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16 Feb 2006 : Column 2336W—continued

Criminal Justice Act

Mr. Garnier: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list the (a) sections and (b) provisions within the Criminal Justice Act 2003 which (i) have not yet come into force and (ii) have been repealed (A) prior to and (B) after coming into force. [50136]

Fiona Mactaggart: The information requested is shown in the table.

A copy will be placed in the Library.

Daniel Morgan

Mr. Roger Williams: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department when the report by the Metropolitan Police Authority relating to the murder of Daniel Morgan will be made available to his family. [49577]

Hazel Blears [holding answer 6 February 2006]: The Metropolitan Police Authority is responsible for the report into the investigation into Daniel Morgan's murder. I will ensure that the chairman receives a copy of the question and replies to you directly. Copies of the letter containing the MPA's response will be placed in the House Libraries.

Departmental Finance

Pete Wishart: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what the annual expenditure on vehicles by (a) his Department and (b) each (i) non-departmental public body, (ii) executive agency and (iii) other public body for which he is responsible in (A) Scotland, (B) Wales, (C) each of the English regions and (D) Northern Ireland was in each of the last three financial years; and what the planned expenditure is for 2005–06. [39976]

16 Feb 2006 : Column 2337W

Mr. Charles Clarke: For details of expenditure on Ministerial vehicles provided to the Department by the Government Car and Despatch Agency I refer the hon. Member to the letter of 20 December 2005 from the Chief Executive of the Government Car and Despatch Agency to the hon. Member for Lewes (Norman Baker). Copies of the letter are available in the Library.
16 Feb 2006 : Column 2338W

Annual expenditure on vehicles is not recorded by geographical area and could be assembled only at disproportionate cost. The information as to the costs of vehicles which (a) the Department (b) each (i) NDPB (ii) executive agency and (iii) other public body for which the Department is responsible Office have purchased or leased is as follows.
Home OfficeIndependent Police Complaints CommissionNational Criminal Intelligence ServiceNational Police Training/ CentrexPolice IT OrganisationPrison ServiceForensic Science Service

(35) Estimate
No expenditure was incurred by: Criminal Records Bureau, UK Passport Agency, Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, Criminal Cases Review Commission, Security Industry Authority, Youth Justice Board

Drug Offenders

Mr. Malins: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether the reconviction rates differ of those convicted of drug-related offences who (a) enter drug residential rehabilitation places, (b) receive drug treatment and testing orders and (c) receive other disposals. [50071]

Fiona Mactaggart [holding answer 9 February 2006]: Information on reconviction rates for offenders entering drug residential rehabilitation places are not routinely available. Information on re-offending is published annually to help monitor the Home Office's progress against its PSA target to reduce re-offending by 5 per cent. by 2006. The most recent data were published in December in 'Adult re-offending: results from the 2002 cohort'. Home Office Statistical Bulletin 25/05'. This is available on the Home Office's website: For offenders convicted of drug offences in the first quarter of 2002, the two year re-offending rate was 35.9 per cent. for those offenders convicted of drug import and supply offences and 53.8 per cent. for those convicted of drugs possession and small scale supply offences. Further analysis of this data shows that the two year re-offending rate for those convicted of drug offences and given DTTOs was 78.1 per cent. and for all other disposals it was 48.1 per cent. Re-offending rates should be used with caution as a number of different factors can influence them. Re-offending rates can be adjusted to take account of the changing characteristics of offenders and these adjusted rates are published annually on the Home Office's website. The latest predicted rates show a reduction in re-offending of 0.2 per cent. to 58.5 per cent. for all adults against the 2000 baseline.

Drugs Dependence Treatment

Mr. Jenkins: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many prisoners underwent treatment for drugs dependence in (a) Tamworth constituency, (b) Staffordshire and (c) England and Wales in each of the past five years. [51225]

Fiona Mactaggart: Figures for prisoners undergoing drug treatment are given in the following table. There are no recorded figures prior to 2001–02. Figures for programme completion were not collected prior to 2004–05.
Programmes entrants60606080
Programmes entrants116154187276
England and Wales
Programmes entrants4,6914,3864,7037,609

(36) HMP Swinfen Hall.
(37) HMP Swinfen Hall, HMP Drake Hall, HMP Featherstone, HMP Stafford HMP Dovegate.


Anne Snelgrove: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many offenders were found guilty of (a) drunken and disorderly behaviour and (b) drunken and aggravated disorderly behaviour in each year between 1997 and 2005 in (i) England and (ii) each local authority in England. [51289]

Fiona Mactaggart: Data from the court proceedings database held by the Office for Criminal Justice Reform on the number of offenders found guilty for drunkenness and drunkenness with aggravation in Wales 1997–2005 are given in the table.

It is not possible to identify those convicted in each local authority, as the data are not collected at this level of detail. Court statistics for 2005 will be available in autumn 2006. The penalty notice for disorder scheme was brought into effect in all police forces in England
16 Feb 2006 : Column 2339W
and Wales during 2004. Under the scheme the police are able to issue persons committing specified minor offences with a fixed penalty notice.

No admission of guilt is required and payment of the penalty discharges all liability for the offence. In 2004 26,609 penalty notices were issued in England for the offence of being drunk and disorderly. Provisional data for 2005 to the end of September shows that 24,150 penalty notices were issued in England for this offence. The aggravated offence is not included in the scheme.
Number of offenders found guilty at all courts for offences relating to drunkenness in England 1997 to 2004(38)

Offence class
Drunkenness with aggravation(39)Drunkenness, simple(40)

(38) These data are on the principal offence basis.
(39) Includes offences under S.91 Criminal Justice Act 1967.S.12 Licensing Act 1872, S.174 Licensing Act 1964, S.9(4) Late Night Refreshment Houses Act 1969, S.28 London Hackney Carriage Act 1843, SS.101(1)(a)(b), (4) and (5) Merchant Shipping Act 1995, S.2 Licensing Act 1902 and S.61 Town Police Clauses Act 1847
(40) Includes offences under S.12 Licensing Act 1872, Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc) Act 1985 SS.1(4), 1A(4), 2.(2) and S.12 Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001

16 Feb 2006 : Column 2340W

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