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    International assistance 194-5w

Vaizey, Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Consumer Credit Bill, 2R (09.06.2005) 1470-4

    European Union (08.06.2005) 1297-9

    Maiden speech (08.06.2005) 1297-9


    Audio recordings 88w

Vaz, Mr Keith

                  Chamber Debates

    European Constitution Treaty (06.06.2005) 1004

    Queen's speech (17.05.2005) 56, 79-85

    Queen's speech, Foreign policy (18.05.2005) 154

    Queen's speech, Health services (24.05.2005) 572

    Queen's speech, Politics and government (23.05.2005) 428-9


    Aerials, Planning permission 163w

    Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, Administrative delays 356w

    Business questions 1397

    Cellular phones, Health hazards 230-1w

    City academies, Standards 206w

    Civil service, Equal opportunities 556

    Common sugar regime 1373

    Crimes of violence 512w

    Driving under influence 616-7w

    EC presidency, Equal opportunities 188-9w

    Electoral systems 358w

    Entry clearances, Appeals 243w

    Females, Poverty 274w

    Females, Standard of living 274w

    General Election 2005 358w

    Infectious diseases, Medical treatments 225w

    Judiciary, Public appointments 90w, 542w

    Lord Chief Justice 91w

    Nurses, Conditions of employment 436-7w

    Police, Riot control weapons 323-4w

    Queen's award for voluntary service, Ethnic groups 659w

    Roads, Closures 62w

    Traffic wardens, East Midlands 659-60w

    Traffic wardens, Leicestershire 326w

    Yemen, Overseas aid 148w

    Yemen, Travel information 73-4w

VE Day


Veterinary medicine

    Prescription drugs 56w

Victim support schemes


Viggers, Mr Peter


    Aircraft carriers, Procurement 285w, 980

    Regional government, Referendums 303-4w

Village halls

Villiers, Theresa

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance Bill, 2R (07.06.2005) 1191-4

    Maiden speech (06.06.2005) 1060-3

    Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill, 2R (06.06.2005) 1060-3


Violent Crime Reduction Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (08.06.2005) 1245

Vis, Dr Rudi


    Antisocial behaviour orders, Ethnic groups 502-3w

    Tuberculosis, Prisoners 442w

Vocational education

Vocational training

Voluntary work

Voucher schemes

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