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15 Feb 2006 : Column 2153W—continued


Mr. Pickles: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what powers local authorities have to regulate day-time bonfires. [51085]

Mr. Bradshaw: I have been asked to reply.

Bonfires on domestic and business premises are regulated by local authorities under the statutory nuisance provisions in sections 79 to 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Local authorities have a duty to investigate complaints of smoke from premises that might be prejudicial to health or a nuisance, and if satisfied that a statutory nuisance exists or is likely to occur or recur an abatement notice must be served requiring the abatement of the nuisance or the restriction of its occurrence or recurrence. Failure to comply with the terms of an abatement notice will, upon summary conviction, result in a fine of up to £5,000 for domestic premises and £20,000 for business premises, in addition, section 2 of the Clean Air Act 1993 prohibits emissions of dark smoke from the open burning of material on industrial and trade premises. The Act provides a maximum fine of £20,000.

Councils (Discussions)

Mr. Drew: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what guidance he has issued on the rights of councillors to initiate discussions on matters which may be opposed by the council executive. [49440]

Mr. Woolas: The New Council Constitutions Guidance, issued by the Government to assist implementation of Part II of the Local Government Act 2000, gives advice on the role of members in the local authority decision-making process, including their role on overview and scrutiny committees.
15 Feb 2006 : Column 2154W

Departmental Assets

David T.C. Davies: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list the items of departmental property worth over £100 that have been reported as (a) lost and (b) broken in the last 12 months. [47685]

Jim Fitzpatrick: No items of property belonging to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and its agencies were reported as (a) lost and (b) broken in the last 12 months. However, two laptops previously reported as lost in my reply to the hon. Member for Hornsey and Wood Green on 30 June 2005, Official Report, column 1651W are now reported as stolen.

This answer does not include property owned by Government Offices, who carry out functions on behalf of ten Government Departments.

Departmental Catering Budget

Andrew George: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what his Department's policy is on the procurement of fair trade produce for consumption on its premises. [49927]

Jim Fitzpatrick: The purchasing policy of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister reflects the Government's value for money policy and the EU procurement rules, which require the procurement of goods and services to be based on value for money and acquired by competition unless there are convincing reasons to the contrary, and the objectives of the office.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister does not specify a requirement of fair or ethically traded products, but does welcome fair trade options as a part of any contracts for the supply of catering or hospitality services.


Shona McIsaac: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what the levels of deprivation were in each lower level super output area in (a) Cleethorpes constituency and
15 Feb 2006 : Column 2155W
(b) Great Grimsby constituency in the last year for which figures are available, in ascending order from the most deprived. [42104]

Yvette Cooper: The following table lists the ranks for each lower layer super output area (LLSOA) in (a) Cleethorpes constituency and (b) in Great Grimsby constituency, based on the Indices of Deprivation 2004, which is the last index available.

In considering the data please note that these are national ranks, with the most deprived LLSOA in England being given a rank of one and the least deprived being ranked 32,482.
SOA codeLocal authority areaConstituencyIMD rank
E01013137North East Lincolnshire 002BGreat Grimsby64
E01013136North East Lincolnshire 002AGreat Grimsby158
E01013139North East Lincolnshire 002CGreat Grimsby315
E01013208North East Lincolnshire 019CGreat Grimsby377
E01013212North East Lincolnshire 015DGreat Grimsby454
E01013138North East Lincolnshire 006AGreat Grimsby770
E01013205North East Lincolnshire 019BGreat Grimsby796
E01013210North East Lincolnshire 019EGreat Grimsby1,182
E01013165North East Lincolnshire 011DGreat Grimsby1,407
E01013142North East Lincolnshire 002DGreat Grimsby1,429
E01013232North East Lincolnshire 009CGreat Grimsby1,574
E01013221North East Lincolnshire 003DGreat Grimsby1,927
E01013140North East Lincolnshire 006BGreat Grimsby2,125
E01013209North East Lincolnshire 019DGreat Grimsby2,211
E01013144North East Lincolnshire 004AGreat Grimsby2,235
E01013159North East Lincolnshire 011AGreat Grimsby2,501
E01013181North East Lincolnshire 016AGreat Grimsby2,518
E01013162North East Lincolnshire 011CGreat Grimsby2,765
E01013222North East Lincolnshire 003EGreat Grimsby2,796
E01013218North East Lincolnshire 003AGreat Grimsby3,148
E01013141North East Lincolnshire 006CGreat Grimsby3,450
E01013220North East Lincolnshire 003CGreat Grimsby4,042
E01013206North East Lincolnshire 015AGreat Grimsby4,116
E01013219North East Lincolnshire 003BGreat Grimsby4,253
E01013204North East Lincolnshire 019AGreat Grimsby4,659
E01013187North East Lincolnshire 008AGreat Grimsby4,761
E01013164North East Lincolnshire 012DGreat Grimsby4,863
E01013161North East Lincolnshire 011BGreat Grimsby5,416
E01013229North East Lincolnshire 013EGreat Grimsby5,754
E01013147North East Lincolnshire 009AGreat Grimsby5,773
E01013184North East Lincolnshire 016DGreat Grimsby6,336
E01013143North East Lincolnshire 006DGreat Grimsby6,602
E01013233North East Lincolnshire 008DGreat Grimsby8,789
E01013231North East Lincolnshire 008CGreat Grimsby9,333
E01013207North East Lincolnshire 015BGreat Grimsby10,073
E01013158North East Lincolnshire 012AGreat Grimsby10,338
E01013192North East Lincolnshire 021DGreat Grimsby10,756
E01013146North East Lincolnshire 004CGreat Grimsby11,573
E01013211North East Lincolnshire 015CGreat Grimsby12,044
E01013227North East Lincolnshire 013CGreat Grimsby12,847
E01013183North East Lincolnshire 016CGreat Grimsby12,996
E01013188North East Lincolnshire 008BGreat Grimsby14,196
E01013160North East Lincolnshire 012BGreat Grimsby14,526
E01013230North East Lincolnshire 009BGreat Grimsby14,979
E01013234North East Lincolnshire 009DGreat Grimsby15,570
E01013163North East Lincolnshire 012CGreat Grimsby17,280
E01013228North East Lincolnshire 013DGreat Grimsby18,660
E01013145North East Lincolnshire 004BGreat Grimsby19,190
E01013185North East Lincolnshire 016EGreat Grimsby19,910
E01013182North East Lincolnshire 016BGreat Grimsby20,644
E01013186North East Lincolnshire 016FGreat Grimsby21,240
E01013189North East Lincolnshire 021AGreat Grimsby22,417
E01013150North East Lincolnshire 013BGreat Grimsby22,481
E01013149North East Lincolnshire 013AGreat Grimsby23,649
E01013194North East Lincolnshire 021EGreat Grimsby23,960
E01013193North East Lincolnshire 022EGreat Grimsby24,164
E01013190North East Lincolnshire 021BGreat Grimsby24,494
E01013148North East Lincolnshire 004DGreat Grimsby26,936
E01013191North East Lincolnshire 021CGreat Grimsby27,444

