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Volume No. 442 Part No. 78

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Westminster Hall Debates for
9 February 2006

Column: 323WH

[Mr. Eric Illsley in the Chair] [9 Feb 2006]

Sexual Health (HIV/AIDS) [9 Feb 2006]

2.30 pm
Mr. Kevin Barron (Rother Valley)

Column: 324WH

Column: 325WH

Column: 326WH

2.44 pm
Mr. David Amess (Southend, West)

Column: 327WH

Column: 328WH

Column: 329WH

Column: 330WH

Jim Dowd (Lewisham, West)

Mr. Amess

Column: 331WH

Column: 332WH

3.12 pm
Chris McCafferty (Calder Valley)

Column: 333WH

Column: 334WH

Column: 335WH

3.25 pm
Dr. Richard Taylor (Wyre Forest)

Column: 336WH

Column: 337WH

Column: 338WH

3.38 pm
Dr. Howard Stoate (Dartford)

Column: 339WH

Column: 340WH

Column: 341WH

Column: 342WH

Column: 343WH

Mr. Barron

Column: 344WH

Dr. Stoate

Column: 345WH

3.59 pm
Laura Moffatt (Crawley)

Column: 346WH

Column: 347WH

Column: 348WH

4.15 pm
Stephen Williams (Bristol, West)

Column: 349WH

Column: 350WH

Column: 351WH

Column: 352WH

4.32 pm
Dr. Andrew Murrison (Westbury)

Column: 353WH

Column: 354WH

Column: 355WH

4.46 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Caroline Flint)

Column: 356WH

Column: 357WH

Dr. Stoate

Caroline Flint

Column: 358WH

Column: 359WH

Column: 360WH

Column: 361WH

Column: 362WH

Column: 363WH

Column: 364WH

Column: 365WH

Dr. Murrison

Caroline Flint

Column: 366WH

Mr. Eric Illsley

Caroline Flint

Dr. Murrison

Caroline Flint

Dr. Murrison

Caroline Flint

Dr. Murrison

Mr. Eric Illsley

Caroline Flint

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