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26 Jan 2006 : Column 2260W—continued

Identity Fraud

Mike Penning: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what training the Department has provided for (a) front desk and (b) administrative staff in relation to identity fraud. [41279]

Dawn Primarolo: HM Revenue and Customs staff deal with a wide range of functions and their training varies depending on the operational need of the particular business unit and staff involved. Customer confidentiality and identification training is provided for customer-facing staff and in addition specialist training and guidance is provided in some business areas.

Inheritance Tax

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer (1) how much revenue was raised from inheritance tax in (a) each Government office region, (b) Wales, (c) Scotland and (d) Northern Ireland in each financial year since 1996–97; [26940]

(2) how many estates paid inheritance tax in (a) each Government office region, (b) Wales, (c) Scotland and (d) Northern Ireland in each financial year since 1996–97. [26941]

Dawn Primarolo: Regional annual figures for inheritance tax receipts and estates paying inheritance tax by Government office region are not available.

The totals for inheritance tax receipts are published in Table 1.2 Annual Receipts of Inland Revenue taxes.

The totals of estates paying inheritance tax are published in Table 1.4 Estimated number of taxpayers.


Dr. Cable: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what the Government's most recent estimate is of the cost of the British presence in Iraq, broken down by (a) military and (b) reconstruction costs in each month since the start of the conflict. [37146]

26 Jan 2006 : Column 2261W

Mr. Des Browne: The Treasury does not estimate costs for Iraq in the manner requested.

The net additional costs of operations in Iraq, as recorded in the Ministry of Defence's annual reports and accounts total £3,068 million as follows:
Financial year£ million

The costs of operations in Iraq in 2005–06 will depend on force levels and operational tempo.

At the Madrid Donors' conference in October 2003, the Government announced a total UK pledge of £544 million towards the reconstruction effort in Iraq. To date, the Department for International Development have committed £423 million and disbursed over £350 million.

London Congestion Charge Zone

Mr. Prisk: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what estimate his Department has made of the change in (a) VAT, (b) corporation tax and (c) national insurance contributions receipts which would arise from the extension of the London congestion charge zone. [45630]

Dawn Primarolo: The Government do not hold the figures requested, which would be extremely complex to estimate. The London congestion charge is the responsibility of the Mayor of London, who has published an assessment of the potential impacts of the planned Western Extension.

Long-term Savings

Harry Cohen: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will take steps to provide long-term security and reasonable return on long-term savings invested in the private sector. [45820]

Mr. Des Browne: The Government have established a system of financial services regulation that works through the regulator, the Financial Services Authority, the Financial Ombudsman Service, and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to provide statutory protection for consumers.
26 Jan 2006 : Column 2262W

These bodies are independent of Government, although subject to the provisions of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. They replaced a collection of multiple regulators, complaint adjudicators, and compensation schemes.

Under The Pension Act 2004, the Government have also established The Pension Regulator and the Pension Protection Fund to protect the interests of members of occupational pension schemes.

Returns on long-term savings invested in the private sector are for the market to determine and lie outside the Government's remit.

Private Finance Initiative

Mr. Hoban: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer (1) if he will list private finance initiative projects which have been refinanced in each year since 1997; and what the value of each project was; [46033]

(2) how many private finance initiative projects were subject to refinancing in 2005; what the refinancing gain was in each case; and how much of this gain the relevant government body received through (a) a lump sum and (b) a reduction in the unitary charge. [46035]

John Healey: The table shows all recorded refinancings of PFI projects since 1997 and the value of each project.

There were five PFI projects, subject to refinancing in 2005. The following list shows the date the refinancing closed, the amount of the gain and the authority's share:

Additionally, the BBC White City project was not concluded under a PFI structural framework, but shares many similar characteristics.

The list shows the refinancing gain in each case and produces a total refinancing gain of £93.42 million of which £63.329 million was for the public sector.

