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    Food 958w, 1521w, 1671-2w
Labour market

    Lanarkshire 2387-8w

    Milton Keynes 2411-2w
Labour turnover

    NHS 355w

    Prison Service 2624-6w Ladyman, Stephen, Minister of State, Dept for Transport

                  Written Statements

    A303, Stonehenge 101-2ws

    "Highways Agency Annual Report and Accounts, 2004/05" 71ws

    Lorry drivers, Working hours 34ws

    M6, Road traffic 74-5ws

    Transport, South East region 74ws


    A2, Greater London 2126w

    A5, Greater London 2424w, 2874-5w

    A12, Southend on Sea 594-5w, 611w, 1165w

    A13, Southend on Sea 675w, 1165w, 2423w

    A14, Kettering 612w, 1791w

    A14, Northamptonshire 1545-6w

    A21, Kent 15w, 477-8w, 481w, 595w

    A38, Noise 595-6w

    A40, Accidents 596-7w

    A47, Peterborough 993w

    A127, Southend on Sea 610-1w, 674-5w

    A253, Accidents 609w

    A417, Gloucestershire 2126-7w

    Abandoned vehicles 613w, 1804w

    Accidents, Essex 1052w

    Accidents, Lorries 605-6w

    Advisory bodies, Dept for Transport 1048-9w

    Biofuels 994w

    Biofuels, EC action 2414w

    Bridges, Repairs and maintenance 1162-3w

    Buses, Fuel cells 1793-4w

    Cars, Registration 2886w

    Consultants, Dept for Transport 2883w

    Container terminals 1792w

    Container terminals, Road traffic 2128-9w

    Cycling 598-9w

    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Northern Ireland 18w

    Driving, Licensing 613-4w, 997-8w

    Driving, Sight impaired 600w, 667-8w

    Driving, Working hours 600-1w

    Driving instruction, Publications 600w

    Driving offences 2130-1w

    Driving offences, Insurance 1803-4w

    Driving offences, Wales 1803w

    Driving tests, Essex 2879-80w

    Driving tests, Hazards 478-9w

    Driving tests, Kent 18-21w

    Driving tests, Scotland 2418w

    Driving tests, Worcestershire 668w, 1163-4w

    Dual carriageways, Walls and fences 2418w

    EC law, Cabotage 2421w

    Exhaust emissions 1291w

    Ferries, EC law 2414w

    Fishing vessels, Accidents 565w

    Light dues, Republic of Ireland 2420w

    Liquefied petroleum gas, Vehicles 1164w

    Lorries, Components 2139-40w

    Lorries, Diesel fuel 1163w

    Lorry road user charge 1294w, 2882w

    M1, Closures 1797-8w

    M1, Lorries 478w

    M1, Noise 671-2w

    M1, Speed limits 2129-30w

    M1, Walls and fences 1797w

    M6, Safety 2130w

    M6 Toll 1000w

    M11, Accidents 1802-3w

    M11, Speed limits 1165w

    Maritime and Coastguard Agency 24w

    Motor vehicles 600w

    Motor vehicles, Excise duties 604-5w, 678w, 2551-2w

    Motor vehicles, Noise 645w, 1798w, 2127w

    Motor vehicles, Petrol alternatives 606-8w, 999w

    Motor vehicles, Registration 613w, 1001w, 1056-7w, 1166w

    Motor vehicles, Testing 1297w

    Motorcycles, Road traffic offences 601w

    Motorway service areas 1797w

    Motorways, Outdoor advertising 597w, 601-2w

    Motorways, Ragwort 2881w

    Motorways, Repairs and maintenance 1796-8w

    Motorways, Road signs and markings 2422w

    Pedestrian crossings 602w

    Ports 2131w

    River Mersey, Bridges 2422w

    Road signs and markings 26w

    Road traffic 1052-4w, 1295-6w

    Road traffic, Environment 2419w

    Road traffic, South East region 23-4w

    Road traffic control 609-12w, 2884w

    Roads, Accidents 611w, 1051-2w, 1289-91w, 1294-5w, 2413w, 2882w

    Roads, Air pollution 1054-6w

    Roads, Construction 607-10w

    Roads, East Sussex 668w

    Roads, Environment protection 25w

    Roads, Essex 2885-6w

    Roads, Kent 604w

    Roads, Lancashire 670w

    Roads, Milton Keynes 1801-2w

    Roads, North West region 1050w

    Roads, Repairs and maintenance 1165w

    Roads, Safety 481-2w

    Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield 1056w

    Safety barriers, Surrey 25-6w

