East LondonQ06985642
North West LondonQ041152887
Northumberland, Tyne and WearQ0914210438
Shropshire and StaffordshireQ26624022
South East LondonQ0720716443
South West LondonQ081016140
South West PeninsulaQ211288345
South YorkshireQ231208832
Surrey and SussexQ191509753
Thames ValleyQ161286266
West Midlands SouthQ28894544
West YorkshireQ1216910960

1 Dec 2005 : Column 717W

Numbers (headcount)

Of which:
All StaffHospitalCommunity
Of which:
Avon, Gloucestershire and WiltshireQ2020112279
Bedfordshire and HertfordshireQ02693435
Birmingham and The Black CountryQ2722015862
Cheshire and MerseysideQ15227125102
County Durham and Tees ValleyQ10694524
Cumbria and LancashireQ131155164
Dorset and SomersetQ22634914
Greater ManchesterQ1426118378
Hampshire and Isle of WightQ171086048
Kent and MedwayQ18773344
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25714031
Norfolk, Suffolk and CambridgeshireQ011398257
North and East Yorkshire and Northern LincolnshireQ11875532
North Central LondonQ0519214844
North East LondonQ061025745
North West LondonQ04972770
Northumberland, Tyne and WearQ0915111239
Shropshire and StaffordshireQ26654421
South East LondonQ0719415143
South West LondonQ081076641
South West PeninsulaQ211207050
South YorkshireQ2313110031
Surrey and SussexQ191489652
Thames ValleyQ161396574
West Midlands SouthQ28864541
West YorkshireQ1217210963

Numbers (headcount)

Of which:
All StaffHospitalCommunity
Of which:
Avon, Gloucestershire and WiltshireQ2020311489
Bedfordshire and HertfordshireQ02723537
Birmingham and The Black CountryQ2722516263
Cheshire and MerseysideQ15213112101
County Durham and Tees ValleyQ10674324
Cumbria and LancashireQ131145460
Dorset and SomersetQ22665214
Greater ManchesterQ1425016981
Hampshire and Isle of WightQ171085949
Kent and MedwayQ18672839
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25714229
Norfolk, Suffolk and CambridgeshireQ011287850
North and East Yorkshire and Northern LincolnshireQ11966729
North Central LondonQ0515711146
North East LondonQ061055847
North West LondonQ04932964
Northumberland, Tyne and WearQ0916914128
Shropshire and StaffordshireQ26613922
South East LondonQ0720315350
South West LondonQ08986434
South West PeninsulaQ211246955
South YorkshireQ231259926
Surrey and SussexQ191489652
Thames ValleyQ161296168
West Midlands SouthQ28944153
West YorkshireQ121519655

1 Dec 2005 : Column 719W

Numbers (headcount)

Of which:
All StaffHospitalCommunity
Of which:
Avon, Gloucestershire and WiltshireQ2020311192
Bedfordshire and HertfordshireQ02753045
Birmingham and The Black CountryQ2722615769
Cheshire and MerseysideQ1520811494
County Durham and Tees ValleyQ10683731
Cumbria and LancashireQ131285870
Dorset and SomersetQ22564412
Greater ManchesterQ1423716572
Hampshire and Isle of WightQ171195861
Kent and MedwayQ18602436
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25704228
Norfolk, Suffolk and CambridgeshireQ011238637
North and East Yorkshire and Northern LincolnshireQ111036538
North Central LondonQ0516311944
North East LondonQ061308347
North West LondonQ04883355
Northumberland, Tyne and WearQ0915413420
Shropshire and StaffordshireQ26562729
South East LondonQ0720816444
South West LondonQ081056738
South West PeninsulaQ211307357
South YorkshireQ231118922
Surrey and SussexQ191469551
Thames ValleyQ161275473
West Midlands SouthQ28883850
West YorkshireQ1216310360

Numbers (headcount)

Of which:
All StaffHospitalCommunity
Of which:
Avon, Gloucestershire and WiltshireQ2020712483
Bedfordshire and HertfordshireQ02723339
Birmingham and The Black CountryQ2719612769
Cheshire and MerseysideQ15236115121
County Durham and Tees ValleyQ1056479
Cumbria and LancashireQ131225864
Dorset and SomersetQ22564412
Greater ManchesterQ1424015585
Hampshire and Isle of WightQ171185167
Kent and MedwayQ18682642
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25794534
Norfolk, Suffolk and CambridgeshireQ011438459
North and East Yorkshire and Northern LincolnshireQ111166353
North Central LondonQ0514912524
North East LondonQ061308446
North West LondonQ04983860
Northumberland, Tyne and WearQ0917314924
Shropshire and StaffordshireQ26623032
South East LondonQ0720916049
South West LondonQ08935835
South West PeninsulaQ211406872
South YorkshireQ2313211220
Surrey and SussexQ1916410163
Thames ValleyQ161265571
West Midlands SouthQ281014853
West YorkshireQ1217111160

1 Dec 2005 : Column 721W

Numbers (headcount)

Of which:
All StaffHospitalCommunity
Of which:
Avon, Gloucestershire and WiltshireQ2022313192
Bedfordshire and HertfordshireQ02793445
Birmingham and The Black CountryQ2720213270
Cheshire and MerseysideQ15229120109
County Durham and Tees ValleyQ10674225
Cumbria and LancashireQ131195465
Dorset and SomersetQ22634617
Greater ManchesterQ14277144133
Hampshire and Isle of WightQ171215764
Kent and MedwayQ18672641
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25774334
Norfolk, Suffolk and CambridgeshireQ011367957
North and East Yorkshire and Northern LincolnshireQ111176849
North Central LondonQ0517012743
North East LondonQ061177542
North West LondonQ04893455
Northumberland, Tyne and WearQ0916915118
Shropshire and StaffordshireQ26744331
South East LondonQ0720316043
South West LondonQ08956332
South West PeninsulaQ211447173
South YorkshireQ231239330
Surrey and SussexQ1918011367
Thames ValleyQ161365977
West Midlands SouthQ281055253
West YorkshireQ1218511471

Numbers (headcount)

Of which:
All StaffHospitalCommunity
Of which:
Avon, Gloucestershire and WiltshireQ2018812464
Bedfordshire and HertfordshireQ02803743
Birmingham and The Black CountryQ2719912871
Cheshire and MerseysideQ15245124121
County Durham and Tees ValleyQ10704030
Cumbria and LancashireQ131215071
Dorset and SomersetQ22705317
Greater ManchesterQ14293148145
Hampshire and Isle of WightQ171335380
Kent and MedwayQ18742549
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25774136
Norfolk, Suffolk and CambridgeshireQ011336865
North and East Yorkshire and Northern LincolnshireQ11986929
North Central LondonQ0518213448
North East LondonQ061399346
North West LondonQ04984157
Northumberland, Tyne and WearQ0917415024
Shropshire and StaffordshireQ26714229
South East LondonQ0722117051
South West LondonQ081006832
South West PeninsulaQ211426874
South YorkshireQ231239231
Surrey and SussexQ1918611373
Thames ValleyQ161335974
West Midlands SouthQ281024854
West YorkshireQ1218811771

NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre medical and dental work force census.

1 Dec 2005 : Column 723W

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