15 Feb 2006 : Column 2156W

SOA codeLocal authority areaConstituencyIMD rank
E01013177North East Lincolnshire 001DCleethorpes1,934
E01013199North East Lincolnshire 010CCleethorpes1,956
E01013203North East Lincolnshire 005ECleethorpes1,963
E01013201North East Lincolnshire 005CCleethorpes2,348
E01013129North East Lincolnshire 017ACleethorpes2,546
E01013174North East Lincolnshire 001ACleethorpes2,725
E01013128North East Lincolnshire 010ACleethorpes3,600
E01013196North East Lincolnshire 005BCleethorpes3,751
E01013131North East Lincolnshire 014ACleethorpes5,811
E01013195North East Lincolnshire 005ACleethorpes5,909
E01013130North East Lincolnshire 018ACleethorpes6,590
E01013202North East Lincolnshire 005DCleethorpes7,041
E01013135North East Lincolnshire 018BCleethorpes7,619
E01013198North East Lincolnshire 010BCleethorpes7,931
E01013179North East Lincolnshire 001FCleethorpes8,329
E01013133North East Lincolnshire 014CCleethorpes8,333
E01013259North Lincolnshire 001FCleethorpes8,647
E01013254North Lincolnshire 001ACleethorpes9,583
E01013258North Lincolnshire 001ECleethorpes10,069
E01013134North East Lincolnshire 014DCleethorpes10,547
E01013197North East Lincolnshire 012ECleethorpes11,627
E01013303North Lincolnshire 002ACleethorpes12,071
E01013308North Lincolnshire 004CCleethorpes12,743
E01013213North East Lincolnshire 023ACleethorpes12,924
E01013156North East Lincolnshire 018DCleethorpes13,657
E01013180North East Lincolnshire 001GCleethorpes13,757
E01013167North East Lincolnshire 020DCleethorpes14,333
E01013169North East Lincolnshire 020ECleethorpes14,599
E01013132North East Lincolnshire 014BCleethorpes14,619
E01013225North East Lincolnshire 023FCleethorpes15,379
E01013255North Lincolnshire 001BCleethorpes15,472
E01013176North East Lincolnshire 001CCleethorpes16,179
E01013306North Lincolnshire 004BCleethorpes16,948
E01013178North East Lincolnshire 001ECleethorpes17,087
E01013200North East Lincolnshire 010DCleethorpes17,297
E01013153North East Lincolnshire 020ACleethorpes17,643
E01013309North Lincolnshire 004DCleethorpes17,993
E01013256North Lincolnshire 001CCleethorpes18,657
E01013175North East Lincolnshire 001BCleethorpes18,677
E01013173North East Lincolnshire 007ACleethorpes18,957
E01013307North Lincolnshire 002DCleethorpes19,441
E01013224North East Lincolnshire 007CCleethorpes19,722
E01013166North East Lincolnshire 020CCleethorpes19,904
E01013305North Lincolnshire 002CCleethorpes20,634
E01013170North East Lincolnshire 022BCleethorpes21,329
E01013304North Lincolnshire 002BCleethorpes21,,642
E01013215North East Lincolnshire 023CCleethorpes21,892
E01013226North East Lincolnshire 007DCleethorpes22,858
E01013168North East Lincolnshire 022ACleethorpes22,870
E01013151North East Lincolnshire 017BCleethorpes23,490
E01013152North East Lincolnshire 017CCleethorpes24,030
E01013172North East Lincolnshire 022DCleethorpes24,300
E01013257North Lincolnshire 001DCleethorpes24,343
E01013214North East Lincolnshire 023BCleethorpes24,459
E01013217North East Lincolnshire 023ECleethorpes25,613
E01013154North East Lincolnshire 018CCleethorpes25,797
E01013216North East Lincolnshire 023DCleethorpes25,981
E01013155North East Lincolnshire 017DCleethorpes27,397
E01013171North East Lincolnshire 022CCleethorpes28,611
E01013223North East Lincolnshire 007BCleethorpes28,970
E01013157North East Lincolnshire 020BCleethorpes29,914

15 Feb 2006 : Column 2158W

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