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8 Feb 2006 : Column 1234W—continued

Hospitality Costs

David Simpson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland pursuant to the answer by his colleague of 12 January 2006, Official Report, column 791W, on hospitality costs, how hospitality was paid for by (a) the Secretary of State and Direct Rule Ministers, (b) Ministers in the Northern Ireland Assembly, (c) the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly, (d) the Chief Constable and (e) district commanders in each of the last 10 years; what limit was placed upon the amount of alcohol allowable under the hospitality budget; and what accounting procedures were in place to monitor the amount spent on hospitality in each case. [46470]

Mr. Woodward: Hospitality costs for (a) the Secretary of State and Direct Rule Ministers are paid from the NIO's budget, (b) Ministers in the Northern Ireland Assembly are paid for directly by the relevant NI Department of each Minister, (c) the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly are paid for from the budget of the NI Assembly, (d) the Chief Constable are paid for from the PSNI budget and (e) district commanders are also paid for from the PSNI budget.

For the Northern Ireland Office and the NI Assembly, there is no fixed figure for the amount of alcohol which can be paid from a hospitality budget. The director, or head of division, is responsible for ensuring that the Department's policy on controlling and accounting for hospitality is adhered to at all times.

For the PSNI and the Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP), specific guidance is available on the provision of hospitality, including limits for expenditure on alcohol. In general, such expenditure should be modest and, in the case of a sit down meal for example, should not exceed one third of the total cost of food. DFP are currently reviewing their departmental guidance.

All hospitality budgets are allocated annually and strictly monitored throughout the accounting period. Records are subject to audit.

Martin Kelly

Lady Hermon: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what role the Police Service Northern Ireland's underwater search unit has played in relation to the investigation into the case of Martin Kelly. [49284]

Mr. Woodward: The deployment of police resources in an investigation, including the underwater search unit is an operational matter for the Chief Constable.

Ministerial Car Fleet

David Simpson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland pursuant to the answer of 9 January 2006, Official Report, column 303W, on ministerial car
8 Feb 2006 : Column 1235W
fleet, how police drivers are paid for; and which agency or Department provided drivers for each devolved minister in the Northern Ireland Executive. [46462]

Mr. Woodward: Police drivers and their associated costs are initially paid from the Police Service of Northern Ireland's (PSNI) own budget, and these costs then are recouped from the NIO on a quarterly basis.

Under devolution the Department of Finance and Personnel (car pool) provided and paid for drivers for all devolved Ministers for the Northern Ireland Executive apart from those who were covered by the PSNI close protection unit (CPU) and those Ministers from Sinn Fein who provided drivers from their party.

Northern Ireland Development Agency

Mr. Clifton-Brown: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what the location is of each Northern Ireland Development Agency office; what the annual running cost was of each in the last period for which figures are available; and how much (a) inward investment each attracted and (b) trade each produced for Northern Ireland in that period. [48921]

Angela E. Smith: Invest NI in line with our foreign direct investment (FDI) competitors in GB and ROI do not provide costs for individual offices. The overall budget for running the office network and associated marketing activities in 2004–05 amounted to £5.56 million.

Invest Northern Ireland has investment and trade offices in Europe—London, Dublin, Brussels and Düsseldorf; Asia Pacific—Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, and
8 Feb 2006 : Column 1236W
Shanghai since December 2005; United States—Boston, San Jose, Atlanta, Washington DC, Denver and New York since June 2005; and the Gulf States—Dubai.

During 2004–05 Invest NI secured 17 new FDI projects offering the potential of 1,905 jobs and representing a total investment of £58.2 million; with a further investment of £150 million offering the prospect of 1,562 new jobs by follow-on investment by FDI companies in previous years.

Six projects were secured from the United States, five from the Republic of Ireland, four from Great Britain, and two from continental Europe.

In 2004–05 companies using trade offices in Boston, Denver and Dubai reported new business worth £35.7 million.

Saville Inquiry

Mr. Lidington: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will list the total sums of public money paid to each relevant firm of lawyers for work done for or in connection with the Saville Inquiry. [44190]

Mr. Gerald Howarth: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how much the Saville Inquiry has cost to date; how much has been paid to each (a) leading counsel and (b) firm of solicitors involved; and how much he estimates the total cost will be. [5781]

