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Eagle, Maria, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Education and Skills

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Fathers, Child rearing (05.07.2005) 44-6wh

    Schools, Rossendale (05.07.2005) 65-8wh

    Young people (06.07.2005) 135wh, 137-40wh

                  Written Statements

    "Teenage Pregnancy Independent Advisory Group Annual Report 2004/05" 126ws


    Adoption 1393w, 2323w

    Adoption, Obesity 830w

    Advertising, Dept for Education and Skills 271w, 831w

    Children, Care homes 2346-7w

    Children, Protection 2327w

    Children in care 157-9w, 1035w, 1400-4w, 2347w

    Children in care, Greater London 162-4w

    Consultants, Dept for Education and Skills 152-3w, 2347-8w

    Consultation papers, Dept for Education and Skills 2343-5w

    Contact orders, Domestic violence 156w, 1398w

    Domestic visits, Dept for Education and Skills 1404w

    Dyslexia, Research 836w

    Education maintenance allowance 153-4w

    Education maintenance allowance, Expenditure 1033-4w

    Education maintenance allowance, Greater London 441-2w

    Educational psychology 835w, 1584-8w

    Educational psychology, Waiting lists 1396-7w

    Food, Dept for Education and Skills 443w

    Foster care, Expenditure 443w

    Foster care, Registration 159w

    Grants, Dept for Education and Skills 2323w

    Manpower, Dept for Education and Skills 1395w

    Members, Correspondence 835w

    Missing persons, Children 165-6w, 1402-3w

    Primary education, Per capita costs 949-50

    Sick leave, Dept for Education and Skills 1421w

    Special educational needs, Closures 174w

    Special educational needs, Essex 1422-3w, 1592-6w

    Special educational needs, Finance 2371-2w

    Special educational needs, North Yorkshire 2371w

    Taxis, Dept for Education and Skills 446w
Ear nose and throat

    Tyrone County Hospital 1392w
Ear tagging

    Cattle 953w
Early retirement

    Dept of Trade and Industry 592w

    Teachers 1240-50w

    Iran 1849-50w

    Jamaica 26-7w

    Alcoholic drinks 2378w

    Drugs 2378-9w

    Employment 2379w

    Lung diseases 581w

    Sexually transmitted diseases 584w
East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 455w
East coast railway line

