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    Medical treatments 1455w

    Northern Ireland 1379w

    Young people 1188w
Ancillary staff

    Health services 2839w Ancram, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (07.07.2005) 484-94, 499


    Armed forces, Civilians 42w

    Armed forces, Explosives 2795w

    Armed forces, Recruitment 1253-4w

    Armoured fighting vehicles, Procurement 2279w

    Common agricultural policy, Reform 298-300

    Correspondence, Ministry of Defence 656-7w

    Peace keeping operations, Iraq 15-6, 1531w

    Peace keeping operations, Sudan 1312w

    Territorial Army, Recruitment 262w

    Zimbabwe 295-6 Anderson, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Opencast mining, Derwent Valley (21.07.2005) 1509-13


    Council housing, Sedgefield 1249

    Unemployment, Northern Ireland 825 Anderson, Janet

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Schools, Rossendale (05.07.2005) 66wh, 68wh


    Children, Maintenance 2000-1w

    Oil Firing Technical Association 2458-9w

    Violent Crime Reduction Bill 2005-06 404w

    Licensing 953-5w, 1154-6w

    Asylum 2182w
Animal experiments

    950-1w, 2748w

    Departmental responsibilities 2298-9w

    Licensing 135w
Animal feed

    BSE 1707-8w

    EC law 2028-9w

    Genetically modified organisms 1281w, 1960-1w

    Pigs 1074w
Animal products

    Import controls 89ws

    Seals 655w

    Waste disposal 959w
Animal welfare


    Badgers 2549w

    Circuses 1w, 1946w, 1971w

    Livestock 1519w

    Poultry 1282-3w, 2307w

    Antibiotics 243-4w

    Disease control 139ws

    Diseases 2828-9w

    Infectious diseases 2162-3w

    Battle of Trafalgar 1078-9w, 1085-6w

    World War II 1-3, 38w, 1308w, 1539w, 2122w
Annual reports

    Dept for Work and Pensions 108ws

    Dept of Health 65ws

    Government departments 81w

    NHS 65-6ws

    Regional development agencies 164ws

    Vaccination 1309w

    Animals 243-4w

    Prescriptions 448w

    228-9w, 2781w

    Alzheimer's disease 342w

    Prescriptions 1145-6w
Antimicrobial Resistance Advisory Committee


    Burma 1369w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 484w

    Greater London 2215w
Antisocial behaviour

    302, 517w, 908-9w, 1306-7w, 2540w

    Court orders 751-2w

    Crime prevention 501-2w

    Education 1234w

    Motorcycles (19.07.2005) 1226-34, 2597w

    Railways 382w

    Sports 1553w

    Tenants 1430-1w

    Wales 1235-6
Antisocial behaviour orders

    110-2w, 369-73w, 502-3w, 904w, 1089-90w, 1210-2w, 1471-2w, 2541w

    Bedfordshire 754w

    Birmingham 2541w

    Cambridgeshire 2542-3w

    Chelmsford 755w

    Children 110w

    Disabled 1210-1w, 1779w

    Enforcement 1298w, 2541-2w

    Essex 502w, 753-4w

    Greater London 753-4w

    Hemel Hempstead 372w

    Licensed premises 908w

    Milton Keynes 1088-9w, 2541w

    Northern Ireland 2470w

    Northumbria 2470w

    Powys 752-3w

    Prosecutions 1174w

    Solihull 2541w

    Statistics 78-9w

    Wales 373w

    Young people 754w
Anti-terrorism control orders

    2186w, 2555-6w

    832-4w, 1719-20w, 2328-31w

    Finance 832w, 2037w

    Lancashire 833-4w, 2329-30w

    Learning and Skills Council for England 2799w

    Milton Keynes 1235w

    Student wastage 1404w Arbuthnot, Rt Hon James

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (07.07.2005) 480, 517-9


    Armed forces, Reorganisation 1412

    Business, Social costs 461w

    Companies, Ethics 51-2w

    Excise duties, Diesel fuel 2033w

    Export Control Organisation 702w, 854w

    Exports 1746-7w, 2255w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft, Intellectual property 5

