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Volume No. 450Part No. 201

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Column: 183WH

Westminster Hall [17 Oct 2006]

[David Taylor] [17 Oct 2006]

Afghanistan [17 Oct 2006]

9.30 am

Mr. Mark Lancaster (North-East Milton Keynes) (Con):

Column: 184WH

Column: 185WH

Column: 186WH

Column: 187WH

Several hon. Members

David Taylor (in the Chair):

9.46 am

Paul Flynn (Newport, West) (Lab):

Column: 188WH

Column: 189WH

Column: 190WH

9.55 am

Mr. Tobias Ellwood (Bournemouth, East) (Con):

Column: 191WH

Column: 192WH

David Taylor (in the Chair):

10.6 am

Mr. Chris Mullin (Sunderland, South) (Lab):

Column: 193WH

Column: 194WH

10.15 am

Column: 195WH

Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con):

Paul Flynn:

Tony Baldry:

Column: 196WH

10.20 am

Patrick Mercer (Newark) (Con):

Column: 197WH

Column: 198WH

10.27 am

Susan Kramer (Richmond Park) (LD):

Column: 199WH

10.33 am

Mark Simmonds (Boston and Skegness) (Con):

Column: 200WH

Column: 201WH

Column: 202WH

Column: 203WH

David Taylor (in the Chair):

10.46 am

The Secretary of State for International Development (Hilary Benn):

Column: 204WH

Column: 205WH

Column: 206WH

Mr. Mullin:

Hilary Benn:

Column: 207WH

Column: 208WH

Housing [17 Oct 2006]

11 am

Ms Sally Keeble (Northampton, North) (Lab):

Michael Gove (Surrey Heath) (Con):

Column: 209WH

Ms Keeble:

Column: 210WH

Mr. Andrew Love (Edmonton) (Lab/Co-op):

Ms Keeble:

Column: 211WH

Column: 212WH

11.18 am

Column: 213WH

Andrew George (St. Ives) (LD):

Column: 214WH

Column: 215WH

Mr. Love:

Andrew George:

Column: 216WH

David Taylor (in the Chair):

11.36 am

Dr. Ian Gibson (Norwich, North) (Lab):

Column: 217WH

Column: 218WH

Column: 219WH

11.47 am

Mr. Andrew Love (Edmonton) (Lab/Co-op):

David Lepper (Brighton, Pavilion) (Lab/Co-op):

Column: 220WH

Mr. Love:

Column: 221WH

11.55 pm

Column: 222WH

Mr. Andrew Slaughter (Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush) (Lab):

11.59 am

Column: 223WH

Mr. Dan Rogerson (North Cornwall) (LD):

Greg Mulholland (Leeds, North-West) (LD):

Mr. Rogerson:

Column: 224WH

Column: 225WH

12.10 pm

Michael Gove (Surrey Heath) (Con):

Column: 226WH

Dr. Gibson:

Michael Gove:

Column: 227WH

Column: 228WH

Mr. Love:

Michael Gove:

12.20 pm

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (Meg Munn):

Column: 229WH

Column: 230WH

Ms Keeble:

Meg Munn:

Column: 231WH

Column: 232WH

Port of Belfast [17 Oct 2006]

12.30 pm

Dr. Alasdair McDonnell (Belfast, South) (SDLP):

Column: 233WH

Column: 234WH

Column: 235WH

Column: 236WH

Column: 237WH

12.52 pm

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (David Cairns):

Column: 238WH

Column: 239WH

Youth Service Funding [17 Oct 2006]

1 pm

Paddy Tipping (Sherwood) (Lab):

Column: 240WH

Column: 241WH

1.13 pm

Column: 242WH

Ms Sally Keeble (Northampton, North) (Lab):

1.16 pm

Column: 243WH

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education and Skills (Mr. Parmjit Dhanda):

Column: 244WH

Column: 245WH

Column: 246WH

Former Aerodrome Site (Radlett) [17 Oct 2006]

1.30 pm

Anne Main (St. Albans) (Con):

Column: 247WH

Mr. James Clappison (Hertsmere) (Con):

Anne Main:

Column: 249WH

Column: 250WH

1.45 pm

The Minister for Housing and Planning (Yvette Cooper):

Column: 251WH

Anne Main:

Column: 252WH

Yvette Cooper:

Anne Main:

Yvette Cooper:

Anne Main:

Column: 253WH

Yvette Cooper:

Column: 254WH

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