    674w, 2134-5w
East London line

East Midlands

    Forests 250-1w
East Riding

    Acute beds 2789w

    Hospitals 2790w

    Recycling 1287w
East Sussex

    Broadband 852w

    Day care 2370w, 2705w

    Freeview service 857-8w

    Level crossings 602-3w

    Roads 668w
East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

    Standards 577w
Eastern Europe

    Foreign relations 872w

    Human trafficking 1776-7w
Eastern region

    Asylum 2546-8w

    Housing 405w

    Regional spatial strategies 1449w

    Skilled workers 845w
Eastwood Park Prison

    Nurses 2874w
EC action

    Biofuels 2414w

    Cetaceans 245w

    Criminal law 2579-80w

    Environment protection 1108

    Foot and mouth disease 250w

    Genetically modified organisms 252w

    Health 2711w

    Health foods 2723-4w

    Human trafficking 515w, 538w

    Ports (20.07.2005) 466-88wh

    Regulation 663-4w, 876-7w, 2430w

    Research 701-2w

    Travel restrictions 327w
EC aid


    Israel 485w

    Sub-Saharan Africa 473-4w
EC budget


    Contributions 484w, 875w, 2431w

    Fraud 1841w

    Wales 34w
EC Committee of the Regions

EC common foreign and security policy

EC countries

    Air pollution 429-32

    Climate change 446

    Entry clearances 2578w

    Health services 2844w

    Immigration controls 129w, 2550-1w

    Travel 998w

    Waste disposal 961w
EC defence policy

EC economic policy

EC educational policy

EC enlargement


    Balkans 1092-4

    Bulgaria 663w, 1550w

    Turkey 332w
EC external relations

    Iraq 877w

    Israel 330w

    Sudan 1180w

    Uzbekistan 1777-8w
EC external trade

    284w, 1397-8

    Tobacco 415-6w
EC grants and loans

    Lobbying 325w

    North East region 1924w

    Reform 1376-7w

    Scotland 1087w
EC institutions

    Accountability 874w

    Fraud 295

    Human rights 2588w

    Pensions 84w
EC internal trade

    592-4w, 664w, 1930w

    Care homes 2711-2w

    Drugs 2189w

    Education 2358w

    Environment protection 2310w

    Health services 2712w

    Security 2631w
EC justice and home affairs

    Conferences 327w
EC law

    284w, 326w, 332w

    Animal feed 2028-9w

    Beekeeping 2w

    Cabotage 2421w

    Chemicals 1712-3w

    Clinical trials 1894-5w, 2161w

    Dietary supplements 1297w, 1526w, 2162w, 2713-5w

    Electronic equipment 2270-1w

    Ferries 2414w

    Government assistance 467w

    Herbal medicine 2168-9w, 2726-8w

    Infant foods 1466-7w

    Intellectual property 859w

    Landfill 2310-1w

    Measurement 285-6w

    Procurement 688-9w, 896w

    Torture 1121-2w

    Transport 478w

    Water treatment 1287-8w
EC nationals

EC presidency

    325-6w, 2431w

    Logos 1122w

    Northern Ireland 193w

    Scotland 2430-1w
EC social policy

EC staff

    Pensions 617w
Economic and monetary union

Economic situation

    Africa 1859-60w

    Scotland 243w
Edgware Hospital

    Magnetic resonance imagers 454w

    Demonstrations 155-8


    Antisocial behaviour 1234w

    Asylum 2346w

    Belfast 1886w

    Central Africa 683-5w

    Climate change 2829w

    Disadvantaged 1886w

    EC internal trade 2358w

    Equal opportunities 1204w

    Finance 837-40w, 1582-3w, 2040-55w

    Finland 2342-3w

    Horn of Africa 683-5w

    Lancaster 1396w

    Medicine 732w, 2166-7w, 2740w

    Northern Ireland 1873w, 2477-8w

    Parents 2623-4w

    Parliament 590w

    Prisons 168w, 541-2w, 844w, 2199w, 2358w

    Southend on Sea 2370w

    Standards 841w

    Sutton 1013-4w

    Swindon 1396w

    Television 2038w

    Worcestershire 154-5w

    Young offender institutions 179-80w, 1230-1w
Education maintenance allowance

    153-4w, 2340-1w

    Expenditure 1033-4w, 2809w

    Greater London 441-2w

    Newcastle upon Tyne 2340w

    South West region 2800-10w
Education (School Organisation Proposals) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (21.07.2005) 1508
Educational psychology

    835w, 1584-8w

    Northern Ireland 1873-4w

    Waiting lists 1396-7w Efford, Clive

                  Chamber Debates

    Crossrail Bill, 2R (19.07.2005) 1197-200, 1211

    Group of Eight (11.07.2005) 591-2

    Olympic Games (06.07.2005) 415


    Housing, Greater London 558w

    Food poisoning 1674w

    Imports 1954-5w
Eight minutes rule

    Rulings and statements (20.07.2005) 1339

    Abuse 2844-5w

    Crime 1565-6w

    Drugs 1143w, 1198w, 2665w

    Employment 2381w

    Health services 223w, 2168w, 2746w, 2771-2w, 2774-5w

    Mental health services 359w, 983w, 1137w, 1907w, 2740-1w

    Residential and nursing care see Care homes

    Wales 1717w
Election offences


    Equatorial Guinea 1370-1w

    Guineau-Bissau 569w

    Haiti 328w

    Iran 484w

    National Assembly for Wales 632-3w, 1718w

    Palestinian Authority 487w, 1776w

    Pilot schemes 236w, 632w

    Publications 2247w

    Publicity 1182-4w

    Scottish Parliament 1524-5w
Electoral Administration Bill 2005-06


Electoral register

    62-4w, 110ws, 163-4, 234w, 295, 632w, 689-90w, 827w, 1305w, 1935-6w, 1938w, 2219-50w

