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    Animal welfare 1w, 1946w, 1971w
Citizen information project


    Curriculum 445w
City academies

    147-9w, 828-9w

    Finance 1394w

    Uxbridge 1025-6w
City of London Police

    Manpower 513-4w, 2607w
Civil Aviation Authority

    Compensation 994-5w

    Unfair dismissal 994-5w
Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (Amendment of List of Responders) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (19.07.2005) 1121-223
Civil Contingencies Committee

Civil Partnership (Amendments to Registration Provisions) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (19.07.2005) 1121-223
Civil Partnership (Contracted Out Occupational and Appropriate Personal Pension Schemes) (Surviving Civil Partners) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (19.07.2005) 1121-223
Civil Partnership (Pensions and Benefit Payments) (Consequential Etc Provisions) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (19.07.2005) 1121-223
Civil partnerships

    Taxation 1571-2w
Civil Procedure (Modification of Crown Proceedings Act 1947) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (20.07.2005) 1326
Civil proceedings

    Compensation 1109-10w
Civil servants

    Conduct 682-3w

    Hong Kong 1692w

    Joint Intelligence Committee 184w

    National Assembly for Wales 1945w

    Northern Ireland 1382w, 2473w

    Retirement 2238w

    Select committees 35ws

    Training 84w

    Welsh language 683w

    Working hours 1357w
Civil service

    Reform 683w

    Armed forces 42w

    Northamptonshire Police 1495w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 492-7w

    Blood transfusions 91-2ws
Claims Standards Council

    Codes of practice 822w, 1601w Clapham, Mr Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Group of Eight (11.07.2005) 592


    Industrial health and safety, Construction 1358w

    Vendside 60-1w Clappison, Mr James


    Antisocial behaviour, Court orders 751-2w

    Crimes of violence, Local government 765-6w

    Crimes of violence, Railways 525-6w

    Criminal Justice Act 2003, Individual support orders 1231w

    Dispersal orders 751w

    Fire services, Crimes of violence 1257-8w

    Health professions, Crimes of violence 456-7w

    Jobcentre Plus, Crimes of violence 1641-2w

    Mathematics, GCE A level 164-5w

    Mathematics, Graduates 2058w

    Mathematics, Higher education 842-3w

    Mathematics, Student numbers 2351-2w

    Mathematics, Teachers 272w

    Palestinians, International assistance 1372-3w, 1846-7w

    Parenting orders 1614-9w

    Pension credit 1065

    Sub-Saharan Africa, EC aid 473-4w Clark, Greg

                  Chamber Debates

    Council Tax Limitation (England) (Maximum Amounts) Order (20.07.2005) 1302


    Business questions 1425-6

    Physiotherapy 360w

    Rolling stock 1001w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 2403w Clark, Paul, An Assistant Whip


    NHS, Recruitment 683 Clarke, Rt Hon Charles, Secretary of State for the Home Dept

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration Asylum and Nationality Bill, 2R (05.07.2005) 188-200, 205

    Terrorism, Ministerial statements (07.07.2005) 465-70, (20.07.2005) 1253-7, 1259-72

                  Written Statements

    "Commission for Racial Equality Report 2004" 153ws

    Deportation, Zimbabwe 9-10ws, 49ws

    Homicide 152-3ws

    Terrorism Act 2000 96ws


    Advertising, Home Office 1604w

    Anti-terrorism control orders 2186w, 2555-6w

    Buildings, Home Office 2570-1w

    Cellular phones, Home Office 2186w

    Community support officers, Vetting 140w

    Computers, Home Office 123-4w

    Consultants, Home Office 2195w

    Consultation papers, Home Office 1485-6w

    Crime prevention, Brent 2587w

    Freedom of information, Home Office 2584w

    Hammersmith and Fulham 766w

    "Home Office Departmental Report,2005" 1781w

    Identity cards 1486w, 2192w, 2589-90w

    Identity cards, Databases 2192w

    Illegal immigrants 1611-2w

    Illegal immigrants, Employment 1478w

    Impact programme 2872w

    Legislation, Home Office 1605-7w

    Manpower, Home Office 1608w, 2570w, 2584-6w

    Members, Correspondence 760w, 2556w

    Nalliah, Danny 2196w

    National Offender Management Service, Public appointments 2598-9w

    National Police Improvement Agency 1614w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 2533-4w

