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15 Feb 2006 : Column 2144W—continued

Young Offenders

Andrew Rosindell: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many repeat youth offenders there were in (a) Romford and (b) Havering in each of the last five years. [48549]

Fiona Mactaggart: The data are not currently available on a sub-national basis. Information on the criminal histories of sentenced young offenders is published on an annual basis by the Home Office. The most recent data was published in chapter six (in particular, table 6.5) of Sentencing Statistics 2004 (HO Report 15/05) a copy of which has been placed in the Library or can be found at


Data Sharing

Mr. Heald: To ask the Minister of State, Department for Constitutional Affairs if she will place in the Library a copy of the advice and guidance issued by the Information Commissioner on (a) data-sharing between public sector databases and (b) the co-ordinated online register of electors. [43541]

Ms Harman: I have placed in the Library a copy of the Information Commissioner's office's February 2001 publication, 'Data sharing between different local authority departments'. Any other advice issued by the Information Commissioner's office on this issue would likely to have been specific to particular databases and so would be held by the organisations responsible for those databases, rather than by my Department.
15 Feb 2006 : Column 2145W

In respect of the Co-ordinated Online Record of Electors specifically, I have placed in the Library the relevant parts of a letter of 7 July 2005 from the Information Commissioner's office, encapsulating their views on the Government's thinking on CORE at that time.

Departmental Staff

Bob Spink: To ask the Minister of State, Department for Constitutional Affairs how many of her Department's staff are paid on a performance-related basis. [50079]

Bridget Prentice: Staff who are employed on DCA terms and conditions are all subject to performance related pay. These include staff in the former Court Service agency (now part of Her Majesty's Courts Service), staff at the Public Guardianship Office and those staff who are part of the DCA and its Associated Offices. This is a total of 12,750 staff.

On 1 April 2005, with the creation of Her Majesty's Courts Service as an executive agency of the Department, the DCA became responsible for all former employees of the Magistrates' Courts Service in England and Wales. This is a total of 12,067 staff. Those staff who were previously employed by the magistrates courts currently remain on their previous terms and conditions and are not paid on a performance-related basis. There is a DCA Pay and Grading Project currently under way. New pay, grading and benefit arrangements are due to be introduced for all DCA staff later this year. Performance related pay is likely to be a feature of the new system.

Legal Services Commission

Keith Vaz: To ask the Minister of State, Department for Constitutional Affairs (1) what assessment the Legal Services Commission made of the contribution of the Specialist Support Project to the Legal Services Commission's corporate priorities; [51375]

(2) on what basis the Legal Services Commission assessed that funding for the Specialist Support Project was not sustainable. [51376]

Bridget Prentice: Specialist Support Contracts form part of the Legal Services Commission's (LSC) special projects budget, that was reviewed in the summer 2005 against a number of criteria. These included the LSC's Corporate Priorities, compatibility with the future vision for the Community Legal Service, and Value for Money effectiveness.

The LSC has concluded that as specialist support services provide advice to other legal advisors and not directly to clients, this did not represent the most cost-effective approach to meet the increasing need for front-line advice.

Keith Vaz: To ask the Minister of State, Department for Constitutional Affairs (1) how her Department plans to replace the Specialist Support Project's
15 Feb 2006 : Column 2146W
expertise in dealing with the legal cases of vulnerable minority groups once Legal Services Commission funding ends; [51377]

(2) what estimate her Department has made of the future level of demand for specialist support legal services. [51378]

Bridget Prentice: The Legal Services Commission contracting arrangements include quality assessment such as Peer Review, File Assessment, and Quality Profiles. These all look to improve the quality of advice across front line providers, by indicating areas for improvement, allowing providers to build on and improve their legal competences and expertise, and reducing the need for specialist support services.

An example is the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation scheme, mandatory from August 2005, which should ensure that clients get the quality of advice they expect.

First tier organisations will continue to be able to seek specialist advice (e.g. counsel's opinion) in particularly complex circumstances.


