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2 May 2006 : Column 1505W—continued

Fire and Rescue Services

Mr. Pickles: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many (a) deliberate fires and (b) deliberate vehicle fires there were in England in each year since 1996–97. [66441]

Jim Fitzpatrick: The table shows the number of deliberate primary fires attended by the fire and rescue service in England in each year since 1996–97.
Deliberate primary fires by location of fire, England—1996–97 to 2004–05

TotalRoad vehiclesOther locations

(49) Includes estimates for incidents not recorded during periods of industrial action in 2002–03.
(50) Data for 2004–05 are provisional.
Fire and Rescue Service FDR1 returns to ODPM.

Mr. Pickles: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what targets he has set for reducing the number of deliberate fires. [66442]

Jim Fitzpatrick: The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has a public service agreement target to reduce the number of accidental fire related deaths in the home by 20 per cent. by 31 March 2010 and to achieve a 10 per cent. reduction in deliberate fires by 31 March 2010.

Deliberate primary fires have fallen again in the latest year; 69,900 were recorded in the 12 months to 30 June 2005, a fall of 20 per cent. compared with the previous year. This is 26 per cent. below the 2010 PSA target of 94,000.
2 May 2006 : Column 1506W

Andrew Rosindell: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many large outbreaks of fire there have been in each of the last eight years in (a) Romford, (b) Havering and(c) Greater London; and if he will make a statement. [67027]

Jim Fitzpatrick: The following tables show the number of primary fires attended by the fire and rescue service in each year from 1997–2004. Data for constituencies and local authorities are held centrally only for 2002 onwards.
Primary fires in Greater London, 1997 to 2004

LocationGreater London

(51) Includes estimates for incidents not recorded during periods of industrial action in 2002 and 2003
Fire and Rescue Service FDR1 returns to ODPM.

Primary fires in Romford constituency and Havering local authority, 2002–04

Havering LA330472382
Romford Constituency108140117
% assigned to LA and constituency719596

(52) Excludes incidents not recorded during periods of industrial action in 2002 and 2003
Primary fires include all fires in buildings, vehicles and outdoor structures or any fire involving casualties, rescues, or fires attended by five or more appliances.
Neighbourhood Statistics derived from Fire and Rescue Service FDR1 returns to ODPM.

Andrew Rosindell: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how much has been allocated for fire and rescue services to each London borough in each of the last eight years. [67015]

Jim Fitzpatrick: The fire and rescue service is partially funded by formula grant. Formula grant comprises revenue support grant, redistributed business rates and principal formula police grant. The Greater London Authority receives the funding with respect to both police and non-police services including fire. The non-police amounts are as follows:
Formula grant

2 May 2006 : Column 1507W

It is a matter for the Greater London Authority to decide the distribution of funding among the fire and rescue services in each borough.

Mr. Dismore: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what the total annual budget for each fire authority in England was in each of the last 10 years for which figures are available; and what the budget deficit was in each case where this occurred. [65667]

2 May 2006 : Column 1508W

Jim Fitzpatrick: The annual budget of a local authority is usually measured by its budget requirement. This must not change between (forecast) budget and (actual) outturn. Also, prior to 1 April 2004, the budget requirement for combined fire authorities in shire areas was zero as fire authority expenditure was financed entirely by payments from county or unitary councils in their area.

To give a more consistent picture across the last 10 years I have tabled the service expenditure of each single purpose fire authority in England for each of the last ten years for which data are available.
Total service expenditure by single purpose fire authorities for each year from 1995–96 to 2004–05
£ thousands
E6101Avon Combined Fire Authority(53)24,22025,62227,05228,544
E6102Bedfordshire Combined Fire Authority(53)14,11314,42716,107
E6103Berkshire Combined Fire Authority(53)18,61720,054
E6104Buckinghamshire Combined Fire Authority(53)13,38314,04514,342
E6105Cambridgeshire Combined Fire Authority(53)14,84516,369
E6106Cheshire Combined Fire Authority(53)24,37826,976
E6107Cleveland Combined Fire Authority(53)20,90921,39621,77123,013
E6110Derbyshire Combined Fire Authority(53)20,38223,02123,706
E6111Devon Combined Fire Authority(53)28,71730,999
E6112Dorset Combined Fire Authority(53)15,03916,63517,385
E6113Durham Combined Fire Authority(53).16,39916,67517,451
E6114East Sussex Combined Fire Authority(53)19,82720,05522,488
E6115Essex Combined Fire Authority(53)_42,47245,085
E6117Hampshire Combined Fire Authority(53)33,46635,92139,421
E6118Hereford & Worcester Combined Fire Authority(53)16,66117,529
E6120Humberside Combined Fire Authority(53)24,74226,63827,73328,691
E6122Kent Combined Fire Authority(53)42,38845,176
E6123Lancashire Combined Fire Authority(53)40,93943,113
E6124Leicestershire Combined Fire Authority(53)17,35819,18819,836
E6127North Yorkshire Combined Fire Authority(53)16,03817,09017,44919,132
E6130Nottinghamshire Combined Fire Authority(53)25,80427,294
E6132Shropshire Combined Fire Authority(53).11,36812,503
E6134Staffordshire Combined Fire Authority(53)23,04324,15025,053
E6139Wiltshire Combined Fire Authority(53)11,90012,48413,483
E6142Greater Manchester Fire and CD Authority70,40973,47477,16479,73381,512
E6143Merseyside Fire and CD Authority47,18752,73752,11355,16657,804
E6144South Yorkshire Fire and CD Authority30,49131,25733,24436,00438,293
E6145Tyne and Wear Fire and CD Authority35,88936,98338,00241,90741,451
E6146West Midlands Fire and CD Authority67,46969,57873,64577,77580,982
E6147West Yorkshire Fire and CD Authority53,01754,57457,28059,92063,221
E6160London Fire and CD Authority2250,060259,190265,489275,287280,626