    Parking offences, Fixed penalties 1492w

    Passports, Biometrics 1478-9w

    Passports, Fraud 2605w

    Passports, Interviews 1493w

    Personation 1783w

    Police, Crimes of violence 1500w

    Police, Sick leave 1619-20w

    Police, Training 139-40w

    Police stations, Closures 139w

    Prisoners 2630w

    Probation, Hostels 1508w

    Procurement, Home Office 1484-5w

    Proof of identity, Databases 1610-1w

    Repairs and maintenance, Home Office 1483w

    Scotland, Home Office 2569-70w

    Secure training centres 1509-12w

    Secure training centres, Contracts 1623w

    Secure training centres, Self-mutilation 1509w

    Security, Home Office 1484w

    Sexual offences, Detection rates 141-2w

    Sexual offences, Rehabilitation 2640w

    Sick leave, Home Office 2640-2w

    Speeches, Home Office 2596w

    Statute law, Home Office 108w

    Stress, Home Office 1626-8w

    Terrorism 1479w, 2197w, 2874w

    Terrorism, Biological weapons 2550w

    Terrorism, Convictions 2642w

    Terrorism, Crime prevention 1622w

    Terrorism, Detainees 1604-5w

    Terrorism, Greater London 2643w, 2872w

    Terrorism, Hazardous substances 2587w

    Terrorism, Training 2643w

    United Kingdom Passport Service, Umbrellas 1784w

    Utilities, Home Office 2570w

    Voluntary organisations, Finance 2654-60w

    Wines, Home Office 1608w
Classroom assistants

    Milton Keynes 2053-4w
Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005


Cleaning services

    Hospitals 2173w

    House of Commons 28w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 339w
Clear skies programme

    1923w, 1925w Clegg, Nick


    Alcoholic drinks, Young people 2647-8w

    Ambulance services, Sheffield 2669-70w

    Driving offences, Buses 2184w

    Emergency calls, Standards 2577-8w

    Food, Safety 2846w

    Free school meals, Sheffield 1729-32w

    Recycling 1967w Clelland, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Licensing Act 2003 (12.07.2005) 784-7


    Business questions 973-4

    Fringe benefits, Travel 699w, 1173w

    Licensing Act 2003 548

    Pay 561, 631w Clifton-Brown, Mr Geoffrey

                  Chamber Debates

    Crossrail Bill, 2R (19.07.2005) 1141

    Finance Bill, Rep and 3R (06.07.2005) 348, 350, 356, 388

    Local government finance (04.07.2005) 32-3, 38

    Welfare tax credits (12.07.2005) 714, 726

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Sustainable development (07.07.2005) 146wh


    A417, Gloucestershire 2126-7w

    Absent voting, Proof of identity 560

    Antisocial behaviour orders 372-3w

    Business questions 972-3

    Fire services 2446-7w

    Fire services, Reorganisation 2086-8w, 2814w

    Fire services, Training 2447w

    Housing, Parking 1448w

    Local government, Public participation 1427-8w

    Motorways, Ragwort 2881w

    Regional planning and development 2462w

    Voting methods, Proof of identity 560-1
Climate change

    445-6, 1328-9w, 2302-3w

    Cultural heritage 2301-2w

    EC countries 446

    Education 2829w

    Research 1153-4w
Climate Change Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (13.07.2005) 835
Climate change levy

Clinical audit

Clinical trials

    Cancer 985w

    EC law 1894-5w, 2161w
Closed circuit television


    Belfast 1973w

    Lancashire 377w

    Northern Ireland 1973w

    718w, 1466w, 1895w, 2147w, 2685-6w

    Death 433w, 889w

    Disease control 576-7w, 1190-1w

    LD50 toxicity test 135w

    Barristers 490w

    Airguns 2538w

    Sports 552w

    Wines 2084w Clwyd, Rt Hon Ann


    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 14

    51w, 1735w

    Government assistance 1396-7

    Reserves 460w

    Wales 460w
"Coal Authority Annual Report and Accounts, 2004/05"

Coal fired power stations

Coastal areas

    Rescue services 1982w

    235w Cohen, Harry

                  Chamber Debates

    Crossrail Bill, 2R (19.07.2005) 1196-7

    Group of Eight (11.07.2005) 595

    London Olympics Bill, 2R (21.07.2005) 1445, 1459, 1485-9, 1497

    Olympic Games (06.07.2005) 412-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Iraq, Debts (05.07.2005) 47-51wh