    Shipping 670w

    Shipping, Manpower 482w, 670-1w

    Shipping, Registration 26w

    Speed limits, Accidents 25w

    Speed limits, Cameras 482w, 611w, 675-6w, 1056w, 1790w, 2423w, 2883-4w

    Speed limits, Rural areas 26w

    Taxis, Greater London 612w

    Tolls 481w

    Tolls, Scotland 674w

    Tonnage tax 482-3w, 676-7w, 1295w, 1803w, 2424w

    Transport, Foreign companies 1294w

    Transport, Renewable energy 603-4w

    Transport, Renewables obligation 1801w

    Transport, Skilled workers 2881w

    Transport, Working hours 478w

    Wines, Dept for Transport 1048w Laing, Mrs Eleanor


    Demonstrations, Edinburgh 158

    Discrimination, Gender 1400

    Group of Eight, Gleneagles 153-4

    India, Overseas trade 1396 Lait, Mrs Jacqui

                  Chamber Debates

    Crossrail Bill, 2R (19.07.2005) 1135

    London Olympics Bill, 2R (21.07.2005) 1438-9, 1446, 1450, 1460-3

    Olympic Games (06.07.2005) 413

    Terrorism (11.07.2005) 574


    East London line 2129w

    Greater London Authority, Reform 1445-6w

    Local government, Reform 290

    Police, Live8 776w Lamb, Norman

                  Chamber Debates

    Consumer Credit Bill, Rep and 3R (14.07.2005) 981-6, 992-5, 999, 1006-7, 1012-4, 1018-20, 1032-5, 1040-1

    Regulation (04.07.2005) 109-15, 118


    Arms trade, Democratic Republic of Congo 1336w

    Aviation, Regulation 993-4w

    Export credit guarantees 1927-8w

    Royal Mail 1392-3

    Tanzania, Export credit guarantees 1927w
Lambert, Peter

    (12.07.2005) 239-44wh Lammy, David, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Culture Media and Sport

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Horse racing, Betting (06.07.2005) 96-8wh


    Art works 640w

    Art works, Theft 1047w

    Athletics, Urban areas 283w

    British Library, Consultants 1761-2w

    British Library, Manpower 1762w

    Churches, VAT 281-2w

    Commonwealth Institute, Listed buildings 31w

    Cultural heritage, Climate change 2301-2w

    Cultural heritage, Regeneration 858-9w

    Culture, Business 640w

    Culture, Minorities 552-3

    Historic buildings, Regulation 1046w

    Intellectual property, EC law 859w

    Listed buildings 1363-4w, 1366w

    Listed buildings, Chorley 1366w

    Listed buildings, Swimming pools 1367w

    Listed buildings, World War II 558

    Ministerial policy advisors, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 33-4w

    Museums and galleries, Admissions 556

    Olympic Games, Greater London 280-1w, 458w

    Opera 640w

    Osborne Estate Act 1902 640w

    Wines, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 458w

    Disability living allowance 2507-8w

    Labour market 2387-8w

    Pension credit 626w

    Pensioners 1277-8w

    Renewable energy 465-6w

    Unemployment 2388w

    Accident and emergency departments 2144w

    Adult education 956-7

    Agricultural shows 1350-1w, 1574w

    Alcoholic drinks 1218w

    Ambulance services 716w, 1889-90w

    Apprentices 833-4w, 2329-30w

    Armed forces 2793w

    Cancer 2734-40w

    Care homes 342-3w

    Cars 2551-2w

    Closed circuit television 377w

    Community support officers 378w

    Crime 1481-2w

    Dental services 208-9w, 1669w

    Drugs 516w

    English Partnerships 556-7w

    Fires 966-7w

    Health services 2732-3w

    Housing 556w, 560-2w

    Mental health services 2741w

    Neighbourhood wardens 2445w

    NHS trusts 2733w

    Police custody 1494w

    Prescriptions 2734w

    Primary care trusts 2733w

    Prisons 1095w

    Recycling 653w

    Rehabilitation 750w

    Renewable energy 466w

    Rivers 1711w

    Roads 670w

    School milk 1015w

    Schools 1733-4w

    Territorial Army 1326-7w, 2124w
Lancashire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Lancashire Constabulary

