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2 May 2006 : Column 1509W—continued


Mr. Jeremy Browne: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many people were homeless in (a) England, (b) the South West and (c) Taunton constituency in each year since 1992. [64068]

Yvette Cooper: Information about local authorities actions under homelessness legislation is collected in respect of households, rather than people, and at local authority rather than constituency level. The constituency
2 May 2006 : Column 1510W
of Taunton includes Taunton Deane District Council, West Somerset District Council and Mid Devon District Council.

The number of households accepted by the district councils as eligible for assistance, unintentionally homeless and in priority need for each year since 1996, and the number of households in temporary accommodation arranged by the councils under homelessness legislation as at 31 December in each year is tabled. Information is also collected on the number of people who sleep rough—that is, those who are literally roofless on a single night—and these are also presented in the table. Figures from 1992 are also presented for England and South West.

The duty owed to a household accepted as eligible for assistance, unintentionally homeless and in priority need is to secure suitable accommodation. If a settled home is not immediately available, the authority may secure temporary accommodation until a settled home becomes available. As an alternative to the provision of temporary accommodation some authorities arrange for households to remain in their current accommodation (homeless at home), until a settled solution becomes available.
Households accepted(56)as homeless during the year, households in temporary accommodation(57) at the end of the year, andnumbers of rough sleepers(58)

Taunton Deane District Council
West Somerset District Council
Households accepted during the yearHouseholds in TA as at 31 DecemberRough sleepersHouseholds accepted during the yearHouseholds in TA as at 31 DecemberRough sleepers

2 May 2006 : Column 1511W

Mid Devon District Council
South West
Households accepted during the yearHouseholds in TA as at 31 DecemberRough sleepersHouseholds accepted during the yearHouseholds in TA as at 31 DecemberRough sleepers

Households accepted during the yearHouseholds in TA as at 31 DecemberRough sleepers

n/a = Data not available.
(56) Households eligible under homelessness legislation, found to be unintentionally homeless and in a priority need category, and consequently owed homelessness duty.
(57) Households in accommodation either pending a decision on their homelessness application or awaiting allocation of a settled home following acceptance. Excludes those households designated as homeless at home" that have remained in their existing accommodation and have the same rights to suitable alternative accommodation as those in accommodation arranged by the authority.
(58) Number of persons sleeping rough, based on local authority mid-year counts or estimates. Data not collected prior to 1998.
(59) reflects households accepted and housed under homelessness provisions of the 1985 Housing Act; subsequent years includes cases accepted under the 1996 Housing Act.
(60) Provisional data.
ODPM P1E Homelessness returns (quarterly) and HSSA returns (annual)


Mr. Pickles: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what changes the 2006 Budget makes to the Government's targets for increasing the provision of shared ownership. [66340]

Yvette Cooper: In his 2006 Budget statement on 22 March, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the allocation of £970 million in 2006–08 for shared equity schemes to help 35,000 new homeowners get their first step on the home ownership ladder. This will contribute to the Government's previously stated target of helping over 100,000 more households into home ownership from 2005 to 2010.

The intention to establish a Shared Equity Task Force was announced on 22 March also. This is being led by me and John Healey to examine further ways to increase the number of people able to benefit from shared equity programmes and help the growing number of intermediate" households. The Task Force will report
2 May 2006 : Column 1512W
by the end of 2006 to inform decisions on the Comprehensive Spending Review in the summer of 2007.

Ms Diana R. Johnson: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many new homes he expects to be built in Hull for (a) rent and (b) sale in (i) 2006–07 and (ii) each of the following three years. [64003]

Yvette Cooper: Through the Housing Corporation's Affordable Housing Programme over 90 social rented homes and around 20 low cost home ownership properties will be provided in 2006–08 in Kingston upon Hull.

Future delivery of affordable housing after 2007–08 will be dependent upon the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review 2007 and any future bidding round held by the Housing Corporation.

Ms Diana R. Johnson: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how much the Government has made available for housing in Hull in each year since 1997. [64004]

2 May 2006 : Column 1513W

Yvette Cooper: The following table shows expenditure through Social Housing Grant and housing capital allocations to the local authority in Kingston upon Hull for 1997–98 to 2004–05.
£ million

Expenditure through social housing grantHousing capital allocations

Social Housing Grant is expenditure through the Housing Corporation's Approved Development Programme (ADP) and Local Authority Social Housing Grant (up to 2002–03).

Housing Capital Allocations include Housing Investment Programme/Regional Housing Board investment, Major Repairs Allowance (from 2001–02) and Capital Receipts Initiative (from 1997–98 to 1999–2000 only).

A breakdown of how the local authority capital allocations were used is not available.

Ms Diana R. Johnson: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how much his Department provided to (a) housing associations and (b) the local authority to build houses to (i) rent and (ii) buy in Hull in the latest year for which figures are available. [64005]

Yvette Cooper: In 2004–05, £713,000 was spent on provision of social rented units through the Housing Corporation's Approved Development Programme out of a total spend of £1.47 million in Kingston upon Hull. The balance of the funds was provided for works to RSL stock and voluntary purchase grant.