    Armed forces, Resignations 40w

    Army Reviewing Authority 256-8w

    China, Tibet 1550w

    Citizen information project 2390w

    Data protection, Identity cards 1782w

    Data Protection Act 1998 1602w, 1788-9w

    Defence Export Services Organisation 861w, 1075w

    Dogs, Identification 646w

    Durham Prison, Females 782w

    Education maintenance allowance, Greater London 441-2w

    Foster care, Registration 159w

    Hospitals, Consultants 719w

    Identity cards 1609w, 1782-3w

    Intelligence services, Complaints 2217-8w, 2433-4w

    Iraq, Cultural heritage 28-9w

    Iraq, Oil 854w, 877w, 1122-3w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 15, 862w

    Iraq, Politics and government 1122w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Compensation 2438-9w

    Lorry road user charge 1294w

    Migrant workers, Work permits 1478w

    Missing persons, Children 783-4w

    NHS, Finance 2143w

    NHS, Pensions 739w

    NHS, Standards 1189w

    Offensive weapons, Crime 535w

    Patient choice schemes 2865w

    Proof of identity, Databases 2588-9w

    Road traffic control 609-10w

    UN Compensation Commission 1378w

    Planning permission 2459-60w
Colleges of Education (Northern Ireland) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (06.07.2005) 419

    Food 1677-8w
Combined heat and power

Commencement orders

Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection

    see Healthcare Commission
Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health


    Operating costs 2687w
"Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health Report and Accounts 2004/05"

"Commission for Racial Equality Report 2004"

Commission for Social Care Inspection

Committee of the Regions

    see EC Committee of the Regions
Common agricultural policy

    Contributions 2303w

    Developing countries 1516w

    Expenditure 2304w

    Northern Ireland 813-4w

    Reform 298-300, 1099-102, 2303-4w
Common sugar regime

    (12.07.2005) 187-208wh

    ACP countries 1004-5w

    Reform 434, 565w, 1038-9w

    Absent voting 868w

    Emigration 83-4w

    Voting rights 1601-2w
Commonwealth Broadcasting Association

    Scholarships 469w
Commonwealth Games

    Glasgow 2289w

    Greater Manchester 1554w
Commonwealth Institute

    Listed buildings 31w
Commonwealth War Graves Commission

    Manpower 1761w
Community development


    Israel 484-5w

    Northamptonshire 1544-5w
Community Development Foundation

    Costs 2185w
Community education


    Standards 150w
Community energy programme

Community health councils

    Finance 457w
Community health services

Community hospitals

    New Forest (04.07.2005) 142-50
Community Housing Task Force

Community justice centres

    Liverpool 1201-2w, 1303-5w
Community Legal Service

Community Legal Service (Cost Protection) (Amendment) Regulations 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (19.07.2005) 1121-223
Community Legal Service (Scope) Regulations 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (19.07.2005) 1121-223
Community policing

    539w, 2198w
Community relations

    Religion 2554w
Community safety local partnerships

    Wycombe 381w
Community service orders

    759-60w, 2554w

    Enforcement 2185w

    Females 2185-6w
Community support officers

    Chorley 378w

    Crimes of violence 2610-2w

    Dudley 2606-7w

    Greater London 377-8w, 2555w

    Lancashire 378w

    Manpower 514-5w

    Newport Gwent 1494-5w

    Training 905w

    Vetting 140w

    Wales 546w

    Wolverhampton 378w
Community transport

    Finance 16-7w

    Paddington-Swansea railway line 2133w

    Disclosure of information 2255-6w

    Ethics 51-2w

    Planning permission 2460-1w

    Tax allowances 104-5w
Companies Act 1989 (Delegation) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (19.07.2005) 1121-223
Companies (Audit Investigations and Community Enterprise) (Northern Ireland) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (11.07.2005) 671
Company accounts

    Audit 50ws
Company law

    Reform 100ws

    Tesco 1574-5w
Competition law

    Transport 2425w
Complementary medicine


    Lorries 2139-40w

    Waste disposal 2320w
Compulsory purchase


    Greater London 296-8w

    RAF Innsworth 2285w
Computer Misuse Act 1990


Computer Misuse Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (12.07.2005) 699-701

    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1525-6w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 247w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 2501-2w

    Home Office 123-4w, 1219w, 2186w

    Ministry of Defence 40w

    Solicitor-General 630-1w
Conditional fee agreements

Conditions of employment


    Females 1919w

    General practitioners 690-2

    Metropolitan Police 777w

    Public sector 60w

    Civil servants 682-3w

    Councillors 2085w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1112w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 2073w