    Age 1223-4w

    Crimes of violence 2608w

    Lost working days 2608w
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


    Education 1396w

    English Partnerships 963-4w Lancaster, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (07.07.2005) 524-7

    Regulation (04.07.2005) 116


    Alcoholic drinks, Crime 2538w

    Alcoholic drinks, Death 2028w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Milton Keynes 1088-9w, 2541w

    Apprentices, Milton Keynes 1235w

    Arrests, Mentally ill 1495-6w

    Bone marrow disorders, Drugs 2787w

    Consultation papers, Milton Keynes 2458w

    Crime prevention, Milton Keynes 2565w

    Dental services 345w

    Dental services, Milton Keynes 451-3w, 2698w

    English Partnerships, Milton Keynes 2086w

    Gambia, Meningitis 685w

    General practitioners, Milton Keynes 1672-3w, 2720w

    Health services, Buckinghamshire 1464-5w

    Home education, Milton Keynes 1727w

    Homelessness, Milton Keynes 2457w

    Housing, Milton Keynes 2454w

    In vitro fertilisation 982w

    Judges, Public appointments 165

    Labour market, Milton Keynes 2411-2w

    Local government finance, Milton Keynes 2458w

    Mentally disturbed offenders, Arrests 2543w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Milton Keynes 2742w

    Milton Keynes General NHS Trust, Crimes of violence 2754w

    Milton Keynes Hospital, Accident and emergency departments 2665w

    Milton Keynes Hospital, Maternity services 2742w

    Milton Keynes Hospital, Musculoskeletal disorders 2781w

    Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust, Finance 2777w

    Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust, Hip replacements 1673-4w

    Nigeria, Cameroon 185-6w

    Nigeria, Crime 1553w

    Official receiver, Courts 464w

    Open University, Overseas students 2356w

    Parking, Pedestrian areas 2597w

    Physiotherapy, Graduates 1144w

    Physiotherapy, Vacancies 1198w

    Police, Milton Keynes 2197-8w

    Public footpaths, Motor vehicles 2184w

    Pupils, Milton Keynes 1727-8w, 2053w

    Regional planning and development, Milton Keynes 2096-7w

    Renewable energy, Milton Keynes 2269w

    Roads, Milton Keynes 406w, 1801-2w

    Schools, Admissions 952

    Schools, Discipline 1394w

    Schools, Milton Keynes 2065w, 2361w

    Social services, Milton Keynes 1126w

    South Africa, HIV infection 2230w

    Teachers, Milton Keynes 2053-4w

    Unemployment, Milton Keynes 2412w

    Winter fuel payments, Milton Keynes 1824-5w

    Zimbabwe 190w
Lancaster Castle


    English Partnerships 1543w

    Ministry of Defence 2112w

    RAF Innsworth 2286w

    Social rented housing 2090w
Land Command

    Wilton 1752w

    Beddingham 1w

    EC law 2310-1w

    Food 2310w, 2832-4w

    Regulation 1970w
Landing rights

    Airbus A380 666w

    Further education 1587-8w

    Metropolitan Police Special Branch 2639-40w

    MI5 2639-40w

    Primary education 1407-8w, 2056-7w

    Specialist schools 1399-400w Lansley, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Council Tax Limitation (England) (Maximum Amounts) Order (20.07.2005) 1280, 1295-7, 1308


