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18 Apr 2006 : Column 110W—continued

Influenza Pandemic

Mr. Hancock: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what plans each local authority in Hampshire has in place for action in the event of a pandemic, in relation to (a) their own staff, (b) maintaining their statutory services and (c) tending to the wider population; and if he will make a statement. [43872]

Mr. Jim Murphy: I have been asked to reply.

The Government does not systematically collect information on the emergency plans and business continuity arrangements maintained by individual local authorities.

Part 1 of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 establishes a statutory framework for civil protection activity at the local level. Under this legislation all principal local authorities are required to maintain emergency plans and business continuity arrangements, informed by risk assessments, to ensure that they can mobilise an effective emergency response, and are able to continue to exercise their other functions during a full range of emergencies, including health emergencies. The legislation also requires local authorities and other key partners to exercise these plans. The performance of English local authorities against the duties set out in the Act will be assessed by the Audit Commission as part of the Comprehensive Performance Assessment.

The Government have issued tailored guidance to local authorities and other local responders via the Regional Resilience Teams in the Government Offices to inform local planning for a flu pandemic.

Mr. Austin Mitchell: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how much has been spent in respect of each stock transfer since 1997 on (a) set-up costs, (b) early redemption penalties, (c) debt write-off, (d) gap funding and (e) subsidy to registered social landlords, broken down by local authority. [40847]

18 Apr 2006 : Column 111W

Yvette Cooper: The following table provides figures in respect of: set up costs; the amount of local authority debt repaid by Central Government where the transfer generated a receipt insufficient to pay off the outstanding debt; and gap funding grant (this is in lieu
18 Apr 2006 : Column 112W
of continued subsidy of the debt through the HRA). The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister does not separately log the figures in respect of early redemption penalties. Subsidy is not paid to registered social landlords as part of stock transfer.
Large scale voluntary transfers since 1997
£ million

Local authorityDate of transferSet-up costsOverhanging debt paidGap funding-spend up to 31 December 2005
Cotswold DC28 February 19972.37
South Staffs C7 March 19972.06
Lichfield DC19 March 19972.08
South Oxfordshire DC7 July 19973.19
Eden C22 September 19971.18
LB Lambeth(12) Moorlands5 January 19980.40
LB Bexley9 February 19982.19
LB Bexley9 February 19981.81
Congleton BC2 March 19982.17
Oldham BC(12) Limehurst9 March 19980.257
Liverpool CC(12)Windermere19 March 19980.197
LB Merton(12) Pollards Hill23/ March 19980.56
LB Tower Hamlets(12) Poplar I23 March 19981.26
Kerrier DC23 March 19981.58
LB Hackney(12) Kingsmead30 March 19980.39
LB Brent(12) Fortunegate/Church End30 March 19981.37
Basildon C(12) Vange30 March 19980.28
West Somerset DC30 march 19981.98
Stoke-on-Trent CC (12) Bentilee31 March 19980.65
Tewksbury BC27 April 19982.09
Rother DC1 May 19981.02
LB Lambeth(12) Lansdowne Green20 July 19980.25
LB Tower Hamlets(12) Poplar II7 December 19981.15
Wurral(12) Leasowe25 January 19990.45
Tameside(12) West Ashton1 February 19990.10
West Devon BC22 February 19990.4
South Somerset DC1 March 19995
East Lindsey DC1 March 19993.86
Liverpool CC(12) Pinehurst5 March 19990.25
LB Hackney(12) Morningside15 March 19990.46
LB Hammersmith & Fulham(12) Old Oak17 March 19990.28
LB Hackney(12)Upper Clapton22 March 19990.37
Telford and Wrekin C25 march 19994.2
Worthing BC29 March 19991.603
Bath & North East Somerset C29 March 19992.4
Manchester CC(12) East Wythenshawe29 March 19992.90
LB Greenwich(12) Charlton Triangle29 March 19990.50
LB Hackney(12) Haggerston29 March 19990.26
Allerdale BC(12) Salterbeck31 March 19990.29
Preston BC(12) Avenham14 June 19990.45
LB Lambeth(12) Central Stockwell5 July 19990.94
Birmingham CC(12) Central Areas21 June 19990.87
LB Islington(12) Barnsbury26 September 19990.246
LB Islington(12) Ten Estates26 September 19990.271
Liverpool CC(12) Speke Garston4 October 19991.87
West Lindsey DC18 October 19992.5
LB Lambeth(12) St Martins25 October 19990.61
Boston BC29 November 19991.6
Tynedale DC20 December 19992.1
Newcastle under Lyme BC31 January 20004.08
Restormel BC7 February 20001.211
Manchester CC (Colshaw Farm)14 February 20000.45
North Devon DC21 February 20002.99
LB Hackney(12) Stamford Hill6 March 20000.45
LB Hackney(12) Pembury Estate6 March 20000.5
Burnley BC8 March 20002.2521
Manchester CC Sale Estate20 March 20000.45
Weymouth and Portland C20 March 20002.4
Huntington DC20 March 20004.4
Elmbridge BC27 March 20004.2
Test Valley BC27 March 20005.1
Wyre Forest DC27 March 20004.1
Manchester CC Whitefield Estate27 March 20000.5
LB Tower Hamlets(12) THCH27 March 20000.54
Tameside MBC27 March 20009.28
LB Richmond17 July 20003
Coventry CC22 September 20007.703111.7
Fylde BC2 October 20001.06
Chester CC27 November 20002.33
Horsham DC11 December 20002.4
East Northamptonshire DC19 February 20010.25
Torbay BC19 February 20011.992
Staffordshire Moorlands DC23 February 20011.11
Calderdale MBC6 march 20013.964.6
Chichester DC13 March 20012.52
Mendip DC19 March 20012.13
West Wiltshire DC26 March 20010.95
West Oxfordshire DC26 March 20012.22
East Staffordshire BC26 March 20011.295
Manchester CC Handforth Estate26 March 20010.36
Sunderland CC26 March 20011.336
Blackburn with Darwen BC28 March 20013.178.9
Shrewsbury & Atcham BC1 October 20013.03
Mid-Bedfordshire DC5 November 20011.5
Derbyshire Dales4 March 20021.45
Chelsmford BC11 march 20023.39
East Hertfordshire DC18 March 20022.37
Erewash BC25 March 20021.59
Reigate & Banstead BC25 March 20022.36
St Edmunsbury24 June 20023
Vale Royal BC1 July 20021.47
St Helens MBC1 July 20026.4887.2
Redcar & Cleveland BC15 July 20025.7625.4
Knowsley MBC15 July 20025.97126.1
LB Waltham Forest30 September 20020.52969
County of Hertfordshire C25 November 20021.95
Carlisle CC09 December 20028.7318
Rushcliffe BC20 January 20031.6
City of Bradford24 February 200310.028182.8
Amber Valley BC24 February 20032.3
Crewe and Nantwich BC10 March 20031.4
Walsall MBC (majority of stock)27 March 200315.2as below
Walsall MBC (tenant managed stock)27 March 20032.6108.7
Craven DC31 March 20032.36
Forest of Dean DC31 March 20031.7
North Hertfordshire DC31 March 20032.22
Manchester CC (East Manchester)8 September 20032.62
Scarborough BC15 December 20031.875
Maidstone BC2 February 20042.6
Cherwell29 March 20042.36
Bromsgrove29 March 20042.18
Hartlepool29 March 20042.765.709
Liverpool (Kensington)29 March 20040.36
Worcester31 March 20041.8325.23
South Norfolk17 May 20042.5
Copeland BC7 June 20041.3715.81
Purbeck28 June 20040.93
Manchester (Woodhouse Park)(13)4 October 200444
Peterborough4 October 20043.533
Forest Heath11 October 20042.438
Middlesbrough15 November 20049.77138.8
LB Tower Hamlets Tarling East(13)20 December 20042.51
Wirral7 February 20055.09111.58
LB Islington Grove Estate(13)21 December 200516.20
Trafford14 March 20055.3030.50
LB Lambeth Kennington Park**21 March 200513.53
LB Tower Hamlets Crossways(13)21 March 20058.21
North East Lincolnshire21 March 20052.9061.376.18
Wakefield21 March 200510.15148.97
LB Tower Hamlets (Mile End East)(13)11 April 200527.40
Manchester CC (Haughton Green)18 April 20050.5019.27
LB Tower Hamlets (Leopold and Burdett West)(13)1 August 200512.210.538
LB Tower Hamlets (Sheltered)(13)14 November 20056.850.073
Islington (Ringcross)(13)28 November 20055.11
Preston CC(13)28 November 200565.630.500
Halton5 December 20053.6240.54
Tower Hamlets (Island Homes)(13)5 December 200536.20