    Administration 559-60

    Armed forces 234-5w

    Fraud 1306w, 1938-9w

    Northern Ireland 1384w
Electoral systems

    National Assembly for Wales 293-4w


    Constituencies 1063w

    Consumption 53w

    Methane 284w

    Northern Ireland 193w, 817w, 2478w

    Prices 193w, 2478w
Electricity generation

    1739w, 1747w

    Renewable energy 2267w
Electroconvulsive therapy

    982-3w, 2710w
Electromagnetic fields

    Health hazards 2443w, 2683-4w
Electronic Data Systems

    Welfare tax credits 2406-7w
Electronic equipment

    EC law 2270-1w

    Waste disposal 61w, 1353-6w
Electronic funds transfer

    Bank services 1057w
Electronic government

    Local authorities 407-8w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 797w, 964-5w

    Standards 2086w
Electronic publishing

    Dept for Work and Pensions 1812w
Electronic tagging

    Offenders 2217w
Electronic voting

    1305-6w, 2253w Ellman, Mrs Louise

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration Asylum and Nationality Bill, 2R (05.07.2005) 242, 245, 247-50

    Terrorism (20.07.2005) 1264


    Bulgaria, EC enlargement 663w, 1550w

    Business questions 971-2

    Faith schools, Liverpool 156w

    Rail Passengers Council, Recruitment 674w

    Smoking, Death 365w

    Student unions, Race relations 174w

    Transport, North West region 667w Ellwood, Tobias

                  Chamber Debates

    Hepatitis, Medical treatments (11.07.2005) 679

    Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, Rep and 3R (11.07.2005) 597-8

    Terrorism (20.07.2005) 1272


    Dental services, Bournemouth 1187w

    Diego Garcia, Detainees 259w

    Peace keeping operations, Iraq 657w

    Peace keeping operations, Sudan 8

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1746w

    Central America 180-1w

    Closures 1551-2w

    Madagascar 185w, 1179w

    Manpower 324-5w

    Turkey 665w

    Medical equipment 1461w

    Telephone services 2577w
Emergency calls

    Ambulance services 341-2w, 2671w

    Essex 2578w

    Hoaxes and false alarms 977w

    Northern Ireland 1868w

    Sheffield 2577-8w

    Standards 525w, 2577-8w
Emergency services

    Crimes of violence 2189-90w, 2543w

    Dartford Gravesham and Swanley Primary Care Trust 2772w

    General practitioners 2774w

    Northern Ireland 1874w

    Commonwealth 83-4w
Emissions trading scheme

Employer training pilots

    1397w, 2055-8w
Employers' liability

    Insurance 2011w


    Asylum 115w, 2544-5w

    Bedfordshire 885-6w

    Disabled 2005w, 2010w, 2506-7w

    Discrimination 39-41ws

    Easington 2379w

    Elderly 2381w

    Graduates 446-7w, 1034w

    Greater London 2032w

    Housing benefit 1815-6w

    Illegal immigrants 1478w

    Lone parents 1642w, 2518-9w

    Manufacturing industries 1388-90

    New deal schemes 2522-4w

    Pensioners 58w

    Prisons 544-5w

    Public sector 1066-8w

    Rural areas 653-4w

    Social security benefits 1825-6w, 1991-2w

    Standards 2510w

    Teesside 1451-2w
Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate

Employment schemes


    Birkenhead 1649w

    Pilot schemes 1275w

    Regeneration 2525w

    Tyneside 2531w
Employment Tribunals Service

    Prison Service 542w
"Employment Tribunals Service Annual Report and Accounts 2004/05"

Empty property

    293-4, 1433w, 2467w

    Cambridgeshire 2445w

    Housing 2814w
Endowment mortgages

    Misrepresentation 1065-6w, 1936w


    Advisory services 1974-5w

    Building regulations 1544w

    Conservation 4w, 139-40ws, 255w, 443-5, 1685w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 2819-20w