    Accident and emergency departments, Admissions 579w

    Ambulance services 1131w

    Ambulance services, Finance 2670w

    Ambulance services, Reviews 975w

    Baby care units, Finance 2748w

    Bone marrow disorders, Health services 1468w

    Bone marrow disorders, Research 1930w, 2744-5w

    Cancer, Clinical trials 985w

    Cancer, Medical treatments 448w, 742-3w

    Clostridium, Disease control 1190-1w

    Complementary medicine 1896w

    Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence 1895-6w

    Dental services 2692w

    Dental services, Fees and charges 2700-1w

    Dentistry, Graduates 2153-4w

    Dentistry, Training 2694w

    Diabetes, Eyesight 2704w

    Dietary supplements, EC law 2162w, 2714w

    Digestive system, Diseases 1129-30w, 2843-4w

    Disease control, Finance 1190w

    Doctors, Pay 2706w

    Doctors, Qualifications 2158w

    Elderly, Abuse 2844-5w

    Emergency calls, Hoaxes and false alarms 977w

    General practitioners 2849-51w

    General practitioners, Manpower 1134w

    General practitioners, Private sector 2177w

    General practitioners, Retirement 974w

    Graduates, Physiotherapy 2357w

    Health Direct, NHS Direct 348w

    Health professions, Foreign workers 2161w

    Health services, Contracts 348-50w

    Health services, Elderly 223w

    Health services, Paddington 740-1w

    Hospital beds 981w

    Hospitals, Bacterial diseases 981w

    Hospitals, Crimes of violence 1469w

    Hospitals, Death rate 2856w

    Hospitals, Hygiene 230w, 748-9w

    Hospitals, Infectious diseases 454-5w, 1909w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 749w, 2869w

    Inflammatory bowel disease 1124-5w

    Inflammatory bowel disease, Nurses 976w

    Influenza, Disease control 2730w

    Junior doctors, Training 2705-6w

    Lung cancer, Medical treatments 2739w

    Medical equipment, Safety 981w

    Medicine, Education 732w, 2740w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Disease control 575w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Medical treatments 981w

    MMR vaccine 1137w

    Multiple chemical sensitivity disorder, Health services 2743w

    Myasthenia gravis 1908w

    NHS, Disciplinary proceedings 740w

    NHS, Ethics 1139-42w, 1468-9w

    NHS, Finance 688-9, 2749w

    NHS, Labour turnover 355w

    NHS, Private patients 984w

    NHS, Public bodies 2862-3w

    NHS, Public participation 991w

    NHS Direct 735w, 984-5w, 2750w, 2845w, 2861w

    NHS Direct, Standards 2862w

    NHS treatment centres 993w

    NHS treatment centres, Admissions 731-2w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Costs 2838-9w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Dept of Health 204w

    Nurses, Foreign workers 2175w

    Nurses, Training 2182w

    Paediatrics, Consultants 2683w

    Paediatrics, Standards 2683w

    Patients' forums 1469-70w

    Patients' forums, Finance 457w

    Prescriptions 2777w

    Prescriptions, Fees and charges 743w

    Prescriptions, Nurses 1142w

    Primary care trusts, Expenditure 744w

    Primary care trusts, Mergers 745w

    Public bodies, Dept of Health 1891-2w

    Radiography, Age 991w

    Radiography, Manpower 362-4w

    Research, Dept of Health 1145w, 2703w

    Research, Inflammatory bowel disease 460w

    Smallpox, Vaccination 2782-3w

    Taxis, Dept of Health 1918w

    Terminal care, Children 2684w

    Tomography 2843w

    VAT, Contraceptives 439w
Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998


    1058-9w Law, Peter


    "Better Governance for Wales White Paper" 2817w, 2835w

    Brain, Tumours 2786-7w

    Development aid 1848-9w

    Devolution, Wales 2412w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 1944w, 2074-5w

    Post offices, Wales 1718w

    Wales, Dept for Education and Skills 2377w

    Wales, Home Office 2660w

    Wales, Treasury 2870w
Law Officers Dept

    see Attorney General Laws, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Welfare tax credits (12.07.2005) 709, 712-3, 715-6, 721, 723-34, 744


