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4 May 2006 : Column 1838W—continued

Departmental Expenditure

Mrs. Villiers: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how much was spent by his Department on refreshments in each year since 1997. [41248]

Mr. Charles Clarke: Costs for refreshments and working lunches are combined and the total since 1997 is provided in the following table. Refreshments and working lunches are offered as courtesy to visitors or to facilitate the efficient management of meetings. The rise in expenditure reflects an increase in training courses and implementation of new policies and systems. Overall expenditure for 1998 was artificially reduced by a one-off VAT credit.
Working lunches

Departmental Fuel Efficiency

Mr. Redwood: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what steps have been taken in the last 12 months to make his Department more fuel efficient. [67454]

Mr. Charles Clarke: The Home Office is committed to achieving the Framework for Sustainable Development on the Government Estate energy targets; namely to reduce absolute carbon, from fuel and electricity used in buildings on our estate, by 12.5 per cent. by 2010–11, relative to 1999–2000 and to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings on our estate, measured in terms of kWh of fuel and electricity use per square metre of buildings floor area by 15 per cent. over the same period. To meet these targets the Department is benchmarking key office sites to identify those buildings which are high energy users.

The contract at our London HQ building at 2Marsham street requires our PFI partner to operate the building at 10 per cent. below the best practice benchmark contained in the Government's Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme Energy Use in Offices Guide.

In 2005–06 the Prison Service funded a number of energy saving projects with a total value of £512,760. Work included extension of building management systems at the following establishments; Askham Grange, Belmarsh, Castington, Coldingley, Lewes and Preston. Automatic lighting controls were installed at Belmarsh, Brockhill, Cardiff, Hewell Grange, Parkhurst and Swansea.
4 May 2006 : Column 1839W

A number of business groups on the core office estate have undertaken awareness raising programmes on energy conservation and improving energy efficiency. Specific actions have been taken by local property centre managers including replacement of lighting with energy efficient bulbs in large office buildings; reducing the number of lighting units required; and requiring security personnel to ensure lights are switched off when they conduct their evening patrols.

Overall, the Department has achieved an 11 per cent. reduction in total energy consumption since the baseline year.

Departmental Tendering Policy

Martin Horwood: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what his policy is on including (a) ethical and (b) environmental factors in tenders for services. [33334]

Mr. Charles Clarke: The Home Office expects to let all its contracts in accordance with ethical principles and would consider any case where evidence to the contrary was presented. There is published internal guidance on principles of ethical behaviour in procurement, which all staff engaged in tendering for services and other contracts must follow.

Under EU procurement rules there is scope to incorporate requirements covering sustainable development and environmental factors, such as Green production methods, into specifications. Award criteria may include environmental characteristics if linked to the subject matter of the contract.

In contracts let by the Department, environmental factors are considered on a case by case basis relative to the subject matter of the contract, and the requirements of EU law. The Department will consider the use of the Sustainable Procurement Toolkit" due to be issued by DEFRA which will aid the consideration of environmental factors in public sector tenders for services.

Departmental Vehicles

Mrs. Villiers: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many cars are (a) owned and (b) leased by his Department; what models the cars are; what type of petrol each model requires; and what the fuel efficiency is of each model. [41357]

Mr. Charles Clarke: The total number of cars owned or leased by the Department as at the end of February 2006 was:
Total ownedTotal leased
MPG range22–598–54.30

Full details of make, model and fuel efficiency are shown in the following table.
4 May 2006 : Column 1840W