    Overseas trade, Government assistance 857w

    Sudan, Business 188w

    Support for exhibitions and seminars abroad scheme 53-4w, 857w

    Trade promotion, Advisory services 1341w, 1740w

    UK Trade and Investment, China 461-2w
Archaeological sites

    County Down 1389w
Armed conflict

    Middle East 1775-6w, 2435-6w
Armed forces


    Cadets 1326-7w, 1750w, 2111w, 2793w

    Civilians 42w

    Compensation 1749-50w

    Construction 1311w

    Deployment 1076w, 1750w

    Disciplinary proceedings 1532w

    Electoral register 234-5w

    Explosives 2795w

    Falkland Islands 1077w

    Fiji 1315w

    Fire services 1752w

    Food 1251w

    Hearing impaired 1753w, 2114-5w

    Intimidation 2277w

    Iran 1541w

    Iraq 1775w

    Lancashire 2793w

    Manpower 41-2w, 1314w, 1750-1w

    Mentally ill 2117w

    Muslims 1314w

    Northern Ireland 1320-2w

    Protective clothing 1528w

    Recruitment 860w, 1253-4w, 1315-6w

    Reorganisation 9ws, 113-4ws, 1403-13

    Resignations 40w, 1085w, 1755-60w

    Salisbury 1327w

    Sexual offences 1309-10w

    Surveys 43w

    Telecommunications 5ws

    Training 1313w

    Weapons 1081w

    Young people 1251w
Armed forces compensation scheme


    Hearing impaired 2275-6w
Armoured fighting vehicles

    1081w, 1529-30w, 2109w

    Decommissioning 864w

    Procurement 860-1w, 1077-8w, 1317w, 1530w, 2114w, 2279w
Arms control

Arms length management organisations

Arms trade

    Africa 297, 1746w

    Central Africa 1177-8w

    China 1107-8

    Corruption 871w

    Democratic Republic of Congo 1121w, 1336w, 1736w

    Exports 1323-4w, 1335-6w, 1352w

    Israel 2109w

    Trade promotion 2474-6w

    Treaties 1841w

    Manpower 19, 1322-4w, 1533-4w

    Military decorations 259-60w

    Northern Ireland 2276-7w

    Recruitment 2109-10w, 2276-7w

    Reorganisation 1084w, 1528w

    Resignations 658-9w

    Scotland 661-2w, 864w

    Uniforms 701w, 855w, 1084w, 1323w, 1527-8w, 1532w, 2795w
Army Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts (Continuation) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (11.07.2005) 671
Army Base Repair Organisation

    Standards 13ws
Army Reviewing Authority

Army Training and Recruiting Agency

    Standards 112-3ws

    Drugs 127w

    Eritrea 1551w

    Iran 184w, 1371w

    Mentally disturbed offenders 2543w

    Mentally ill 1495-6w

    Northern Ireland 1383w

    Young offenders 1216-7w

    Schools 439w
Art works


    British Council 22-3ws

    Theft 1047w

    Compensation 42ws

    Industrial health and safety 1990w

    Ministry of Defence 2110w

    Northern Ireland 1380w, 2470-1w

    Schools 2470-1w

    Waste disposal 1380w, 1946w

    War graves 1761w

Asperger's syndrome

    Broadmoor Hospital 1892-3w
Assaults on police

Assets Recovery Agency

    Northern Ireland 1380-1w

    Bedfordshire 1183-4w

    Greater London 572-3w

    Medical treatments 2675w

    Portsmouth 1659w

    Smoking 2675w

    117w, 119w, 374-5w, 506-11w, 1212w, 1472-4w

    Africa 114-5w

    Angola 2182w

    Appeals 756w, 1214-5w, 2244-6w

    Applications 755-6w, 1213-6w, 1475w

    Bicester 112w

Children 143-4w

    Death 1473w

    Eastern region 2546-8w

    Education 2346w

    Employment 115w, 2544-5w

    Eritrea 756w

    Expenditure 113-4w, 2547w

    Finance 2545-6w

    France 113w

    Greater London 1475-6w

    HIV infection 115w

    Housing 2545-8w

    Human rights 757-9w

    Kosovo 1472w

    Kurds 511w

    Kyrgyzstan 871w

    Legal aid 488-90w

    Northern Ireland 1215w, 2183-4w

    Offenders 1472w

    Scotland 154-5, 756w

    Self-mutilation 1473w

    Somalia 1862-3w

    Statistics 1605w

    Sudan 757-8w, 1473w, 2471-2w, 2546w

    Suffolk 2547w

    Torture 2471w

    Turkey 511w

    Zimbabwe 115-6w, 118-20w, 376w, (20.07.2005) 435-57wh, 1779w, 2871w

    Grants 556-7

    Urban areas 283w Atkins, Charlotte


    Rural areas, Pilot schemes 567-9w Atkinson, Mr Peter


    Agriculture, Subsidies 428

    Coal, Government assistance 1397
Attendance allowance


    Scotland 1990-1w
Attorney General

    Publications 1704-5w

    Livestock 812w
Audio recordings

    Copyright 2069w

    Child Support Agency 2499w

    Company accounts 50ws

    Dept for Work and Pensions 2018w
Audit Commission

    1427w Austin, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Welfare tax credits (12.07.2005) 705-6, 708, 746


    Aviation, trading scheme 248-9w

Aviation, Guided weapons 16w

    Aviation, Terrorism 598w

    Building regulations 2441-2w

    Business questions 1418-9

    Community support officers, Dudley 2606-7w

    Deep vein thrombosis 2708w

    Driving offences, Insurance 1513-4w, 1623-4w, 1803-4w

    Education, Television 2038w

    Email, Dept of Trade and Industry 1746w

    Malaria, Disease control 352-3w

    Motorways, Outdoor advertising 601-2w

    Nuclear power stations, Costs 1932w

    Nuclear reactors, International cooperation 1932w

    Police, Dudley 2607w, 2613w

    Police, Vehicles 397-9w

    Sellafield, Accidents 1347w

    Terrorism 2580-1w Austin, Mr John


    Business questions 463-4

    Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency 1674w

    Simvastatin 2181w
Automated credit transfer

    Social security benefits 1114-6w
Average earnings

    1071w, 1168-70w

    Bedfordshire 1060-1w

    Yorkshire and Humberside 1828-9w
Avian influenza

    Disease control 2146w

    Northern Ireland 812-3w

    Poultry 1283-4w

    Air pollution 1709-10w

    Catering 286w, 351w

    Complaints 1791w

    Consumers 48-9w

    Emissions trading scheme 248-9w

    Guided weapons 16w

    Insurance 15-6w, 286w

    Ministers 16w, 994w

    Regulation 993-4w

    Scotland 242w

    Taxation 79w

    Terrorism 598w
Avon and Somerset Constabulary

    Manpower 1493-4w
AWE Aldermaston

AWE Burghfield

AWE Management

    Finance 2120w

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