    Audit, Dept for Work and Pensions 2018w

    Child Support Agency 678-9w, 1633-7w

    Child Support Agency, Administrative delays 1995-7w

    Child Support Agency, Audit 2499w

    Child Support Agency, Complaints 1999-2000w

    Child Support Agency, Correspondence 1117w

    Child Support Agency, Information and communications technology 1995w, 1998w, 2495-6w

    Child Support Agency, Manpower 1997-8w, 2497-8w

    Child Support Agency, Per capita costs 2001-2w

    Child Support Agency, Telephone services 1998-9w, 2496-7w

    Child tax credit 81w

    Child Trust Fund 1328w

    Children, Maintenance 1265-8w, 1632-4w, 1994-5w, 2494-5w, 2497w

    Electorate, Constituencies 1063w

    Electronic Data Systems, Welfare tax credits 2406-7w

    Employment, Pensioners 58w

    Higher civil servants, Incentives 2382w

    Housing benefit 1816w, 2018w

    Housing benefit, Information and communications technology 1637w

    Incapacity benefit 2015w, 2017-8w

    Incapacity benefit, Disqualification 2016-7w

    Incapacity benefit, Pathways to work 2526-7w

    Industry and Parliament Trust, Finance 1740w

    Information and communications technology, Dept for Work and Pensions 1811w, 2011w

    Information and communications technology, Treasury 1829w

    Information services, Dept for Work and Pensions 2003w

    Inland Revenue, Telephone services 890w

    Jobcentre Plus, Manpower 2004-5w

    Manpower, Dept for Work and Pensions 2505-6w, 2531-2w

    Members, Correspondence 851w

    National insurance contributions, Rebates 1821-2w

    National Insurance Fund 85w

    Navy, Manpower 475w, 1537w

    Occupational pensions 682w, 694-5w

    Pathways to work 2022w

    Pensions 1269-70w

    Pensions, Females 1058

    Pensions, Financial assistance scheme 1648w

    Pensions, Insolvency 625w

    Pensions, Means tested benefits 624-5w

    Pensions, Private sector 1061-2w

    Pensions, Regulation 682w

    Pensions, Tax allowances 105w

    Pensions, Widowed people 679w

    Personal income 2395w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Work and Pensions 2003-4w

    Revenue and Customs, Manpower 1332w

    Social Fund, Reform 1823-4w

    Social security benefits, Costs 1630-1w

    Social security benefits, Deductions 2519-20w

    Social security benefits, Employment 1825-6w

    Social security benefits, Fraud 267-8w, 2492w

    Standard local housing allowance 860w

    State earnings related pension scheme 2530-1w

    State retirement pensions, Maladministration 1822w

    Training and enterprise councils 175-6w, 848-9w

    Training and enterprise councils, Pensions 273-4w, 628w

    Welfare tax credits 95-104w, 437w, 621-3w, 901w, 1173w, 1333w, 1697-700w, 2033-5w

    Welfare tax credits, Advisory services 436-7w, 2405-6w

    Welfare tax credits, Applications 2408w

    Welfare tax credits, Information and communications technology 2027w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 101-2w, 104w, 279-80w, 437-8w, 697-9w, 2384w, 2402-5w

    Welfare tax credits, Payments 1332w

    Welfare tax credits, Pilot schemes 2402w

    Welfare tax credits, Take-up 2029w

    Welfare tax credits, Telephone services 2405-6w

    Winter fuel payments, Overseas residence 1649w Laxton, Mr Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Hepatitis, Medical treatments (11.07.2005) 672-5


    Foreign workers, Doctors 120w

    Hepatitis 349-50w

    Turkey, Embassies 665w Lazarowicz, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Consumer Credit Bill, Rep and 3R (14.07.2005) 984, 990-1, 994-5

    Olympic Games (06.07.2005) 412

    Transport (05.07.2005) 179

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Ports, EC action (20.07.2005) 468wh

    Sustainable development (07.07.2005) 143-4wh


    Air pollution, EC countries 430-1

    Combined heat and power 1920-1w

    Environment 565w

    Group of Eight, Gleneagles 151-2, 243w, 1088w

    Israel, EC aid 485w

    Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty 1180w

    Parliamentary scrutiny 233w
LD50 toxicity test


    Clostridium 135w

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