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Todd, Mr Mark

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Working tax credits (07.06.2005) 63-5wh


    Housing, Rural areas 1231

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 981-2

    Pregnancy, Streptococcus 440-1w

    Roads, Accidents 283w


Tomahawk missiles

    Type 45 destroyers 468w

Tomlinson Inquiry

    see A Level Standards Inquiry


Tornado aircraft

Touhig, Mr Don, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Written Statements

    Duke of York's Royal Military School , Standards 13ws

    Hydrographic Office, Standards 5-6ws

    Pay and Personnel Agency, Standards 24-5ws

    Service Children's Education, Standards 6ws


    Air force, Publications 112w

    Armed forces, Electoral register 23-4w, 61w

    Armed forces, Fertility 111-2w

    Armed forces, Manpower 577w

    Armed forces, Recruitment 465w

    Firing ranges, Shoeburyness 28w

    Gulf War syndrome, Compensation 577w

    Land, Ministry of Defence 191-2w

    Low flying, Wales 578w

    Military aid, Indian Ocean tsunami 286w

    Parachuting, Northumberland 192w

    Royal Irish Regiment 580w

    Royal Irish Regiment, Pensions 24w

    Ulster Defence Regiment 287-8w

    War pensions 62w

    World War I 61w

    World War I, Departmental records 640-1w




Traffic lights

Traffic Management Act 2004


Traffic wardens


    EC institutions 189w



    Climate change 63w

Transport (Wales) Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (19.05.2005) 282



    Concessions 14w

Travel information

Travelling people

    Antisocial behaviour (19.05.2005) 390-8


    Private finance initiative 571w


    Domestic violence 175w


Trickett, Jon

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech, Politics and government (23.05.2005) 512-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Heart diseases (09.06.2005) 223-7wh


    Business questions 872



Truswell, Mr Paul

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Licensing laws, Village halls (08.06.2005) 151wh


    Business questions 1394


    Developing countries 687-8


Turner, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech, Health services (24.05.2005) 570, 664

    Queen's speech, Politics and government (23.05.2005) 423, 452


    Ferries, Scotland 456w

    Further education, Isle of Wight 350w

    Speed limits, Isle of Wight 450-2w

Turner, Mr Neil


    Broomfield Tip, Fires 485w

Twigg, Derek, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Transport

                  Written Statements

    Crossrail line, Environmental impact assessment 10ws


    Channel tunnel railway line, London Bridge Station 7-8w

    Community railways initiative 547-9

    East coast railway line 128-9w

    North London railway line 617w

    One Railway, Complaints 280w

    Railway stations, Corsham 543

    Railways, Accidents 10-1w

    Railways, Bedfordshire 449w

    Railways, Northampton 551-2

    Railways, Overcrowding 540-1

    Railways, Safety 282w

Tyne and Wear

    Import controls 74w

Type 45 destroyers

    Tomahawk missiles 468w

Tyrie, Mr Andrew


    Absent voting, Fraud 524w

    EC budget, Rebates 704

    General Election 2005, Absent voting 357-8w

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