    Dept for Education and Skills 1011w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 2304w

    Dept for International Development 2227w

    Dept for Transport 995w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 2502w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1338w

    EC justice and home affairs 327w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 663w

    Ministry of Defence 657w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1255w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1027w

    Prime Minister 1307w

    Scotland Office 1524w

    Treasury 687w, 2383-4w
Congenital abnormalities

    Abortion 1653w
Congo (Kinshasa)

    see Democratic Republic of Congo

Connarty, Mr Michael


    Africa, Tuberculosis 266-7w

    Asylum 119w

    Asylum, Applications 755-6w

    Asylum, Scotland 155

    Business questions 454-5

    Crisis loans 1268-9w

    Hepatitis, Compensation 1667w, 2689w

    Malaria 1577w

    Pensions, Public sector 831
Consent to medical treatment

    Abortion 2143w

    Cetaceans 247w, 645w, 1953w

    Dormice 247-8w

    Energy 4w, 139-40ws, 255w, 443-5, 1685w

    Fish 1968w

    Seals 429w

    Whales 252-3w, 1041w
Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    2R* and 3R* (04.07.2005) 140

    Royal Assent (20.07.2005) 1337

    Electorate 1063w


    Armed forces 1311w

    Crossrail line 2417w

    Fire prevention 1544w

    Hospitals 1189w

    Housing 308-10w, 405w, 560-2w, 803-5w, 807w, 1260w

    Industrial health and safety 1358w, 2503w

    Motor vehicles 1748w

    Prisons 922w, 1226w

    Railways 2423w

    Roads 607-10w

    Schools 166-7w

    Social rented housing 1430w

    Sustainable development 18ws
Consular Fees Act 1980 (Fees) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (12.07.2005) 808

    British Library 1761-2w

    Cabinet Office 2243w

    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 2241-3w

    Costs 2128w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1602-3w, 1937w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1557w, 2076w

    Dept for Education and Skills 152-3w, 2057w, 2347-8w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1961-3w

    Dept for International Development 683w, 2231-2w

    Dept for Transport 1293w, 2128w, 2420-1w, 2873w, 2880w, 2883w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 1806-8w, 2019w, 2519w

    Dept of Health 448w, 2739-40w, 2855-6w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1735-6w, 2256w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1372w, 1552-3w, 2427w, 2434-5w

    Home Office 2195w

    Hospitals 719w, 1664-8w, 2749w

    Housing 2450w

    Leader of the House of Commons 1717w

    Medical Research Council 1931w

    Ministry of Defence 1075w, 1753w, 2115-6w

    Non-governmental organisations 905-6w

    Northern Ireland 192w

    Northern Ireland Office 2484-5w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1765-6w, 2093w, 2444w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 291w, 1939w, 1943w

    Paediatrics 2683w

    Public sector 51w, 298w, 1808-9w

    Regulation 283w

    Treasury 2384w

    Voluntary organisations 1721w

    Welfare tax credits 2409w
Consultation papers

    Dept for Education and Skills 2343-5w, 2377w

    Dept of Health 2851w

    Home Office 1485-6w

    Milton Keynes 2458w

    Youth services 1234w
Consumer Credit Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    Rep and 3R (14.07.2005) 980-1042

    Aviation 48-9w

    Protection 48-9w, 853w

    Telephone services 1572w

    Electricity 53w
Contact orders

    Domestic violence 156w, 1398w
Container terminals


    Road traffic 2128-9w

    Shell Haven 100-1ws

    Genetically modified organisms 2068w


    Oxfordshire 1669w

    Prescriptions 1669-71w

    Pupils 2054-5w, 2057w

    Training 1667w

    VAT 105-6w, 439w

    Young people 1456w, 1900w
Contract cleaning

    House of Commons 1244
Contracted Prisons Office

    Standards 156ws

    BAE Systems 1075w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 2246w

    Dept for Education and Skills 840-1w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2104-5w