(12) Relates to set up costs paid as part of the Estates Renewal Challenge Fund (ERCF) programme
(13) Local authority has not requested set up costs

18 Apr 2006 : Column 115W

Mr. Meacher: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how much was raised by right-to-buy sales in each local authority in each year since 1997; how much was retained by each local authority in each year; how much was (a) transferred from local authority control for other purposes and (b) not permitted to be used for housing purposes by the local authority; and what percentage the amount transferred from local authority control and not permitted to be used for housing purposes represents as a percentage of the amount from right to buy sales put into housing revenue accounts in each case in each year. [56380]

Yvette Cooper [holding answer 7 March 2006]: I have placed in the Library of the House the available information on right to buy sales in each local authority in each year since 1997 and the available information on
18 Apr 2006 : Column 116W
the total housing capital receipts for each local authority and the amount each authority has been required either to set aside for debt repayment or to pay to the Secretary of State under the pooling arrangements.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has no information on what uses each local authority makes of the proportion of the housing capital receipt they are entitled to retain. Local authorities may use the retained proportion of the capital receipt for any capital purpose they see fit.

The total national position is summarised in the following table. In 2004–05 the amount paid to Government from all housing receipts (not just right to buy) was £1.7 billion. The amount invested in housing was £4.1 billion. The ratio of amount invested to amount set aside is expected to increase substantially in the future.
Total housing capital receipts (£m)Set Aside/Pooling (£m)Set aside/pooling
as percentage of
housing capital receipts
Capital investment (£m)Investment greater than set-aside/pooling by (£m)
2003–043,622No datan/a3,964n/a
2005–06No data(14)840n/a(15)5,2234,383
2006–07No data(14)801n/a(15)5,3474,546
2007–08No data(14)753n/a(15)5,6654,912

Pooling replaced set-aside as the mechanism to invest housing capital receipts in 2004–2005.
(14) Estimated pooled housing capital receipts.
(15) Programmed expenditure.

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