Mr. Hanson: The following table provides details of the payments made by the Northern Ireland Office to each of the legal firms involved in the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. These payments include VAT and other disbursements where appropriate and so do not necessarily represent the amounts received by individuals.
Period covered
Counsel for the inquiryPayments made (£)FromTo
Christopher Clarke4,488,266February 1998December 2005
Jacob Grierson(5)394,879July 1998December 2000
Alan Roxburgh2,040,039May 98December 2005
Cathryn McGahey1,604,917June 2000December 2005
Bilal Rawat1,490,401June 2000December 2005
Solicitors employed for the taking of witness statements
Eversheds12,673,056June 1998December 2005
Senior counsel representing the families
Lord Gifford718,830October 1998December 2005
Arthur Harvey1,226,257July 1998December 2005
Michael Lavery593,354November 2000December 2005
Barry J. McDonald(6)889,953September 1998December 2005
P. T. MacDonald(7)65,800April 1998December 2005
Michael Mansfield682,378March 1999December 2005
Eilish McDermott659,909March 2000December 2005
Seamus Treacy(8)951,140March 1998December 2005
Eoin McGonigal82,446October 2000December 2005
Kevin Finegan551,815July 1998December 2005
Senior counsel representing NICRA
Sir Louis Blom Cooper540,616December 2000December 2005
Junior counsel representing the families
John Coyle650,802September 1999December 2005
Fiona Doherty466,658October 2000December 2005
Ciaran Harvey632,830December 2000December 2005
Richard Harvey634,792October 2000December 2005
Brian Kennedy594,716July 1999December 2005
Philip Magee(9)83,175June 1998December 2005
Kieran Mallon801,759March 1999December 2005
Brian McCartney867,957October 1998December 2005
Karen Quinlivan390,068March 1999December 2005
Patricia Smyth328,718October 1998December 2005
Michael Topolski(10)139,940November 2000December 2005
Mary McHugh384,111February 2002December 2005
Junior counsel representing NICRA
Paddy O'Hanlon230,151November 2000December 2005
Solicitors representing the families
Barr & Co.694,618February 1999December 2005
Brendan Kearney & Co.931,823July 1999December 2005
Desmond Doherty & Co.1,232,539November 1998December 2005
MacDermott & McGurk1,204,772November 1998December 2005
Madden & Finucane9,271,514January 1998December 2005
McCann & McCann671,501October 1998December 2005
McCartney & Casey1,221,132November 1998December 2005
Solicitor representing NICRA
Francis Keenan594,327May 2000December 2005
Legal representatives for other witnesses
Various solicitors and counsel2,860,625April 1998December 2005

(5) Left the case in December 2000.
(6) Left the case (as a junior) in September 2000 and rejoined the case (as a senior) in July 2001.
(7) Left the case June 1999.
(8) Having started as a junior in March 1998, became a senior counsel in September 2000.
(9) Left the case in September 2000.
(10) Left the case in June 2001.

8 Feb 2006 : Column 1237W

My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Defence has advised me that the following payments have been made to counsel and solicitors in respect of work for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry by his Department.
Payments made (£)
Senior counsel representing HM armed forces
Edwin Glasgow QC4,054,187
Edmund Lawson QC942,943
David Lloyd Jones QC1,095,966
Gerard Elias QC1,795,752
Peter Clarke QC958,852
Sir Allan Green QC1,522,441
Rosamund Horwood-Smart QC677,874
Sir Sydney Kentridge QC52,875
Anna Worrall QC100,456
Senior counsel representing MOD
Ian Burnett QC231,386
Philip Havers QC7,138
Junior counsel representing HM armed forces
Alexander Milne409,121
Bridget Petherbridge141,857
Huw Davies361,638
Ian Leist965,146
Michael Hick253,895
Gaby Bonham-Carter277,392
Pamela Morrison131,378
Kristian Mills56,928
Nicholas Moss991,892
Sam Grodzinski1,877
Stephen Requena88,160
Alan May299,009
Andrew Hurst590,803
David Bradly1,291,966
Michael Bools990,071
Nicholas Griffin1,195,062
Thomas Quinton426,072
Junior counsel representing the MOD
William Hoskins49,892
Sacha Ackland2,775
Jonathan Hough4,488
Solicitors representing HM armed forces
Kingsley Napley1,943,586
Payne Hicks Beach3,772,352
Jacqueline Duff175,163
Treasury Solicitor3,049,919

8 Feb 2006 : Column 1238W

Mr. Gregory Campbell: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on how many days retainers of (a) £750 and (b) £1,500 were claimed by each of the legal representatives at the Saville inquiry since its commencement. [46794]

Mr. Hanson: Fees were paid to legal firms and counsel for work specifically devoted to the Bloody Sunday inquiry. No retainer fees have ever been paid to any legal representatives.

Details of the amounts paid to legal representatives have been provided in answer to previous parliamentary questions from the hon. Member, the most recent on 25 January 2005, Official Report, column. 311W and today in answer to parliamentary questions from the hon. Member for Aylesbury and the hon. Member for Aldershot.

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