Allotment Land

Jeremy Corbyn: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list the applications he has received in the last 12 months for the de-registration of allotment land; and if he will make a statement on his Department's policy on such applications. [44574]

Yvette Cooper: Under Section 8 of the Allotments Act 1925 the Secretary of State, my right hon. Friend the Deputy Prime Minister's consent is required for the disposal of statutory allotments. 45 applications were received for disposal in the period from January 2005 to January 2006, which are set out in the table, of which six were granted approval for disposal.

In determining such applications the following criteria are applied:

Consent for disposal cannot be given unless certain criteria are met. The criteria are that:

15 Feb 2006 : Column 2147W

List of applications for disposal consent received between January 2005 and January 2006 of allotment land

Regional Office

Local Authority and name of site

Application date

Decision date

Number of plots

plots provided?
If yes, how

New use of land

refused (x)
GO-NEBrittons Fields Allotments, Barnard Castle, County Durham-Teesdale DC14 December 2004Case is still live160.126 haCouncil is considering a replacement allotment site. Number of plots unknown as yetNot known. I have requested more details
GO-NEBrittons Fields, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham (Barnard Castle Town Council)14 December 200416 May 2005160.1053 hectares0Housing and car parking
GO-EASTTerrington St. Clements pc Land at Terington St. Clements17 December 20041 February 20055.2 acresNo relocationChange of use to farming land
GO-EASTBreckland DC Plots 68–84 Shouldham Lane, Swaffham, Norfolk1 April 20051 April 200516 plots0.91 hectaresAll not usedfor use as grazing land
GO-EASTChelmsford BC Melbourne allotments, Chelmsford16 May 200520 June 2005350.85 hectaresSome of the allotment holders have been moved to new plots.
GO-EASTBroadland dc, Ramsey Road Allotments, Saint Ives9 September 20059 November 20053.5 hectaresChange of use
GO-EASTCambridge City Council, Land at Hulatt Way, Cambridge16 February 20059 March 20050.1 hectaresNoneConstruction of 20 flats for elderly peoplen/a
GO-EASTSwaffham Town Council, Tumbler Hill, Norfolk30 March 20055 May 2005241.24NoneTo be used as a base for a charity who help people with learning difficulties develop independent living skills through gardeningn/a
GO-EASTBalsham Parish Council, South Cambridgeshire DC16 May 20055 December 20050.44 hectaresallotment holders will be provided with cultivated allotments on the new site with hard standing for a shedThe parish council are applying for permission to build 18 affordable houses in the village of BalshamAllowed
GO-EMLeicester City Council, (Land on the South Side of the Muston Garden Development), Washbrook Allotments, Welford Road, Leicester19 January 200518 March 200510.0082haNoLand is required to amend boundary discrepancy with adjoining residential developmentNo
GO-EMLeicester City Council, Wycombe Road Allotments, Wycombe Road, Leicester12 May 200328 February 2005872.606haNoThe land is for residential developmentNone
GO-EMBroxtowe Borough Council, The Hassocks Beeston25 February 200531 May 2005621.6haNoThe land will be used for a new fire station plus residential or industrial developmentNo
GO-EMLeicester City Council, Bonney Road Allotments , Bonney Road, Leicester2 November 200431 May 2005120.42haNoOpen SpaceNo
GO-EMLeicester City Council, Bonney Road Allotments, Bonney Road, Leicester2 November 200431 May 2005160.53haNoThe land is for residential developmentNo
GO-EMLeicester City Council, Groby Road Allotments, Groby Road, Leicester13 May 200531 May 20051003.81haNoThe land will be used for development and open spaceNo
GO-EMLeicester City Council, Braunstone close Allotments, Braunstone Close, Leicester2 November 200431 May 2005421.11haNoOpen SpaceNo