    Health services 348-50w

    Legal aid 238-9w, 825w, 1112-3w, 1937w

    Local government services 807-8w

    Medical equipment 344w

    NHS 2749w

    Prison Service 2872w

    Probation 2632w

    Secure training centres 788-90w, 1623w

    Treasury 1692w

    Vocational training 1600-1w

    Reform 1442w

    520-1w, 2601-4w

    Driving offences 1982-3w

    Drugs 127w, 2576-7w

    Homicide 1093-4w

    Pre-sentence reports 1785-6w

    Road traffic offences 778-9w

    Suffolk 2565-6w

    Terrorism 2642w Conway, Derek

                  Chamber Debates

    Heath, Edward, Death (18.07.2005) 1080-1


    Business questions 461

    Children, Maintenance 2498-500w Cook, Rt Hon Robin

                  Chamber Debates

    Group of Eight (11.07.2005) 588-9


    Electoral systems 161

    Trident 6-7
Coolkeeragh power station

    2473-4w Cooper, Rosie


    NHS, Disclosure of information 2177w

    Northern Ireland government 823

    World War II, Females 38w Cooper, Ms Yvette, Minister of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

                  Written Statements

    Housing, Planning 43-6ws

    Minerals, Planning 122ws

    Planning, South East region 121ws

    Planning delivery grant 120-1ws

    "Planning Inspectorate Executive Agency Report and Accounts 2004/05" 35ws

    Planning permission, Nature conservation 118ws

    Rented housing, Licensing 117ws


    Advertising, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 556w

    Aerials, Planning permission 316-7w, 406w, 558-9w, 1262w, 1425w, 2463w, 2466w

    Arms length management organisations 2440-2w

    Building regulations 407w, 2441-2w

    Building regulations, Energy 1544w

    Community development, Northamptonshire 1544-5w

    Community Housing Task Force 794w

    Compulsory purchase 1030w

    Compulsory purchase, Greater London 296-8w

    Consultants, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2093w, 2444w

    Conveyancing, Reform 1442w

    Council housing 311w, 967w, 2444w

    Council housing, Birmingham 309-12w

    Council housing, Pendle 1260w

    Council housing, Property transfer 315w, 794-5w, 969w, 1429-32w, 2450w

    Council housing, Sales 2444w

    Council housing, Waiting lists 1429w

    Disabled facilities grants 1542w, 2460w

    Domestic violence, Telephone services 588w

    Electromagnetic fields, Health hazards 2443w

    Employment, Teesside 1451-2w

    Empty property 1433w, 2467w

    Empty property, Cambridgeshire 2445w

    Empty property, Housing 2814w

    English Partnerships 557w

    English Partnerships, Chorley 1256w

    English Partnerships, Lancashire 556-7w

    English Partnerships, Lancaster 963-4w

    English Partnerships, Land 1543w

    English Partnerships, Milton Keynes 2086w

    English Partnerships, Morecambe 964w

    English Regions Network 1433-4w

    Environment protection, Capital investment 2323w

    Environmental impact assessment, Gloucestershire 791-2w

    Flood control, Planning permission 557-8w, 966w, 968w

    Floods, Kettering 966w

    Greenbelt, Cambridgeshire 2448w

    Heating, Fuel oil 808-10w

    "High Hedges Complaints" 1031-2w

    Home information packs 301-2w

    Homelessness 303-7w, 798-803w, 1429w, 1543w

    Homelessness, Cambridgeshire 2449w, 2462-3w

    Homelessness, Finance 1439-40w

    Homelessness, Greater London 1438-40w

    Homelessness, Haringey 410w

    Homelessness, Milton Keynes 2457w

    Homelessness, Scotland 2448-9w

    Houseboats, Shoreham 1436w

    Housing 1031w, 1443w, 2451-2w

    Housing, Construction 308-10w, 405w, 560-2w, 803-5w, 1260w

    Housing, Consultants 2450w

    Housing, Greater London 294w, 558w

    Housing, Lancashire 556w

    Housing, Local authorities 2463-4w

    Housing, Low incomes 294-6w, 311-4w, 805-7w, 1425-8w, 1442-3w, 2456w, 2464w, 2814w