A breakdown of how the local authority capital allocations were used is not available.
2 May 2006 : Column 1514W

Ms Diana R. Johnson: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many people are on the waiting list for rented social housing in Kingston-upon-Hull; and how many were on the list in each year since 1997. [64006]

Yvette Cooper: I refer the hon. Member to the answer given on 17 October 2005, Official Report, column 811W to the hon. Member for Yeovil (Mr. Laws) in which the number of people on the housing register in each English local authority was presented for the period 1997–2005.

Not everyone on the waiting list is necessarily in urgent housing need. The waiting list includes those who consider social housing as their preferred or one of a number of housing options, and those who decide to get onto the waiting list ladder before they need or want to move house—particularly where the priority system is heavily based on waiting time.

Mr. Jim Cunningham: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what estimate his Department has made of housing growth in Coventry over the next 10 years. [62684]

Yvette Cooper: I refer the hon. Member to the answer given to the hon. Member for Denton and Reddish (Andrew Gwynne) on 24 April 2006, Official Report, column 930W.

Andrew Gwynne: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what assessment has been made of the potential for displacement of problems associated with housing market failure into areas adjacent to renewal schemes. [67250]

Yvette Cooper: As part of the process of deciding upon funding allocations, each of the pathfinders' proposals is assessed to ensure consistency with the broader regional supply of and demand for housing as set out in regional housing strategies and regional spatial strategies, so as to guard against displacement effects.

Mr. Austin Mitchell: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many ballots on large scale voluntary transfers of council houses (a) were held in 2005 and (b) have been held in 2006; what the result was of each ballot; and how many houses were involved in each ballot. [64679]

Yvette Cooper: The information requested is tabled as follows.
LSVT ballots taken place to date in 2006

Local authorityPartial area nameNumber of dwellingsDate of Ballot (2006)Result (Percentage)Turnout (Percentage)
Mid Devonn/a3,20022 February75.6 No78.2
LB Tower HamletsHolland40124 February74 Yes70.6
LB Tower HamletsBow bridge24910 March72.2 Yes60
Selby DCn/a3,08110 March64.29 No75.6
LB Tower HamletsDevons Estate62410 March53.7 Yes68.1
Pendlen/a3,44415 March84.4 Yes69.1
Cannock Chasen/a5,76327 March51.9 No67.9
North Lincsn/a10,37028 March63 Yes67.5
Waveneyn/a4,76731 March67.7 No79.2

Total ballots 9

LSVT ballots that took place in 2005

Local AuthorityPartial area nameNumber of dwellingsDate of Ballot (2005)Result (percentage)Turnout (percentage)
LB Tower HamletsNorton House697 February97.4 Yes80.9
LB LambethClapham Park Estate1,39824 March59.3 Yes78
Stafford BCn/a6,09129 March66.8 Yes68.7
North Norfolkn/a4,50031 March64 Yes76
Broxbourne BCn/a3,4231 April69.7 Yes68.3
Ellesmere Port and Nestonn/a5,5004 April51 .8 No60.4
North Somersetn/a6,3004 April76.5 Yes66.2
LB Tower HamletsIsland Gardens & Westferry/IOD5698 April76.6 Yes54.8
LB Tower HamletsIsland Homes1,3058 April65.5 Yes42.7
LB Tower HamletsSt. Georges Estate3178 April66 Yes52.6
LB Tower HamletsSheltered Housing Stock23827 May60.2 Yes82.9
Hyndburnn/a3,6369 June79.2 Yes72.3
LB IslingtonRing Cross24012 July78.7 Yes71. 6
Sedgefieldn/a9,86719 July58.1 No73.2
LB Tower HamletsParkside Estates1,67122 July50.4 Yes45.7
Teesdalen/a92026 July88.2 Yes80.5
Macclesfield BCn/a5,26217 August62.2 Yes77.4
Seftonn/a11,16218 August55.05 No68.2
LB Tower HamletsGlamis Estate20922 September69.2 Yes51.1
LB Tower HamletsWapping Estates60622 September57.5 No55.4
LB Tower HamletsChicksand West24522 September88 Yes76.7
LB Tower HamletsLincoln31222 September57.4 No54.5
LB Tower HamletsMansford69922 September64.0 Yes47.9
Rossendale BCn/a3,8338 November82.6 Yes62.4
SheffieldShiregreen2,70011 November85.9 Yes70.7
Aylesbury Valen/a7,38211 November74.4 Yes71. 3
Manchester City CouncilWest Wythenshawe6,6502 December88.7 Yes74.8
Derwentsiden/a7,0005 December75.74 Yes66.1
Waverley BCn/a5,1409 December52.75 No68.6
West Lanes DCn/a7,59012 December57 No61
Seftonn/a11,16213 December71. 4 Yes54.7
LB LambethStockwell Park Estate1,16419 December79.1 Yes72
LB Tower HamletsBarleymow Estate18121 December55.7 No68
LB Tower HamletsLansbury Estate64821 December61. 5 Yes56.4
LB Tower HamletsClichy and Stepney Green Estates1,03521 December62.6 No52.6
LB Tower HamletsCranbrook53421 December71.8 No47.2
LB Tower HamletsExmouth Estate66721 December78 Yes52
LB Tower HamletsGranby & Hereford47121 December63.5 No52.2
LB Tower HamletsLongnor, Norfolk and Osier Estates53921 December54.3 No48.6

Total ballots: 39

2 May 2006 : Column 1515W

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