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18 Apr 2006 : Column 176W—continued

School Discipline

Andrew Rosindell: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills how many recorded incidents of antisocial behaviour in secondary schools there have been in (a) Romford, (b) Havering and (c) Greater London in each of the last 10 years. [62976]

Jacqui Smith: The requested information is not collected centrally.

The nearest available data relate to the number of exclusions by the reason for exclusion. Information given in the table relates to 2003/04 academic year—the first year for which reason for exclusion" was collected.

Information on exclusions during the 2004/05 academic year will be available in June 2006.
18 Apr 2006 : Column 177W

Maintained secondary schools1Number and percentage of permanent and fixed period exclusions by reason of exclusion, 2003/04

Number of permanent exclusions(41)(5509060042)Percentage of all permanent exclusions(43)Number of
fixed period
Percentage of all fixed period exclusions(44)
Romford parliamentary constituency
Physical assault against a pupil(45)(45)6913
Physical assault against an adult(45)(45)112
Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against a pupil(45)(45)163
Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against an adult3177614
Racist abuse00163
Sexual misconduct00(45)(45)
Drug and alcohol related(45)(45)61
Persistent disruptive behaviour5286913
Havering local authority
Physical assault against a pupil3926918
Physical assault against an adult(45)(45)201
Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against a pupil(45)(45)332
Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against an adult51422215
Racist abuse00322
Sexual misconduct0050
Drug and alcohol related(45)(45)312
Persistent disruptive behaviour92614210
Physical assault against a pupil269207,31923
Physical assault against an adult12791,1134
Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against a pupil10981,4835
Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against an adult132105,75418
Racist abuse(45)(45)2541
Sexual misconduct1613631
Drug and alcohol related8661,0043
Persistent disruptive behaviour301226,25620

(40)Includes middle schools as deemed.
(41)There are known quality issues with exclusions data for these years. Figures shown here for Romford parliamentary constituency are as reported by schools but are unconfirmed and should be used with caution. Figures for Havering local authority and London have been checked back with authorities.
(42)The distribution of exclusions by reason has been derived from the Termly Exclusions Survey and applied to the number of permanent exclusions as confirmed by local authorities as part of the Annual Schools Census data checking exercise.
(43)The number of permanent exclusions by reason expressed as a percentage of the total number of permanent exclusions.
(44)The number of permanent exclusions by reason expressed as a percentage of the total number of permanent exclusions.
(45)1 or 2 exclusions, or a rate based on 1 or 2 exclusions.

School Food

Dr. Gibson: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what definition of confectionery will be applied to the School Food Trust guidelines on the sale of such products from vending machines and tuck shops in secondary schools. [60784]

Jacqui Smith: Officials are still collecting stakeholder views on the School Food Trust's advice to Government on nutritional standards for food served at times of the day other than lunch. Views have been sought from representatives of the food industry, education and
18 Apr 2006 : Column 178W
health sectors. Forthcoming decisions on a definition of confectionery for the purposes of school food standards will be taken in light of these stakeholder views.

Shrewsbury Sixth Form College

Daniel Kawczynski: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if she will provide funding to allow the Skills for Life section of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College to remain open beyond the 2005–06 academic year. [59864]

18 Apr 2006 : Column 179W

Phil Hope: This is a matter for the Learning and Skills Council who are responsible for the planning and funding of Skills for Life learning via the 47 local Learning and Skills Council offices. Mark Haysom, the Council's Chief Executive, has written to the hon. Member with the information requested and a copy of his reply has been placed in the House Library.

Letter from Mark Haysom, dated 5 April 2006:
18 Apr 2006 : Column 180W

2001/02 SCC LSC revenue allocation for county £365,8792005/06 SCC LSC revenue allocation for county £467,858 (excluding family learning funds of £150,172)
Shrewsbury—Gateway Centre and provision£163,000Shrewsbury—Gateway Centre and provision£285,180
Shrewsbury schools ACL£24,550Shrewsbury schools: New ACL centres at Grange and Sundorne schools£38,000 (includes some
extended schools funds)

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