    Housing, Merseyside 316w

    Housing, Milton Keynes 2454w

    Housing, Newcastle upon Tyne 792-3w

    Housing, Overcrowding 1446-7w

    Housing, Parking 1448w

    Housing, Public appointments 2454w

    Housing, Rural areas 287-9

    Housing, Shrewsbury 563w

    Housing, Shropshire 967-8w, 2453w

    Housing, South East region 803w, 2455-6w

    Housing, Standards 798w, 962-3w, 1440-2w, 2452-3w

    Housing, Sussex 2452-3w

    Housing, Wellingborough 2449w

    Housing revenue accounts, Yorkshire and Humberside 2450-2w

    Housing tenure 2454-6w

    Infrastructure, Northamptonshire 2096w

    Listed buildings 1366w

    Local authorities 314-6w

    Members, Correspondence 1447w

    Multiple occupation, Higher education 323w

    Multiple occupation, Licensing 306-8w, 410w, 798w

    Oil Firing Technical Association 2458-9w

    Outdoor advertising, Motorways 559w, 808w

    Parking, General practitioners 564w

    Parks, Sales 1447w

    Planning, Standards 810w

    Planning obligations 406-7w, 2459w

    Planning permission, Appeals 2460w

    Planning permission, Colchester 2459-60w

    Planning permission, Companies 2460-1w

    Planning permission, Enforcement 2459w

    Planning permission, Greater London 317w

    Planning permission, Isle of Wight 2090w

    Planning permission, Mayor of London 561-2w

    Planning permission, Middle Littleton 1260w

    Planning permission, South East region 796w

    Population, Shropshire 968-9w

    Regeneration, Morecambe 968w

    Regeneration, Teesside 1452w

    Regional government 1447-8w

    Regional government, North East region 2461w

    Regional housing boards, Finance 1771w

    Regional housing boards, Greater London 1448w

    Regional housing boards, West Midlands 2461w

    Regional planning and development 2462w

    Regional planning and development, Milton Keynes 1442w, 2096-7w

    Regional spatial strategies, Eastern region 1449w

    Rented housing, Private sector 809-11w

    Right to buy scheme, Bedfordshire 969w

    Social rented housing 290-2, 322w, 811w, 1262-3w, 2449-50w, 2463w

    Social rented housing, Chorley 967w, 1032-3w

    Social rented housing, Construction 1430w

    Social rented housing, Finance 2465w

    Social rented housing, Heating 2464w

    Social rented housing, Housing occupancy 322-3w

    Social rented housing, Land 2090w

    Social rented housing, Property transfer 1432w

    Social rented housing, Rents 318w

    Social rented housing, Standards 318w, 2450w

    Social rented housing, Task forces 2464w

    Social rented housing, Tenants 2466w

    Starter home initiative, West Sussex 967w

    Telecommunications, Enfield 2465-6w

    Temporary accommodation 302w

    Tenants, Advisory services 411w

    Tenants, Antisocial behaviour 1430-1w

    Thurrock Development Corporation 1773-4w

    Tourism 2466-7w

    Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992 2467w

    Travelling people 1254-5w, 1437-8w

    Travelling people, Caravan sites 1770w

    Travelling people, Essex 1436-7w

    Travelling people, Planning permission 2460w

    United Kingdom Accreditation Service 970w

    Urban development corporations 558w

    Water supply, Safety 1433w

    Water supply, Surrey 1263w

    Wind power, Bedfordshire 2468w

    (13.07.2005) 936-44


    Audio recordings 2069w Corbyn, Jeremy

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (07.07.2005) 481, 492, 498

    London Olympics Bill, 2R (21.07.2005) 1436, 1440, 1456-60, 1487, 1496

    Terrorism (11.07.2005) 576-7


    Asylum, Africa 114-5w

    Cetaceans, Conservation 645w

    Cetaceans, EC action 245w

    Developing countries, Debts 85-6w

    Israel, Nuclear weapons 878w

    Middle East, Nuclear weapons 878w

    National Probation Directorate, Qualifications 2214-5w

    Nepal, Military aid 330-1w

    Probation, South East region 2632-3w

    Probation officers 1105-6w

    Social rented housing 291

    Treaties, Nuclear weapons 875w

    Turkey, Kurds 1097 Cormack, Sir Patrick

                  Chamber Debates

    Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, Rep and 3R (11.07.2005) 610, 616, 627, 665

    Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill, 1R (06.07.2005) 308-9

    Terrorism (11.07.2005) 577


    Armed forces, Reorganisation 1410-1

    Electoral systems 160-1

    Energy, Conservation 444

    Pest control 1037-8w

    Research 1154w

    Bovine tuberculosis 1950w

    Kelly, David 1935w

    Teesside 2815-6w
Corporal punishment

    Children 1881w

    Northern Ireland 1881w
Corporation tax


    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 2238w

    Child Support Agency 1117w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 2246w, 2815w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 2072w, 2289-90w

