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Meacher, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Africa, Poverty (30.06.2005) 1490-2


Meals on wheels

Means tested benefits



Medical equipment

Medical examinations

    Social security benefits 1257w

Medical records

    Disclosure of information 1379w

Medical Supplies Agency

Medical treatments

    Avian influenza 307w

    Heart diseases 794

    Macular degeneration 105w

    Multiple sclerosis 645w

Medical treatments abroad


    Ministry of Defence 1147w


    see Males

Mental Capacity Act 2005


Mental Health Act Commission

Mental Health Bill (Draft)


Mental health services

    Codes of practice 517w

Mental hospitals

Mentally disturbed offenders

Mentally ill

    Incapacity benefit (15.06.2005) 99-106wh

Mentally incapacitated

Mercer, Patrick

                  Chamber Debates

    International Criminal Court, Armed forces (14.06.2005) 231-3, 237-8


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 1686w

    Government Car and Despatch Agency 1230w

    Iraq, Politics and government 638

    Secondary education, Newark 596w


    Commission for Social Care Inspection 643w

    Healthcare Commission 643w




Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

    Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust 644-5w

Metropolitan Police

Michael, Rt Hon Alun, Minister of State, Dept for Trade and Industry


    Acordis, Lincolnshire 610w

    Cellular phones, Licensing 720w

    Cellular phones, Unsolicited goods and services 417w

    Community interest companies 415-6w

    Company liquidations, Greater London 414-5w

    EC grants and loans, Yorkshire and Humberside 614w

    Electronic commerce, Fraud 615-6w

    Fuel poverty, East Riding 79-80w

    Industrial estates, Easington 1237-8w

    Information technology, Crime 1232w

    Internet, Greater London 901-2w

    Local broadcasting, Grants 621w

    Manufacturing industries 1161w

    Manufacturing industries, Productivity 79-80w

    Public telephones, Worcestershire 903-4w

    Regional development agencies, Expenditure 618-20w

    Small businesses, Greater London 415w

    Supermarkets, Farmers 934-6

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Middle East

    UN Disengagement Observer Force 1086w


    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 939-40w



Migrant workers

    Northern Ireland 853w

Milburn, Rt Hon Alan


Miliband, Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (30.06.2005) 1462


    Homicide, Sentencing 393

Military afloat reach and sustainability programme

Military aid

    Natural disasters 15w

Military aircraft

    Decommissioning 13w

Military bases

Military decorations

Military exercises

Millennium dome

Miller, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Special educational needs (22.06.2005) 822, 828-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Burma, Human rights (15.06.2005) 113-5wh

Miller, Maria

                  Chamber Debates

    Regulation of Financial Services (Land Transactions) Bill, 2R (23.06.2005) 979-81

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Aerials, Planning permission (28.06.2005) 359-61wh


    In vitro fertilisation, Hampshire 1358w

Milton, Anne

                  Chamber Debates

    Special educational needs (22.06.2005) 862-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Aerials, Planning permission (28.06.2005) 358wh


    Aerials, Planning permission 837w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Surrey 282w

    Gambling Act 2005 58w

    Greenbelt, Regional planning and development 279-80w

    Recycling, Local government finance 565-8w

    Regional government, South East region 129w

    Regional spatial strategies, South East region 1490w

    Welfare milk, Soya beans 312-3w

Milton Keynes

    Alzheimer's disease 1497w

Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust


Minimum wage


Ministerial duties

    Ministry of Defence 1212w

Ministerial policy advisors

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 845w

Ministerial powers

Ministerial statements

    European Council (20.06.2005) 523-40

    European Union (30.06.2005) 1450-65

    Welfare tax credits (22.06.2005) 801-14


Ministry of Defence

    Consultants 13w

    Departmental records 13-4w

    Freedom of information 14w

    Information technology 443w

    Official residences 1692w

    Operating costs 445w

    Temporary employment 442w

    Trade union officials 443w

Ministry of Defence Medal Office


    Northern Ireland Prison Service 95-6w

Missing persons

    Indian Ocean tsunami 749w


    Alcoholic drinks 989w

Mitchell, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Cards Bill, 2R (28.06.2005) 1154


Mitchell, Mr Austin

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Cards Bill, 2R (28.06.2005) 1214-7

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Council housing (29.06.2005) 421-4wh


    Consultants, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 36-7w

    Consultants, Ministry of Defence 13w

    Council housing, Construction 118w

    Identity cards, Biometrics 1448w

    Identity cards, Research 1451w

    Identity cards, Technology 1451w

    Tax evasion, Accountancy 1431w

MMR vaccine

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