Table A: Cars owned by the Department



Combined imperial MPG
AudiA4 Avant 1.9TDI SEDiesel48
CitroenBerlingo1.9D vanDiesel37
CitroenBerlingo Van 2.0 LxDiesel37
CitroenC51.6HDI LX H/BackDiesel52.3
CitroenDispatch Van 2.0HDIDiesel37
CitroenRelay LWB Van 2.2HDIDiesel25
2xFordCmax 1.6TDCI LXDiesel59
32xFordFocus 1.6TDCI LXDiesel59
6xFordFocus 1.6TDCI LX 90Diesel59
13xFordFocus 1.6TDCI LX5drDiesel59
FordFocus 1.6TDCI LX EstDiesel59
5xFordFocus 1.6TDCI LX H/BDiesel59
6xFordFocus 1.8TDCIDiesel51.4
5xFordFocus 1.8TDCI 100 LXDiesel51.4
FordFocus 1.8TDCI LX 115Diesel51.4
8xFordFocus 1.8TDCI LXDiesel51.4
FordFocus 1.8TDCI LX 5drDiesel51.4
FordFocus 1.8TDCI LX H/BDiesel51.4
FordFocus 1.8TDI 90 LXDiesel51.4
FordFocus 1.8TDI LX 4drDiesel51.4
3xFordFocus4dr SAL 1.8TDDiesel51.4
FordFocus 5dr 1.8TDI 90 LXDiesel51.4
44xFordGalaxy 1. 9 TD LXDiesel42.8
FordGalaxy 1. 9 DTI 115PSDiesel42.8
4xFordGALAXY 1.9 LX Five doorDiesel42.8
FordGalaxy 1. 9 LX EstDiesel42.8
3xFordGalaxy 1 .9 TD LX MPVDiesel42.8
3xFordGalaxy 1. 9 TDIDiesel42.8
9xFordGalaxy 1. 9 TDI 115PSDiesel42.8
24xFordGalaxy 1.9 TDI LXDiesel42.8
2xFordGalaxy 1.9 LXDiesel42.8
3xFordGalaxy 1.9TDCI LXDiesel42.8
3xFordGalaxy 1.9TDXI LXDiesel42.8
3xFordMondeo 2.0 Est LXDiesel48
FordMondeo 2.0 Ghia H/BDiesel48
6xFordMondeo 2.0 LX TDCIDiesel48
FordMondeo 2.0 TDCI 115Diesel48
FordMondeo 2.0LXTDCI 115Diesel48
FordMondeo TDCI 115 LXEDiesel48
FordMondeo 5dr EstateDiesel48
2xFordTourneo 2.0TDCI GLXDiesel45
2xFordTourneo GLX 8 seatsDiesel45
FordTourneo MinibusDiesel45
2xFordTransit Tourneo 8STSDiesel45
FordTransit 2.0 SWB eight GLDiesel25
FordTransit 2.0SWB VanDiesel25
FordTransit Connect VanDiesel25
4xFordTransit Dog VanDiesel25
HondaCivic 1.7 CDTI 3dr HBDiesel48
Land RoverDiscovery 2.5 TDI GsDiesel25
MercedesSprinter VanDiesel22
2xMercedesTraveliner Mini BusDiesel25
MercedesTraveliner TL72.21Diesel25
2xMercedesVito 2.0 VanDiesel25
MercedesVito 2.2 108 CDI VanDiesel25
MitsubishiShogun LWB 3.2Diesel25
NissanTerrano 2.7 DTI S ESDiesel25
2xPeugeot3071.6HDI S90Diesel54.3
Peugeot3071.6HDI S 5dr HBDiesel54.3
2xPeugeot307 2.0 DTIDiesel54.3
Peugeot307 2.0 HDI 90 ESTATDiesel54.3
Peugeot307 2.0 HDI LXDiesel54.3
3xPeugeot307 2.0 HDISDiesel54.3
3xPeugeot307 2.0 HDIS 90Diesel54.3
Peugeot307 2.0 S HDI 90BHODiesel54.3
2xPeugeot307 2.0 HDI Style HBDiesel54.3
Peugeot307 3dr HatchbackDiesel54.3
2xPeugeot307 5dr Hatch 2.0 SDiesel54.3
2xPeugeot406 2.0 3dr ESTATDiesel45
Peugeot407 S 1.6HDI 4dr SALDiesel49.6
3xRenaultLaguna 1.9DCI 100ADiesel48
RenaultLaguna 1.9DCII100Diesel48
10xRenaultMegan Secenic 1.9 DCDiesel50
RenaultScenic 1.9 DCI 120Diesel50
RenaultScenic Express 1.9DCIDiesel50
Rover45 2.0TD Club 5drDiesel52
RoverMg 45 2.0 IL TDIDiesel52
SkodaOctavia 1.9TDI 90Diesel53.3
SkodaOctavia 1.9D EleganceDiesel53.3
SkodaOctavia 1.9TDI ESTDiesel53.3
2xToyotaAvensis 2.0 D4DDiesel48
3xToyotaAvensis 2.0 D4D T2Diesel48
ToyotaAvensis 2.0d4D T2 HBDiesel48
ToyotaAvensis Tourer 2.0Diesel48
VauxhallAstra 1.6IlsDiesel40
VauxhallAstra 1.61 EnvoyDiesel40
VauxhallAstra1.7CDTI 16VDiesel40
2xVauxhallAstra1.7CDTI LSDiesel40
VauxhallAstra 1.7 DTIDiesel40
VauxhallAstra 1.7 DTI 1 6 LsDiesel40
6xVauxhallAstra 1.7DTI 16 VDiesel40
4xVauxhallAstra 1.7DTI 16VLSDiesel40
3xVauxhallAstra 1.7DTI LSDiesel40
4xVauxhallAstra 1.7DTI LS HBDiesel40
VauxhallAstra 1.7DTI RNVOYDiesel40
VauxhallAstra1.7STI LS 5drDiesel40
3xVauxhallAstra 1.7CDTI 16V LSDiesel40
2xVauxhallAstra 1.7CDTI 5drDiesel40
2xVauxhallAstra 1.7CDTI CLUBDiesel40
2xVauxhallAstra 1.7CDTI H/BDiesel40
12xVauxhallAstra 1.7CDTI LIFEDiesel40
VauxhallAstra 1.9CDTi HatchDiesel40
VauxhallAstra Estate 1.7Diesel40
VauxhallAstra van 1.7DTI LSDiesel48
3xVauxhallCorsa 1.3 CDTI DESIGDiesel55
2xVauxhallMovano van 2.5 TDIDiesel25
VauxhallVectra 1. 8 Ls5dr HBPetrol35
2xVauxhallVectra 1.9CDT H/BackDiesel48
2xVauxhallVectra 2.0 DTI 16V LDiesel48
2xVauxhallVectra 2.0 DTI LSDiesel48
VauxhallVectra 2.0 DTI LS 4DDiesel48
VauxhallVectra 2.0DTIDiesel48
VauxhallZafira1.9CDTI LIFEDiesel46.3
VolvoS80 2.4 D5 SE AutoDiesel36.7
2xVWBora 1. 9 S TDIDiesel48
VWBora 4dr 1.9 S TDIDiesel48
VWCaravelle VariantDiesel30
9xVWGolf 1.9 ESDIDiesel53
6xVWGolf 1.9ESDI 5drDiesel53
VWGolf 1.9TDISDiesel53
VWGolf 1.9 TDI S EU4Diesel53
VWGolf 1.9E SDI H/BDiesel53
VWGolf 1.9 SE TDIDiesel53
3xVWGolf 1.9TDI S 5 doorDiesel53
VWPassat 1.9 SE TDDiesel47
VWPolo 1.9 E SDI SALDiesel55
VWPolo 1.9E SDI 5drDiesel55
2xVWTransporter 7+1 SeatsDiesel45
8xVWTransporter ShuttleDiesel45