    Dept for Education and Skills 2339w, 2799w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 2829w

    Dept for Transport 2873w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 2503w, 2818-9w

    Dept of Health 1896w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1552w, 2100w, 2427w

    Leader of the House of Commons 2070w

    Members 52w, 81w, 107ws, 124w, 181w, 232w, 275w, 324w, 407w, 515w, 760w, 823w, 835w, 851w, 870w, 1178w, 1207w, 1216w, 1337-8w, 1369w, 1447w, 1479-80w, 1493w, 1699w, 1736w, 1834-5w, 1924w, 1933-4w, 1954w, 2002w, 2556-7w, 2774w, 2865w, 2871w, 2874w

    Ministry of Defence 656-7w, 2111w

    Northern Ireland Office 2474w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2813w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1939-40w

    Pension Service 2528-9w

    Post Office 58w

    Revenue and Customs 2385-6w

    Treasury 2029w

    Welfare tax credits 2409w

    688-9w, 760-1w, 1174w

    Africa 1178-9w

    Arms trade 871w

    Brazil 2099w

    Overseas trade 631w, 1174-5w
Costello Committee

    see Post-Primary Review Working Group
Cotswold railway line

    Crossrail line 287w

    ACP countries 1207-8w
Council for Catholic Maintained Schools

    Finance 1985w
Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence

Council housing

    311w, 967w, 1432-4w, 2444w

    Birmingham 309-12w

    Chesterfield 302-3

    Northern Ireland 337w

    Pendle 1260w

    Property transfer 315w, 411w, 794-5w, 969w, 1429-32w, 2450w

    Sales 2444w

    Sedgefield 1249

    Waiting lists 1429w
Council of Europe

    UK delegations 2223-4w
Council of Ministers

    Parliamentary scrutiny 31ws
Council tax

    275w, 299w, 795w, 1030w, 1432w, 1681w, 1766-7w, 2085w

    Cambridgeshire 2445w

    Caravans 962w, 1030w

    Daventry 1444-5w

    Essex 795w

    Greater London 795w

    Hambleton 555w

    Houseboats 793-4w

    Income 1255w

    Southend on Sea 2445w

    Tax collection 962w

    Valuation 298-300w, 432w, 555w, 1030w, 1070-1w, 1167w

    Wales 291-2w, 1167w, 2029-30w, 2238-40w
Council tax benefits

    Reform 1268w

    Special constables 970w
Council tax capping

Council Tax Limitation (England) (Maximum Amounts) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (20.07.2005) 1276-325
Council Tax Reform Independent Inquiry

    see Local Government Finance Funding Changes Independent Inquiry


    Complaints 1450w

    Conduct 2085w

    Sinn Fein 2487w

    Finance 2749w

    Prisons 227w, 1106w
Counterfeit manufacturing

    Prescription drugs 206-8w, 2148-9w
County Antrim

    Skilled workers 2481-2w
County Armagh

    Sewage 818-9w
County councils

    Standards 1032w
County Down

    Archaeological sites 1389w
County Durham and Tees Valley Strategic Health Authority

Courts Funds Office

    Information and communications technology 2244-5w
Court of appeal

    Judges 1299w
Court orders

    Antisocial behaviour 751-2w

    Official receiver 464w
Courts Service

    see HM Courts Service Cousins, Mr Jim


    Bus services, Concessions 1292-3w

    Dentistry, Student numbers 212w

    Education maintenance allowance, Newcastle upon Tyne 2340w

    Entry clearances, Overseas students 142-3w

    Health Protection Agency 1901w

    Health Protection Agency, Finance 2721-2w

    Housing, Newcastle upon Tyne 792-3w

    Housing benefit 2820-2w

    Housing benefit, Administrative delays 2822-4w

    Incapacity benefit 1273w, 2512w

    Jobcentre Plus, North East region 2824-6w

    Multiple occupation, Higher education 323w

    Newcastle brown ale 566w

    Poverty, Newcastle upon Tyne 560w

    Prescription Pricing Authority, Manpower 1913-4w

    Regeneration, Newcastle upon Tyne 559-60w

    Students, Loans 847w

    Tax avoidance 697w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 698w, 1280w


    Housing benefit 1809-10w

    Jobcentre Plus 2019w

    Pensions 1646-7w, 1649w

    Railways 1800w, 2876w

    Renewable energy 59w Cox, Geoffrey


    Biofuels, Devon 1350w