Information regarding how much gain the relevant government body received through a lump sum, or reduction in unitary charge, is not collated centrally.
Refinancings completed as of 25 January 2006

Project nameSponsor departmentDate refinancedValue (£ million)Comments
Refinancings taking place before the Code
Colfox SchoolDFES1 June 199915.60
Royal Armouries Museum—RefinancingDCMS1 July 199942.00
Altcourse (Fazackerley) PrisonHO Prison Service1 November 199988.00
Ashfield (Pucklechurch) PrisonHO Prison Service1 January 200030.70
Dovegate (Marchington) PrisonHO Prison Service1 January 200064.00
Hassockfield (Meadomsley) STCHO1 January 200010.00
Kilmarnock PrisonScot Exec1 January 200032.00
Lowdham Grange PrisonHO Prison Service1 January 200032.00
Sussex Weald and Downs NHST—Graylingwell Hosp. Reprovision ChichesterDoH1 February 200127.00
A19 Dishforth to Tyne Tunnel DBFODfT (Highways)1 March 200129.00
"Heart of the City" OfficesODPM1 April 200120.00
Parc Bridgend) PrisonHO Prison Service1 May 200174.00
Balfron SchoolScot Exec1 June 200116.50
Dundee Ninewells Psychiatric ServicesScot Exec1 June 200110.00
Mearns Primary and St. Ninian's High SchoolScot Exec1 June 200112.50
Newcastle Estate DevelopmentIR1 June 2001163.80
HM Customs and Excise—IT Infrastructure PFIC&E1 July 200120.00
M1—A1 Link Road (Lofthouse to Bramham)DfT (Highways)1 September 2001214.00
M40 Junctions 1 to 15DfT (Highways)1 October 2001130.00
Antarctic Survey ShipDTI31 December 200122.00
North Wiltshire DC—Property RationalisationODPM1 January 20027.00
Brooklands Avenue, CambridgeDefra1 February 200221.00
Calderdale HospitalDoH1 May 200265.60
Joint Services Command and Staff CollegeMoD1 June 200293.00
Manchester Inland Revenue Accommodation ProjectIR1 July 200232.00
Refinancings taking place under the Code (ie 30/70 per cent. split authority/private sector)
A69 Carlisle to Newcastle DBFODfT (Highways)1 May 20049.00
A30/A35 Exeter to Bere Regis DBFODfT (Highways)7 November 200275.00
A50/A564 Stoke-Derby Link DBFODfT (Highways)7 November 200221.00
Bute AvenueWales12 February 200345.00
Debden Park SchoolDFES31 March 200317.70
Hillingdon—Barnhill SchoolDFES1 May 200318.80
Cardinal Heenan (VA) SchoolDFES20 May 20037.70
Central Scotland Family Quarters—BannockburnMoD10 June 200325.00
Haringey SchoolsDFES11 September 200362.50
Bridlington SchoolsDFES10 September 200326.00
Brent Jews Free SchoolDFES22 September 20039.00
Bromley NHST—New HospDoH28 April 2004156.00
Hairmyres HospitalScot Exec24 August 200492.00
Medium Support HelicopterMOD30 December 2004114.00
Sheffield SchoolsDFES15 December 200458.80
Dartford and Gravesham Hospital NHS TrustDoH25 March 2003122.00
Norwich and Norfolk Health Care NHS TrustDoH18 December 2003335.00
LB Tower Hamlets Group SchoolsDFES8 March 200588.502005 refinancing
Laganside CourtsFirst Secretary of State acting on behalf of the Northern Ireland Court Service15 July 200528.202005 refinancing.
Nottingham tramDfT10 November 2005172.002005 refinancing; details to be finalised.
SOPC gain-sharing (ie post-Code, 50/50 gain share)
East Lothian Council—Schools and Community Facilities PPPSE11 March 200445.00
Tyne and Wear Fire ServicesODPMNovember/December 200530.002005 refinancing.
Tube Lines Ltd.—London UndergroundTfL11 May 20042,079.00
Greater Manchester Police AuthorityHO22 December 200576.902005 refinancing, numbers estimates at present to be finalised shortly
Total for 2005396
Other projects
Second Severn CrossingDfT (Highways)31 December 2002331.00
BBC White CityDCMS23 March 2005365.002005 refinancing
Grand total5,682

1. This is a list of UK-wide local and central government completed refinancings notified to PUK
2. The code referred to is a voluntary code of conduct on the sharing of refinancing gains on PFI projects, introduced in 2002.

26 Jan 2006 : Column 2263W

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