    Northern Ireland 1974-5w

    Research 1926w
Energy supply

    53w, 1339-40w, 1384-7, 2257w

    Imports 57w

    Meters 1744w

    Methane 1281-2w

    Scotland 242w

    Wind power 708w

    Telecommunications 2465-6w

    National vocational qualifications 272-3w
English language

    Northern Ireland 1874-5w

    Standard assessment tasks 1399w
English Partnerships


    Chorley 1256w

    Lancashire 556-7w

    Lancaster 963-4w

    Land 1543w

    Milton Keynes 2086w

    Morecambe 964w
English Regions Network

English Sports Council

    Finance 641-2w Ennis, Jeff

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism (11.07.2005) 577


    EC budget 1547w
Entry clearances

    332-4w, 386w, 488w, 665w, 1512-3w, 1548w, 2102-3w, 2439-40w

    Burma 2426w

    Doctors 2108w, 2772w

    EC countries 2578w

    India 665w

    Jamaica 665w

    Married people 2187w

    Overseas students 142-3w, 331-2w, 401-2w

    Pakistan 488w, 2103w, 2434w
Entry to employment programme

    155w, 1735w


    Crime 1961w

    Road traffic 2419w
Environment protection

    Capital investment 2323w

    EC action 1108

    EC internal trade 2310w

    Palace of Westminster 166-7

    Rain forests 1283-6w

    Regulation 438-40

    Roads 25w

    Seas and oceans 1308w
Environmental health

    Greater London 1256-7w
Environmental impact assessment

    Crossrail line 18-9ws

    Gloucestershire 791-2w

    Nappies 1282w

    RAF Innsworth 2285w
Environmental stewardship scheme

    1958w, 2307-8w

    Maps 1520w

    Death 2478-9w

    Northern Ireland 2478-9w
Equal opportunities

    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 45w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 2247-8w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 2291-2w

    Dept for Education and Skills 2341-2w

    Dept for Transport 2419-20w

    Dept of Health 2711w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 2268w

    Education 1204w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 182-3w, 2429-30w

    Home Office 2581w

    Judiciary 25-7ws

    Legal profession 1603-4w

    Mental health services 223-5w, 1467w, 2741w, 2856w

    Ministry of Defence 2113w

    NHS 720w

    Northern Ireland 68-9ws, 1073w, 1204w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards 815-6w

    Prime Minister 35w

    Scotland Office 2812w

    Teachers 1073w
Equal pay

    Females 1919w

    Africa 1307w, 1847-8w
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

    see Northern Ireland Equality Commission
Equatorial Guinea


    Diplomatic relations 1370-1w

    Diplomatic service 1551w

    Elections 1370-1w

    Natural gas 1341-2w

    Overseas aid 1843-4w

    Overseas investment 1551w, 1553w

    Overseas workers 1370w

    War graves 1311w

    Arrests 1551w

    Asylum 756w
Eronat, Friedhelm


    Expenditure 1461w

    Accidents 1052w

    Antisocial behaviour orders 502w, 753-4w

    Blood 2680w

    Breast cancer 2790w

    Cancer 2791-2w

    Care homes 1662-3w

    Chiropody 2684-5w

    Council tax 795w

    Crime 2566-7w

    Dental services 2701w

    Driving offences 2643-4w

    Driving tests 2879-80w

    Drug abuse 686-7w

    Emergency calls 2578w

    Fire services 557w

    Fire stations 965-6w

    Fires 797w

    Fraud 629-30w

    General practitioners 2719w

    HM Courts Service 2246-7w

    Home education 442-3w

    Hospital beds 2690w

    Injuries 2721w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 1195w

    Mother and baby units 2676-8w

    NHS Bank 1464w

    NHS treatment centres 2863w

    Nurses 2768-70w

    Postal services 59-60w

    Prescriptions 1914-6w

    Primary care trusts 1464w

    Pupil exclusions 2372w

    Pupils 2038w

    Railways 290w

    Rape 2215-6w

    Recycling 652-3w

    Roads 1051-2w, 2885-6w

    Special educational needs 1421-3w, 1592-6w

    Speed limits 2884w

    Transport 677w

    Travelling people 1436-7w

    Water charges 430w
Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

    Manpower 408w
Essex Police

    Complaints 397w

    Finance 2620w

    Manpower 2620w
Estate Agents Act 1979



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