GO-EMHeanor and Loscoe Town Council, Hands Road Allotment, Hand Road, Heanor, Derbys12 September 200426 May 200580.227haNoThe land will be used for residential development.No
GO-WMBirmingham City Council, Yardley Green Allotments28 June 200415 February 20051315.08 hecNo—but more revised plots made availableRelease of land at Yardley Green Allotments for development
GOWMWalsall MBC, Herberts Park/Stanbury Avenue14 October 200424 March 2005unused land0.28hecn/aResidential DevelopmentStatutory status being clarified
GOWMCoventry City Council, Coundon Hall19 October 200416 November 20041333.4 hecn/aCommunity Woodland
GOWMRugby Borough Council, Addison Road3 February 200514 April 2005100.6 hecn/aCemetery
GOWMMalvern Hills District Council Elgar Avenue, Malvern22 February 200515 July 2005n/an/an/an/aRefused
GOWMHerefordshire County District Council UA, Rockfield Allotment Site22 February 200517 November 2005n/an/an/an/a
GOWMRedditch BC, Sillins Avenue and Farm Road, Redditch8 March 20056 April 2005n/an/an/an/aWithdrawn
GOWMNuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, Mill Gardens Allotments12 May 20056 July 2005n/an/an/an/aInvalid
GOWMRugby Borough Council, Addison Road Allotments31 May 200512 July 2005None0.1 hecn/aAccess to new housing development
GOWMWolverhampton MBC, Parker Road10 June 20054 July 200550.21 hecn/aResidential Development
GOWMWalsall MBC, Berry / Bradshaw Allotments site20 September 200524 October 2005100.25 hecn/aResidential Development
GOWMWolverhampton MBC, Sandy Lane Allotments Site21 September 200524 October 2005Part of 11.43 hecn/aRoad Widening
GOWMRedditch Borough Council, 233 Bromsgrove Road21 December 2005Gardens
GO-LLB Croydon, 166 Spa Hill30 December 200423 March 20050.00188 haSaleAllowed
GO-LLB Croydon, Midday sun allotments29 November 200427 April 2005Pending1105sqmSaleAllowed
GO-LLB Harrow Land at Harrow Leisure Centre12 September 20052 November 2005n/kSaleAllowed
GO-LLB Harrow Kenmore Avenue9 September 200502 November 2005SaleAllowed
GO-LLB Bromley Southfield Allotment21 January 20058 April 20050.4704 hectaresFor use as open spaceAllowed
GO-SENewtown Allotments2 November 200431 January 2005
GO-SWDorchester Town Council (West Dorset District)2 December 200420 January 2005112.023 sq metres0for council depotNone
GO-SWBristol City Council, Marling Road, St George, Bristol20 January 200511 February 200500.86 hectares0The land to be used as a riding school and stablesNone
GO-SWBristol City Council, Cotman Walk Allotments, Lockleaze, Bristol23 February 200531 March 200500.638 hectares0doesn't sayNone
GO-SWBristol City Council, Stibbs Hill Allotments, St. George, Bristol23 February 200531 March 200530.3571 hectares1 plot of land offered on site 200m awaydoesn't say1 plotholder
GO-SWBristol City Council, Goulston Road, Bishopsworth, Bristol3 February 200425 April 200513(10 vacant remaining 3 plotholders will retain their plots)2,958 sq yardsNonedoesn't sayNone
GO-SWBridgewater Town Council (Sedgemoor district), Bristol Road, No. 2 site, Bridgewater20 April 20057 June 2005None the site is vacant0.78 hecta resNoneLease to Bridgewater Carnival CommitteeNone
GO-SWBristol City Council, Whitefield Road, Speedwell, Bristol6 May 200521 June 2005the site is vacant0.126 hectaresNonedoesn't sayNone
GO-SWBristol City Council, Bedminster Down C", Bedminster Down Road, Bristol14 July 20051 September 2005the site is vacant0.0675 hectaresNoneThe land will be leased to the owners of the adjoining houseNone
GO-SWHenstridge Parish Council (South Somerset District)28 June 2005site is vacant1.48 hectaresNonethe land will be used as a play area (0.2ha) and leasing of the remainder (1.28) [holding answer] to a local farmer for grazing.None

15 Feb 2006 : Column 2153W

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