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9 Jan 2006 : Column 323W—continued

Equality Commission

Mr. Gregory Campbell: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what discussions he has had with the Equality Commission in connection with the composition of the Commission's work force as contained in the Monitoring Report No. 15: A profile of the Northern Ireland work force. [37808]

Angela E. Smith: Ministers have had a number of discussions with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland about a range of issues, including the composition of its work force and have noted that the Commission has an affirmative action programme in place to address existing imbalances.

External Consultants

Martin Horwood: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how much the Department and its agencies have spent on (a) the design and production of new logos and (b) employing external (i) public relations and (ii) graphic design agencies in each year since 2000, broken down by project. [33222]

Mr. Hain: The information requested is as follows.
Design and production of new logos
Total expenditure: 2001–01
Design of causeway logo1,135.00
Total expenditure: 2001–021,135.00
Design of causeway logo2,871.00
Establishment of public prosecution service (PPS) corporate identity logo2,861.12
Infolog—community safety publications258.50
'Community Safety Matters' magazine50,759.37
Community safety improvement and development agency80.00
'Two Tens' communication20.00
Form design724.00
Total expenditure: 2002–0357,573.99
Establishment of PPS corporate identity/logo2,079.76
Community safety promotions572.59
'Stay Safe Stay Secure' campaign677.04
'Domestic Violence' campaign1,527.51
Community safety challenge competition1,014.31
Total expenditure: 2003–045,871.21
Form design4,244.00
Total expenditure: 2004–054,244.00
Employing external public relations
Six steps to beat burglar campaign3,991.87
Total expenditure: 2000–013,991.87
Small business security grants scheme13,014.46
'Going on Holiday' campaign7,918.17
Six steps to beat burglar campaign1,951.28
Total expenditure: 2001–0222,883.91
Small business security grants scheme821.33
'Be Safe Be Secure' campaign4,055.86
Crime reduction public information campaign816.19
Establishment and operation of the youth justice agency7,126.13
Total expenditure: 2002–0312,819.51
CCTV challenge competition9,760.00
Small business security grants scheme22,858.00
South Belfast burglary survey7,000.00
Crime reduction public information campaign feasibility study17,085.00
'Stay Safe Stay Secure' campaign43,774.85
Lock out crime pilot scheme3,567.13
Establishment and operation of the youth justice agency54,346.83
Total expenditure: 2003–04158,391.81
Youth justice agency (YJA)—launch of Antrim project, Omagh project, youth conference service project in Strabane. Invites to those invited to attend. Retainer fee for production of annual report, business plan and policies and consultancy work. Letterheads/ compliment slips used on a daily basis.16,991.39
Handy van scheme feasibility study4,340.00
Lock out crime pilot scheme11,004.00
'Stay Safe Stay Secure' campaign1,168.20
Unknown caller leaflet1,451.75
Drug related harm conference handbook138.50
Theft form vehicles campaign41,344.34
Total expenditure: 2004–0576,438.18
Employing external graphic design agencies
Design and artwork for information services514.65
Development of forensic science website3,340.00
Design and production of forensic contamination packs930.07
Design and production of covers for forensic science NI service level agreements, corporate plan and business plans3,675.57
Roscor plaque146.00
'Are you a victim' leaflet2,425.00
Code of practice for victims of crime1,128.13
Car checklist6,768.00
Total expenditure: 2000–0118,927.42
Code of practice for victims of crime2,364.00
Victims information leaflet317.25
Creeper burglar leaflets4,174.05
Small business security grants scheme1,932.63
Total expenditure: 2001–028,787.93
Information services—graphic design and design and artwork4,756.41
Code of practice for victims of crime7,760.00
Victims leaflet2,660.00
Criminal justice service NI (CJSNI) website13,160.00
Public information and education strategy924.00
State pathologist's department consultation document 'The Way Forward'774.34
Total expenditure: 2002–0330,034.75
Launch of YJA, production of annual report, business plan and policies21,841.67
Information services design and artwork6,480.34
Signage for new public prosecution service HQ building74.03
Building for future information briefing for PPS9,215.49
Official opening of new PPS HQ2,990.38
Schools poster competition750.00
Community safety strategy document23,106.38
'Community Safety Matters'28,367.54
CJSNI conference33,400.52
Criminal justice booklets2,291.25
Analysis of—'The Way Forward' consultation document475.87
Post mortem leaflet861.28
Total expenditure:2003–04129,854.75
YJA—launch of Antrim project, Omagh project, launch of youth conference service in Strabane. Invitations to those invited to attend launches. Letterheads/ compliment slips for use on a daily basis. Production of annual report, business plan and policies that agency produces.67,687.06
Graphic design and NIO corporate house style43,180.78
Information services graphic design and artwork17,434.85
Building for the future—the PPS's Fermanagh and Tyrone pilot6,541.28
CCTV expression of interest form267.00
Schools poster competition285.00
Community safety week2,537,166.95
CJSNI website8,000.00
Public information and education strategy2,677.00
CJSNI annual report11,267.00
Committal consultation paper3,061.00
Criminal justice management framework1,372.41
Total expenditure: 2004–052,698,940.33

9 Jan 2006 : Column 325W

It is not possible for the NI prison service to separate these costs and to do so would incur disproportionate costs. They have been able to provide the accumulative totals as follows.
Northern Ireland prison service

PeriodTotal spend on design and production of new logosTotal spend on employing external public relationsTotal spend on employing external graphic design agencies

Fertility Treatments

Mark Durkan: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what arrangements are in place in Northern Ireland for national health service inter-uterine insemination treatment; what funding has been allocated for such treatment in the 2005–06 financial year; and what recent changes there have been in the availability of such treatment. [39576]

Mr. Woodward: Inter-uterine insemination is an assisted reproduction treatment that does not require to be licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). Health and Social Services Boards
9 Jan 2006 : Column 326W
have, therefore, greater choice in commissioning this treatment. At present the eastern and northern boards commission treatment for their patients from the Regional Fertility Centre (RFC) in Belfast while patients from the southern board area are treated at Craigavon Area Hospital. The western board commissions a limited number of treatments from the RFC while the remainder are provided at Altnagelvin Area Hospital.

The Department currently allocates annual funding of £1.4 million to the Regional Fertility Centre for the provision of fertility services across the four board areas, including the provision of inter-uterine insemination treatments provided by the RFC.

The Department is not aware of any recent changes regarding the availability of this treatment.

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