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Paice, Mr James

                  Chamber Debates

    EC budget (20.06.2005) 537


    Animal products, Sales 1126w

    Food, Dept of Health 1504w

    Food, Ministry of Defence 1205w


Paisley, Rev Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (30.06.2005) 1460-1

    Identity Cards Bill, 2R (28.06.2005) 1161

    Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, 2R (21.06.2005) 671, 717-8

    Sinn Fein, Allowances (16.06.2005) 479-83


    Business questions 1441


    Religious freedom 138w

Palace of Westminster


    Capital punishment 656w

Palmer, Dr Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, 2R (21.06.2005) 707

    Violent Crime Reduction Bill, 2R (20.06.2005) 555


    Northern Ireland government 246

    Occupied territories 644-6

Palmer's Sixth Form College

Parades Commission

    Operating costs 958w


Park and ride schemes


Parking offences

Parkinson's disease

Parliamentary procedure

Parliamentary scrutiny

Partnership for schools

Partnerships UK

Part-time education

    Fees and charges 499w

Part-time employment

    Social security benefits 945w


    North London railway line 1660w

Passive smoking


    Fees and charges 167w

    Northern Ireland 167w

Paternity leave

Paterson, Mr Owen

                  Chamber Debates

    European Communities Act 1972 (Disapplication) Bill, 1R (22.06.2005) 818

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Dental services, Shropshire 507-8w

    General practitioners, Shropshire 511-2w

    Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital 1365-6w

Pathways to work


Peace keeping operations

Peace negotiations

Pearson, Ian, Minister for Trade, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Dept of Trade and Industry

                  Chamber Debates

    Zimbabwe, Human Rights (27.06.2005) 1123-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Burma, Human rights (15.06.2005) 124-7wh


    Africa, Armed conflict 640-2

    Botswana, Ethnic groups 137w

    Burma, Politics and government 1577w

    Burundi, Asylum 913w

    Burundi, Peace negotiations 1577w

    China, Balance of trade 939-41

    China, Human rights 132w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Elections 476w

    EC external trade, ACP countries 1233-4w

    Ethiopia, Politics and government 910w

    Foreign investment, EC countries 80w

    Foreign investment in UK 238w

    Gardens, Heating 238w

    Hong Kong, Politics and government 1283-4w

    Indian Ocean tsunami, Missing persons 749w

    Ivory Coast, Death 739w

    Liberia, Politics and government 912w

    Madagascar, Diplomatic service 478w

    Members, Correspondence 473w

    Nigeria, Ethnic groups 912w

    Nigeria, Overseas workers 1285w

    North Korea, Diplomatic relations 907w

    Official hospitality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1286-7w

    Overseas investment 237w

    Rover Group, Disclosure of information 1770w

    Rover Group, Insolvency 902-3w

    Sudan, Peace keeping operations 740w, 915w

    Support for exhibitions and seminars abroad scheme 901w

    Tanzania, Elections 475w

    Trade, Developing countries 1407w

    Trade promotion, Small businesses 77-8w

    Uganda, Elections 476w

    Uganda, Politics and government 916w

    Vietnam, Politics and government 1287-8w

    Wilson, Charlotte, Homicide 1735w

    Zimbabwe, Helicopters 750w

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 1288w

Pedestrian crossings

    Northern Ireland 870w

    South Eastern Education and Library Board 1155w


    Crimes of violence 606w

Pelling, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    EC budget (15.06.2005) 326-9

    Maiden speech (15.06.2005) 326-9


    Antisocial behaviour orders 146w

    Crimes of violence 460w

Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Penning, Mike


    Accident and emergency departments 1094w

    Armed forces, Health professions 14w

    Business questions 408

    Hospital wards, Closures 798w

    NHS trusts, Ministerial powers 1609w

    Occupational pensions, Compensation 1494-5w

    Occupational pensions, Taxation 1494w

    Pension funds, Tax yields 1428w

    Pension Protection Fund 1494w

    Pensions, Insolvency 1495w

    Rehabilitation centres, Hemel Hempstead 1104w

    Temporary employment, Ministry of Defence 442w

    West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Working hours 1118w

Penrose, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Cards Bill, 2R (28.06.2005) 1247-8

Pension credit

Pension funds

Pension Protection Fund


    Council tax benefits 1251w


    Financial assistance scheme 515-7

    Northern Ireland 384w

    Turner and Newall 88w

Pensions Commission

Pensions Regulator

Personal income

Personal injury

Personal pensions

Personal savings


Pest control



    General practitioners (28.06.2005) 1270


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