E6101Avon Combined Fire Authority(53)29,92431,33233,83734,93539,700
E6102Bedfordshire Combined Fire Authority(53)16,15817,40518,64520,25021,726
E6103Berkshire Combined Fire Authority(53)21,06622,43423,80326,23029,594
E6104Buckinghamshire Combined Fire Authority(53)15,78616,52517,39319,68519,594
E6105Cambridgeshire Combined Fire Authority(53)17,30618,17118,52722,34623,858
E6106Cheshire Combined Fire Authority(53)25,53827,81528,72633,94540,332
E6107Cleveland Combined Fire Authority(53)24,09625,49126,71030,01333,350
E6110Derbyshire Combined Fire Authority(53)25,06525,83926,89326,96331,152
E6111Devon Combined Fire Authority(53)32,51333,99736,22739,02344,272
E6112Dorset Combined Fire Authority(53)18,08018,96620,25817,50923,541
E6113Durham Combined Fire Authority(53)18,33020,08420,75823,94923,407
E6114East Sussex Combined Fire Authority(53)23,30624,34826,93420,93731,825
E6115Essex Combined Fire Authority(53)47,38349,69151,59154,34959,430
E6117Hampshire Combined Fire Authority(53)40,74344,71147,59751,39054,919
E6118Hereford and Worcester Combined Fire Authority(53)17,76619,45520,76822,39924,519
E6120Humberside Combined Fire Authority(53)30,59831,29132,53232,59538,193
E6122Kent Combined Fire Authority(53)46,10548,05449,74352,92756,669
E6123Lancashire Combined Fire Authority(53)44,24345,90548,46751,79155,642
E6124Leicestershire Combined Fire Authority(53)21,11722,07523,33024,87129,396
E6127North Yorkshire Combined Fire Authority(53)18,66320,08723,34821,51521,053
E6130Nottinghamshire Combined Fire Authority(53)28,22130,29031,72233,12737,378
E6132Shropshire Combined Fire Authority(53)12,68812,79614,54515,36316,183
E6134Staffordshire Combined Fire Authority(53)25,34727,35028,80731,54634,207
E6139Wiltshire Combined Fire Authority(53)15,12615,76416,84017,38319,299
E6142Greater Manchester Fire and CD Authority86,24489,30094,72992,63897,625
E6143Merseyside Fire and CD Authority58,84761,02262,52560,56465,715
E6144South Yorkshire Fire and CD Authority37,88041,47043,37142,64050,143
E6145Tyne and Wear Fire and CD Authority44,55945,90548,44945,36250,180
E6146West Midlands Fire and CD Authority83,25287,78190,68287,49199,285
E6147West Yorkshire Fire and CD Authority64,65767,50871,15669,86478,940
E6160London Fire and CD Authority(55)

(53) Fire authorities did not exist until the first year shown and were created following local government reorganisation. All fire services were previously provided by the county council.
(54) Figures for 2003–04 and 2004–05 are presented on a Financial Reporting Standard 17 (FRS17) basis. All other years are presented on a non-FRS17 basis.
(55) London Fire Authority became part of the Greater London Authority in 2000–01.
ODPM Revenue Outturn (RO) returns 1995–96 to 2004–05—RS data.

2 May 2006 : Column 1509W

Mr. Gordon Prentice: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister on how many occasions during 2005 the fire brigade was called out to deal with incidents in hotels and similar establishments where a fire alarm had been triggered by cigarette smoke and there was no fire; what estimate he has made of the cost; and if he will make a statement. [67561]

Jim Fitzpatrick: The information requested is not held centrally, and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

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