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3 May 2006 : Column 1574W—continued

Defence Coalition Support Account

Mr. Gerald Howarth: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what representations his Department has received from the US regarding the establishment of a Defence Coalition Support Account. [54442]

John Reid: In its 2006 Quadrennial Defence Review the US Department of Defence stated that it would seek to establish a Defence Coalition Support Account. Although there were discussions with MOD officials on the QDR there were no specific representations on a Defence Coalition Support Account.

Drug Testing

Mr. Harper: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) how many people in each of the armed forces have tested positive for controlled substances in each of the past five years, broken down by rank; [66997]

(2) how many people in each of the armed forces have gone on the Early Intervention Programme (Drugs) in each year since it began; and how many have subsequently been retained in the armed forces, broken down by rank; [66998]

Mr. Harper: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many people in each of the armed forces have failed a drugs test following successful completion of the Early Intervention Programme (Drugs), broken down by rank. [66999]

Mr. Touhig [holding answer 2 May 2006]: The information required is contained in the following tables.
3 May 2006 : Column 1575W

Royal Navy

Compulsory drug testing20012002200320042005
Officers/cadets positive01101
WO/Senior Rates positive43010
Junior Rates positive4638554646

No RN personnel have attended the Early Intervention Programme (Drugs) (EIP(D)).

Compulsory drug testing20012002200320042005
Officers/cadets positive03111
WO/SNCOs positive14341
JNCOs/Privates positive633506513623790

Early Intervention Programme (Drugs) (EIP(D))(2)2003
JNCOs/Privates on programme3711310143
JNCOs/Privates retained in the Service99 retained in total

(2) The EIP(D) commenced in September 2003.

No officers/cadets or WO/SNCOs have attended the programme. Final decisions are still pending upon 94 individuals as to whether they will be retained following completion of the EIP(D).
3 May 2006 : Column 1576W

Of those retained after successfully completing the programme, 14 JNCOs/Privates have subsequently tested positive and have been discharged.
Royal Air Force

Compulsory drug testing20012002200320042005
Officers/cadets positive00000
WO/NCOs positive32013
Airmen positive158202318

One RAF airwoman attended the EIP(D) in 2004. The individual has been retained.

Equal Pay

Dr. Cable: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what steps are undertaken within his Department to ensure that women are obtaining equal pay to men doing work of equal value. [65846]

Mr. Touhig: In line with all Departments and agencies, the Ministry of Defence conducted an equal pay audit in 2003. We were satisfied that there was no direct discrimination within our civilian pay systems. We do however have very long pay scales which can distort average salaries. We have monitored the situation annually throughout the MOD's four-year pay deal from 2002 to 2005 and we intend to shorten the pay scales as part of this year's pay deal.

Pay rates for service personnel are recommended by the independent Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB). In making their recommendations, the AFPRB is kept informed of the impact of current employment legislation on service personnel through the evidence it receives.

Hospitals (Military Personnel)

Mr. Harper: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many hospital wards in the UK are reserved for military personnel only. [67000]

Mr. Touhig: There are no hospital wards in the UK that are reserved for military personnel only.

Military Medals

Mr. Harper: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what military medals have been issued by the Government since 8 May 1945 for which eligibility may still be claimed; and (a) on what date and (b) for what they were issued. [67502]

Mr. Touhig: There have been 51 campaign related military medals issued by the British Government since 8 May 1945 that can still be claimed. A detailed list is shown in the following tables.
World War II

1939 to 1945 Star3 September 19392 September 1945
Atlantic Star3 September 19398 May 1945
Air Crew Europe Star3 September 19395 June 1944
Africa Star10 June 194012 May 1943
Pacific Star8 December 19412 September 1945
Burma Star11 December 19412 September 1945
Italy Star11 June 19438 May 1945
France and Germany Star6 June 19448 May 1945
Defence Medal3 September 19392 September 1945
War Medal 1939 to 19453 September 19392 September 1945
India Service Medal 1939 to 19453 September 19392 September 1945

3 May 2006 : Column 1577W

General Service Medal (GSM) 1918 to 1962 awarded since World War II

South East Asia 1945–463 September 194530 November 1946
Bomb and Mine Clearance
3 September 194531 December 1949
Minesweeping (Naval GSM)3 September 194530 September 1951
Bomb and Mine Clearance
3 September 194510 November 1956
Palestine 1945–194827 September 194530 June 1948
Malaya16 June 194831 July 1960
Yangtze (Naval GSM)20 April 194920 April 1949
HMS Consort (Naval GSM)20 April 194921 April 1949
HMS London (Naval GSM)21 April 194921 April 1949
HMS Black Swan (Naval GSM)21 April 194921 April 1949
HMS Amethyst (Naval GSM)21 April 194921 April 1949
Canal Zone16 October 195119 October 1954
Africa GSM with Clasp Kenya21 October 195217 November 1956
Bomb and Mine Clearance
Mediterranean Clasp 1955–1960
1 January 195531 December 1960
Cyprus1 April 195518 April 1959
Near East31 October 195622 December 1956
Arabian Peninsula1 January 195730 June 1960
Brunei8 December 196223 December 1962

General Service Medal 1962 awarded

Borneo24 December 196211 August 1966
Radfan25 April 196431 July 1964
South Arabia1 August 196430 November 1967
Malay Peninsula17 August 196411 August 1966
South Vietnam24 December 196229 May 1964
Northern Ireland14 August 1969Ongoing
Dhofar1 October 19693 September 1976
Lebanon7 February 19839 March 1984
Mine Clearance (Gulf of Suez)15 August 198415 October 1984
Gulf17 November 198628 February 1989
Kuwait8 March 199130 September 1991
Northern Iraq/Southern Turkey6 April 199117 July 1991
Air Operations Iraq RESINATE
16 July 199118 March 2003
Air Operations Iraq RESINATE
16 July 199130 April 2003

Medals for individual campaigns or operations

Korea Medal2 July 195027 July 1953
Rhodesia Medal1 December 197920 March 1980
South Atlantic Medal2 April 198212 July 1982
Gulf Medal2 August 19907 March 1991
Iraq Medal20 January 2003Ongoing

Operational Service Medal with ribbon from 1 January 2000

Sierra Leone5 May 200031 July 2002
Afghanistan (Op Veritas)11 September 2001Ongoing

Accumulated Campaign Service Medal

Accumulated Campaign Service Medal14 August 1969Ongoing

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