4 May 2006 : Column 1841W

Table B: cars leased by the Department



Combined Imperial MPG
BMWE39 530DA SE Saloon AutoDiesel34.00
CitroenC8 2.0HDI LX MPVDiesel48.00
CitroenRelay 18 2.2 HDI HI Roof VanDiesel25.00
9xCitroenXantia 2.0 HDI LX EstateDiesel53.30
2xCitroenXsara 2.0HDI Desire EstateDiesel51.40
FordEscort 1.8D 75 VanDiesel0.00
FordFiesta 35 Car Derived VanPetrol45.00
FordFiesta 35 Car Derived VanDiesel45.00
FordFocus 1.8TDCI LX 5dr HatchDiesel51.40
FordGalaxy 2.3i Ghia AutomaticPetrol25.70
FordRanger 2.5TD Regular CabDiesel25.00
2xFordTransit 2.4TDI 350l HR Panel VanDiesel25.00
23xFordTransit 2.5 TD SWB 9minibusDiesel25.00
HondaST1300 Police MotorcycleDiesel0.00
Land RoverDiscovery TD5 ES 5dr EstateDiesel30.10
Land RoverDiscovery TD5 GS 5drDiesel25.00
Mercedes Benz111KA 3200 VanDiesel25.00
2xMercedesSpecial Mobile UnitDiesel8.00
MitsubishiL200 2.5TD4WD GL D/Cab PickupDiesel25.00
NissanPrimera 2.0 S 4dr SaloonPetrol35.00
Peugeot306 Meridian 2.0 HDI 5dr EstateDiesel54.30
RenaultEspace Expression 2.2DI EstateDiesel39.80
VauxhallAstra 1.7 DTI LS EstateDiesel50.00
VauxhallOmega 2.0 GLSPetrol25.00
2xVolvo184SE D5 2.4 4dr Saloon AutoDiesel32.80
VolvoFl6E PL3 18T Box VanDiesel12.00
2xVolvoS80 2.4D5SE Auto 4dr SaloonDiesel36.70
VolvoV70 T5 2.3 Estate Police Spec AutoPetrol26.20

4 May 2006 : Column 1842W

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